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Nara, Shikanatto [Kirigakure Genin]

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PostSubject: Nara, Shikanatto [Kirigakure Genin] Fri 03 May 2013, 10:16 am



Name: Shikanatto Nara
Nickname: Nato
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: Shikanatto is a thin and long face gentleman with blue eyes and short brown hair. His eyes are a big bigger then average and narrowed slightly down towards his nose. The color of his blue eyes are rather striking but aren’t notice able until you look. His hair is a dark brown, and rather messy. He never really takes the time to style it since he is one of the lucky few who wakes up each morning with perfect hair. He also doesn't mind it a bit messy, and it often ends up looking like a styled, spiky messy look. His hair comes down to the middle of his neck in a short cut, with some strands of hair in his face and eyes, not much, but enough to gently float against his skin. He is quite a clean person despite his raged and laid back look which also applies to the clothes he wears. Coming from a rich family does not change the fact that he likes loose relaxed clothes.

Despite his small slightly pointed chin, he has a nice sized squared jaw which is usually more distinguishable once you fallow the line from his chin to his ears. The square-ness to his jaw is easer to see in a profile view. His nose is long, small, and round at the tip. The body type of Shikanatto is tall, slender and strong. He isn’t the pumping iron type, more of, relaxed, laid back but knows when to get work done, type. Although he is slender and tall, being at 5’8”, he does have a nice tone to his muscles, creating quite the nice shape threw out his body. The more toned parts of his body is his arms, legs, and back. His abdomen only has a small out line of toned muscles, everything else pops a bit more.

Shikanatto is more of the stereo typical kind of attractive. For example, the type of attractive men you would normally come across in a popular magazine. Yes they are attractive but nearly to attractive to the point where you sit in the background staring, wondering how this kind of person exists and as you continue to stare and begin to find them less attractive because of how un-unique it is. It tickles and woos you but never satisfies you. He is always caught in a soft smile, which is coy and playful, often giving off the sense of an alluring trap, yet some how welcoming and friendly. His eyes rest softly and are never tense how ever are always sharp and watching for any detail in any moment of anything or person. His expression is often kind and friendly but has his moments of what appears as casual spacing out or gets distracted. To sum up his general look, he is sharp with out being sharp. Relaxed with out being relaxed. Generally one would view him as a very simple, easy, attractive, nice guy to talk to, but calling him just that would be a lie.

Forehead Protector: Worn at the forehead.
Personality: Hm, personality for Shikanatto.  Lets start with what you usually see then move on to whats actually going on.
Shikanatto is an up bet, friendly, quiet and relaxed person. He tends to nearly always know what to say in most situations and gives great advice. Growing up he was the type everyone liked, had a crush on or admired from a far. Of corse there were the few who hated him because of that, but it was hardly the case, if anyone ever disliked him he never really mind anyways. He has this charm to him that eases you, and he is never the type to hate or gossip about others. He is also surprisingly smart and understands mitral and situations unlike others and often faster then others, but never flaunts it. His unusual high IQ is not that special to him its  just as exciting as his brown hair color. Other words to describe him would be, a bit of a space cadet, and a calm, helpful, sweetheart. Also, do note, he loves hedgehogs. He is the crazy cat lady to hedgehogs.
Now, what’s actually going on is he’s slowly going threw and dissecting anyone’s brain based on how they speak, act, stand, anything. Even nothing is something. His favorite hobby is to lay out in some field or nice park and space out, it looks like there is nothing going on and he’s just being lazy but actually his brain his constantly contemplating and dissecting the area, environment, people walking by, even goes as far as contemplating every living cell around him. He spends hours on hours simply spacing out and works very well with quiet but can work well in situations where he has to think fast. Typically he is seen as a friendly, social guy who gets along with everyone but he’s in a way putting up a friendly mask to try and figure out people. He acts and says things usually to pick at peoples brains, but actually is social with close friends and people he respects. At points he doesn't know when to stop his brain picking, but has learned how to calm it down and just act like a normal socializing guy. When he drops the mask, he’s not to different, just a bit more real and doesn’t speak in fixed conversation.
All in all, anything and everything interreges him and is constantly perusing to learn everything. Only time he gets a bit lazy with it is in typical non challenging schooling.  

Clan: Nara Clan
Nindō: "The sharpest weapon is made not of metal, but of mind."


Origin: Mizu no Kuni
Affiliation: Kirigukare no Sato
Rank: Genin
Specialties: Genjutsu; Ninjutsu
Elemental Affinities: Fuuton; Katon
Combat Style: Since Shikanatto’s over all personality is trying to get to know people and pick their brain, he tends to fight this way.  Typically in the first few seconds of battle he picks the offence and studies his opponent in anything they do. He often looks like he has a low guard or just completely casually standing waiting for the opponent the make the first move. In actuality his guard is quite high, he sometimes tends to use the casual appearance to see what the others reaction is whether that it upsets them, does nothing to them, or his illusion is saw threw and is laughable. Any of those reactions, even no reaction, is information for him. He keeps his first moves low to non and does mostly defense to properly understand his situation before attacking.  This doesn’t mean he wont attack in the beginning of a fight, he just prefers to wait for a long while and enjoys taking his sweet time figuring things out. Because of this typical first strategy he tends to have rather fast defense or dodge. After this typically he uses Taijutsu to get up and close and personal with his opponent to gather information and as he discovers their skill level and how deep in shit he is in or not, he strategies a way to end the fight. Also using Taijutsu is sometimes another nice reaction gather to see what the person will do after he has been on the offence for so long then suddenly be attacking. His Taijutsu isn’t pertically fast, his fast points are with defense and quick thinking. After this he goes to long distance using either Genjutsu or Shadow possession jutsu. His Taijutsu is by far the less practiced and not his best card. All of this is his typical way of fighting but he can always bend his strategies based on the situation.  
Special Characteristics:



Roleplay Sample:


Clan Based Jutsu:

Fire Ninjutsu:

Wind Ninjutsu:

Non Elemental Ninjutsu:


Character Claim: Cecil Aijama
Source: Uta no Prince-sama
Image URL: Link
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PostSubject: Re: Nara, Shikanatto [Kirigakure Genin] Thu 04 Jul 2013, 4:26 am

Everything looks fine to me.
The history is a bit short, but we allow bullet point histories in the rules, so I am going to over look it.
Should another moderator wish it to be changed, go for it, however it's fine with me.

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PostSubject: Re: Nara, Shikanatto [Kirigakure Genin] Thu 04 Jul 2013, 5:15 am

    Everything is kosher.


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PostSubject: Re: Nara, Shikanatto [Kirigakure Genin] Fri 27 Sep 2013, 11:35 am

What in the hell are you going on about now? Stop wasting my time.
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PostSubject: Re: Nara, Shikanatto [Kirigakure Genin]

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