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Koori, Jasku [Kirigakure Genin]

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Jasku Sage

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PostSubject: Koori, Jasku [Kirigakure Genin] Sat 17 Apr 2010, 6:11 am

Basic Information:

Name: Jasku Koori
Secondary Title: Elder Sage
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Physical Appearance:

Being a young lad new to this world, Jasku has average features of a young boy. His hair is like a silken chocolate waterfall, long and black. His hair reaches down to his neck, but is usually spiked up in most instances. Each thread of hair is unique to the naked eye, each strand having varying colors and length. His hair color is a smooth dark brown, but when reflecting light gives it a light brown color. Sometimes he wears his hair in small pony tail when straightened or wet, or depending on his mood. He has a definite hair line which borderlines perfectiveness. His eyes are light green and because of his squint they can appear very devilish sometimes. They are the only part of his face that remains the same despite the many changes he goes threw. He has a short pointy nose which almost seem pore-less, along with his cheeks. His eyebrows are very thin and darker then the rest of his hair. He has soft pink lips which are usually remained most because he frequently licks them. Giving them a glossy vibrant at times. He has no facial hair yet, not even stubbles. His chin is small and round, but it still gives his jaw a masculine box shape. His ears are round and small. Kinda cute to those who admire him. He was born with straight white teeth and his breath most always smell like pine able because of his diet.

Jasku’s physic is somewhat average if you may call it. He’s thin in nature but very toned. He has a tan complexion giving him a golden glow. Rarely does he ever get pale, his mother told him that he naturally has a light brown skin color which he mistakenly took for a tan sometimes. As a uniform Jasku were his traditional clan outfit which consists of a blue robe. He has the village headband on his left upper arm, tied around his sleeve. His other sleeve is long sleeved, reaching down to his wrist. His short looks somewhat formal and overlaps his belt. His pants are baggy and white which pockets tessellated around the back and sides. He has bandages around his legs where they are met by his sandals. He has a small pouch that rocks off his hips when he walks, which carries some scrolls he uses for basic use. His clan trait his two red dots on-top of his their eyebrows, which he also has.

Personality: Jasku is very strict and self centered about everything in life. He motto is that emotions cloud judgment and make people weak, so he appears monotone about usually everything. One would think twice about getting on his bad side because he has a fierce temper sometimes. Hes very assertiveness and demanding of his wants and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Being a strong minded a powerful ninja, Jasku is very sure of himself and his abilities. This could lead to him being very alpha persona and quite annoying, even to himself. He rarely likes competition, on some occasions he would try to diminish competition threw intelligence of force. Hes almost never laid back or relaxing, hes either studying or training most of the time. On his spare time he likes studying the anatomy of every living organism, and he usually hangs pictures of body parts on his wall. He likes to take trips to the village hospital to see his friends, and also eat fruits. His favorite fruit is pineapple and that usually calms him down when hes upset. He dislikes people who are over confident and naive, and he will gladly knock them off their high horse if necessary.

Jasku has a very warrior like mentally on the battlefield, accompanied by his survival instincts. He feels no remorse for those he killed and wipes there blood off like it was water. Sympathy was something that he always lacked, only showing compassion to his family and patients. His personality was driven by his mother who is a doctor and retired Ninja, inheriting her fierceness and fighting spirit. With all those aggressive traits Jasku is also a very patient person who knows the value of waiting. Using his extensive knowledge and patience he is quite deadly on the field. He hates being assigned to groups that which he finds are full of idiots, which are usually all of them. Some would say he has a very mean and dark spirited, but he usually laughs at those remarks.

Catch Phrase: "Humph"

Clan Information:

Clan Name: Koori
Clan Location: Kiri
Clan Traits: -

Kekkei Genkai: Kekkei Genkai: The Bloodline limit of the Koori clan is purely elemental. This meaning that they are one of the few ninja in the world that on top of the regular elements that all ninja have an opportunity of access to, they can also access a singular advanced element. All members of this clan have the basic elements of wind and water. They can combine the properties and fundamentals of both to create the ice element. This is done by the wind chakras adding a chilled factor to the water chakras, causing it become an over all colder chakra. When exuded from the body, its heat level is to low to be liquefied water, and instead takes the form of solid ice.

All of their clan jutsu focus around this singular concept of creating and manipulating ice. A user is capable of taking pre-existing bodies of water, large or small, and manipulating them into ice, as well as pre-existing ice formations and using them for their techniques. This ice is generally very durable and difficult to break, taking an excessive amount of physical damage for most techniques, and is also, in contradiction to naturally occurring ice, displays a resistance to fire, though is not purely immune to it its melting effects.

Clan History The Koori clan are The Mist Villages second most well known clan as its co-founder and unique ability to manipulate and create the ice element. In the time before the great villages were constructed they were one of the lesser clans for hire but they were still well known all the same and held a certain level of respect and honor. Unlike the accursed Kaguya clan they are actually quite peaceful by nature though quite deadly in battle. Despite there grand foothold in the society of Kiri, they at one point, just like the Kaguya were persecuted by the normal villagers for there arcane abilities which were beyond what normal shinobi could do. There faith in the village never wavered though, and unlike the Kaguya, they never struck back against there critics.

When the Kaguya rebellion came to pass, they led the resistance to the struggle and were the main cause for the ending of the feud. As a result of this they single handedly brought their village closer together and ended the persecution, the two clans gaining more respect and stature then ever before amongst their home. For many years they have served as the primary protectors of the village and its most well known family name.

Rank: Genin
Village Affiliation: Kiri

Special Information:

Character Speciality:
Main: Ninjutsu
Sub: Weaponry: Sword / Ranged
Elemental Affinity:
Main: Suiton
Sub: Fuuton
Special Characteristics:

Jasku has practiced in the art of Ranged Weapons and has shown to be quite efficient in that field. He is able to hit nerve points and arteries with relative ease like most members of his clan. He can launch weapons father and with great impact then the average ninja. He has also to be shown to have great focus when throwing weapons, being able to hit a target even when flickering in trees.

On more then one occasion Jasku has been rumored to have the most potential to exceed his Clan Headmasters. He has been shown to manipulate large fields of ice even at a young age, which took years for a average Koori clan member to accomplish. He has created numerous Jutsu that utilizes the ice element, along with the help of his father. His Elemental Jutsu is very powerful for his rank and clan, having awed most elderly in his village. Jasku specializes in Water and Wind Jutsu as well, being a powerful user in both fields.

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Jasku Sage

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PostSubject: Re: Koori, Jasku [Kirigakure Genin] Sat 17 Apr 2010, 6:12 am

Skill Information

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Jasku Sage

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PostSubject: Re: Koori, Jasku [Kirigakure Genin] Sat 17 Apr 2010, 6:12 am




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Jasku Sage

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PostSubject: Re: Koori, Jasku [Kirigakure Genin] Sat 17 Apr 2010, 6:13 am


Name: Mist Blade
Quantity: One
Rank: C
Appearance: The Mist Blade is a simple Katana designed in the Mist Village. The hilt of this weapon is black with blue bandages wrapped over it. It has a square handle and a silver blade. The blade of this weapon is 4ft and very thin, giving it a swift feel to it. The sheath of this weapon is simple and black, which rests in Jasku's waste band.
Special Abilities/Characteristics: Very Sharp and Swift. Average C Rank Weapon proficiency.
Origin: This Katana was a gift from a Black Smith in order for him to complete his Kenjutsu training with his father. Upon graduating Jasku visited his family Black Smith in the foggy mountains to craft him a cheap sword. The Smith agreed, but required that in the near future Jasku will have to help him in some way. Jasku agreed, and within thirteen hours the sword was complete. He gave Jasku the sword which he thankfully accepted.

x20 Kunai
x40 Senbon
x8 Explosive Note
x20 Ninja Stars


~Academy Arc~


~RP Sample~
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PostSubject: Re: Koori, Jasku [Kirigakure Genin] Sat 17 Apr 2010, 6:42 am

I think this is one of the few applications I can look at, and not need to worry about. Thank God for someone out of the ordinary. Approved.
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PostSubject: Re: Koori, Jasku [Kirigakure Genin] Fri 02 Jul 2010, 7:19 am

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PostSubject: Re: Koori, Jasku [Kirigakure Genin]

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