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Mission: Town of The Dead

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PostSubject: Mission: Town of The Dead Thu 25 Jul 2013, 5:59 am

Mission Title: Town of The Dead
Mission Type: Custom [Solo]
Mission Location: Kaminari no Kuni
Shinobi Requirement: B-Rank Nukenin
Mission Rank: B
Mission Objective: You have been informed by a trusted source of a task requested by an anonymous client. According to this client, one of her partners had gone to visit a town near the country’s border a week ago for some “clandestine work”. However, news has been spreading that the same town was attacked a couple of nights ago, and the result was a reportedly-complete massacre of the citizens. The reason behind the attack, how and when it was executed, as well as the identity of the perpetrators, are currently unknown. The client has requested that a search be conducted of the ravaged town to discover the fate of her associate, and to be done so swiftly. Dead or alive, any information that can be retrieved from the partner must be acquired with haste, before anyone else can obtain it. Since an undetected slaughter like this is quite a mystifying and rare occurrence, it can be safe to say that Kumogakure no Sato will be sending some of its officials to investigate the scene. The client’s demands must be completed before the officers arrive on the scene, so as to avoid any legal complications that may arise.
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PostSubject: Re: Mission: Town of The Dead Sat 27 Jul 2013, 12:31 am

Sounds good, go ahead and mission this!
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