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Okina Mono [Chiton - Blood Release] (Complete)

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Kumo Nin

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PostSubject: Okina Mono [Chiton - Blood Release] (Complete) Sat 10 Aug 2013, 2:16 pm

Clan Name: Ōkina Mono (大きなもの) - "The Big Ones"

Location: Everywhere
Signature Traits:

  • Physically Imposing
    One of the most frequent traits amongst the Okina Mono is that they're big. Very, very big. Huge. Not like the Akimichi, oh no. Big in presence. Amongst the Okina Mono, six feet is considered "short," while the average height is closer to seven feet, and eight and nine foot tall individuals not completely unheard of. With this increase in size comes a fairly typical increase in mass as well, the more "lithe" members weighing in at 250lbs, while weights ranging in the threes and four hundreds being far more common. Despite this, Okina Mono don't tend to be much stronger than common folk, not unless they specifically train for it. A fair portion of this weight is attributed to a denser bone structure, to support their weight (But not nearly on par with the Kaguya), while the rest of their musculature is typically tied up just moving their own weight at more than glacial speeds. Another significant portion of their mass is in "liquid weight," which will be elaborated upon in their bloodline.
  • Big Hearts
    Okina Mono members tend to have big hearts. This is meant both literally and figuratively. Okina members tend to be raised with a firm grasp of right and wrong, and a great deal of empathy. It is not unheard of for an Okina member to go into diplomacy, settling disputes when and as they can. The literal aspect comes in their actual heart; it is very large, large even for what one would expect of people of such sizes. Scientifically, it is 1.5 times larger than what one would expect of a person of such size. The muscle of it is also extremely densely packed, the weight almost twice what its size would indicate.
  • Blood runs thicker than water. Much, much thicker.
    Simply put, in addition to having a lot of blood, Okina blood is very thick. If such blood were in a normal person, they would die of a blood clot almost immediately. It is for this reason they have such thick veins and large hearts, in order to properly pump their blood. It does not come without draw backs, however. While they are perfectly adapted to moving as fast as the average ninja, they can only move as fast as the average ninja; Okina members are incapable of obtaining Speed SCs of any rank, as the accelerated movement elevates their blood pressure higher than even their modified veins can withstand without rupturing. Most Okina members don't mind anyway, being a patient sort.
  • Patience to outlast the stones. Rage to scour the glaciers
    Personality wise, as lightly touched upon, Okina members tend to be patient, empathetic, and friendly. They are helpful to a fault, and will typically go out of their way to help those in need. Some have described them as not unlike giant teddy bears. This both accurate, and inaccurate. They are more like actual bears. And when enraged, it is a terrible thing to behold. The main reason the Okina Mono preach kindness, why they raise all their members from youth to treat their fellows with the utmost respect... Is because of how utterly, viciously cruel their bloodline can be. And woe to those who forces an Okina member to consider them enemy.
  • Universally Well-Received
    The Okina clan is generally accepted in all nations, well known for their friendly personas as gentle giants, alongside their free-lance medical work, rarely requiring any sort of payment for their healing services. In addition, a universal trait shared amongst all Okina is their blood type, O negative. Their blood can be received by nearly all individuals with no ill affect (though is must usually be thinned first), making the clan a well treasured asset by many villages for their ability to easily donate vast quantities of blood for local hospitals.

Kekkei Genkai: Chiton - Blood Release
The Okina's primary ability is the ability to manipulate their own blood for offensives purposes. They achieve this bloodline with a combination of the elemental affinities Water, Suiton, and Lightning, Raiton, two of the fundamental aspects of life. Their control and usage of their blood has often drawn comparisons to the Yuuki and Kessho clans, though that it merely cosmetic, and only in a select few abilities. No, true mastery of the bloodline, contrary to what many would think, comes from Eijutsu, Medical Ninjutsu. For this reason, all Okina Mono clan members must possess Eijutsu as one of their specialties. A part of the cost of their jutsu is their actual blood; they have a certain amount of "expendable" blood in their body at any given time. Which is to say, blood they can live and function without.

All Okina, regardless of rank, have 5000ml of expendable blood. The rank of their jutsu determines the amount of this blood that must be given over to use the jutsu, which are as follows.

D-rank: 100ml of blood
C-rank: 200ml of blood
B-rank: 300ml of blood
A-rank: 500ml of blood
S-rank: 1000ml of blood

History: There is relatively little to be said of the clan's history. Their origin story, so the legend goes, is that long ago, a kind hearted Ogre came across a plighted and forsaken village, all its members deathly ill from a disease which attacked their very blood. The Ogre, unusual for its kind, truly felt for the be-stricken people. It retreated to its nearby cave for extended periods of time, returning periodically to feed the villagers a thick, red soup. The villagers cried at the foul taste, but the Ogre assured them it would aid them. Lacking strength to resist, they fed on the soup. As time passed, the villagers slowly began to regain strength, and what's more, grew larger and larger, until their beds seemed liked children's toys to them. At the same time, the Ogre grew ever weaker, making his rounds slower and slower. One day, the Ogre did not emerge from his cave.

The villagers, feeling stronger than ever, gathered themselves up, free of their illness and mad their way to the cave, eager to thank the Ogre, who they had started calling Big One, for saving their lives. To their shock and horror, when they found him, he was quite dead, his cause of death quite obvious; his wrists had been gashed wide open across his axe, the broad metal heavily stained, speaking well of the Ogre doing this many times. When they found him, he was slumped over an empty, equally stained pot. It was there the villagers realized that the Ogre had given his life for them, feeding them on ever more of his mythical, enchanted blood to restore their vigor and save them from the disease. What's more, the sacrifice had given them strange powers and control over their blood, in addition to their massive, Ogre-like sizes. Having never learned the gentle giant's name, they all took a pact to become a clan, declaring their new surname to be Okina Mono, the Big Ones.

That is, at least, how the legend goes. Whether it is true or not, the Okina take great joy in telling the tale to their children, passing on the moral that even the most intimidating size and visage could conceal a big heart. In more recent history, the Okina are a nomadic clan, traveling the various nations and offering their healing skills wherever the wind may blow, though it is not uncommon for groups to settle within locations and give up the traveling life.

Clan Jutsu:

Clan Poison:

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Kumo Nin

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PostSubject: Re: Okina Mono [Chiton - Blood Release] (Complete) Sat 25 Jan 2014, 11:24 am

Woof. Got a little sidetracked, but this clan is ready for moderation.
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Konoha Nin

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PostSubject: Re: Okina Mono [Chiton - Blood Release] (Complete) Sun 02 Feb 2014, 9:03 pm

Sorry for the delay checking this.

  • Regarding the increased heart size, would this not mean that there would have to be some way for this extra space to be created? What I mean is that, generally, the size of the organs in human anatomy is rather standard and, as such, the space allotted for each organ does not vary significantly. When a person have a heart larger than normal, this actually turns into a medical condition called cardiomegaly. This condition, often chronic, often as certain side effects on the person in question that can bring quite a few issues. Even ignoring the heart-related conditions, because I assume the clan members would be prepared for this (anatomically, that is), the increased heart size without any decrease of other organs to accommodate for the enlarged heart that takes up more space often results in shortness of breath, coughing, dizziness to oxygen deprivation due to the lungs being compressed, and so on. Do your clan members suffer from this? Or do they, say, have extra large rib cages (which would make them have quite protruding chests) to accommodate for the heart?
  • Considering that you propose an increase of 5 liters, how does this expendable blood come on about? Is it just extra blood that the clan members possess as a reserve for their techniques(thus doubling the effective blood quantity a normal person would have)? Do they just create and process new blood that quick that allows them to expend that much while still keeping up with covering for the deficiency?
  • Though I can see the reasoning behind making Suiton one of the integral elements for this Advanced element, would you mind telling me the reasoning behind Raiton? Just to quench my curiosity, if you don't mind.
  • Considering the clan members actually have means of restoring their own blood through fairly simple techniques, I would suggest you increase the blood cost for D, C and B ranked techniques, as they stand quite low at the moment. Not that it's game changing, in any way, as your chakra reserves will likely be long gone before you get to spam these techniques. It's just so it makes more sense, in my opinion.
  • All of the clan techniques require expending the blood values you attributed, regardless of their nature, correct?
  • Without getting into it overly deeply, how do they purify the blood to re-utilize it? I presume they'd be able to use these kinds of techniques on, say, blood that fell on the floor. To incorporate it on themselves, though, all the impurities would have to be removed, or else even someone from such a clan was bound to suffer from septicemia, no?  Also, how does the blood re-enter their bloodstream? Does it happen with the use of this technique? Do they somehow store it to, then, inject themselves with it? More information regarding the process would be good, if you don't mind.
  • Doku Hanten - Poison Reversal - Is it safe to assume that the rank of the technique used will depend on the rank of the poison the member has been infected with? Furthermore, this technique does not "cure" the clan member of the effects of the poison, does it? If I understand it correctly, it merely turns what was used against them as a weapon, right?
    Also, could you increase the A ranked chakra cost to 22?
  • Ketsueki Jōka - Hemocatharsis - Just to clarify - If the clan member is affected by more than one poison, at the time he uses this technique, are they all purified? Or just one?
    Furthermore, how long does this process take? Because I can't see it being instantaneous, especially for the higher ranks.
  • Ketsueki Kansen - Blood Infection - None of the side effects previously mentioned (instant blood clothing, etc) will take effect, since the blood is diluted into the target's own blood, correct?
  • Still regarding the technique above, how much blood is inserted into the opponent's body? The 500 ml that the technique spends, I assume? Furthermore, through what means does this happen? How does the Okina Mono member insert their blood into their adversary?
  • Chi Kansei - Blood Control - "This jutsu allows the user to, upon the meeting of certain, explicit requirements." That sentence looks like a remnant of a phrasal structure you have, by now, deleted. Thought you might want to remove it.
  • Still regarding the jutsu above, I am more or less against the idea of being able to control the opponent. The removal of their blood from their own body, thus leading to death, I can fully understand. But the "mind" control just seems overdoing it, to me. Additionally, how long does this effect take to take hold of the opponent? Is it instantaneous? Do they have some kind of warning or way to counter it, if they realize what is happening?
  • Ketsueki Seizai - Blood Preparation - Considering the implications of this poison, when utilized in tandem with the other two techniques, I would suggest restricting it to only one state of matter, as well as to one form of infection. This is to say that you would have to chose between liquid, gaseous or solid, as well as how you want the vector of infection to be - injection, ingestion, aspiration, etc.
  • Still regarding the above, do the increased oxygenation effects stack with the Blood Infection's, or is it you merely reiterating them?
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PostSubject: Re: Okina Mono [Chiton - Blood Release] (Complete) Fri 18 Jul 2014, 9:06 pm

Still working on this? Asking due to archiving purposes.
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PostSubject: Re: Okina Mono [Chiton - Blood Release] (Complete) Mon 04 Aug 2014, 5:43 am

Archived due to lack of response after 2 weeks.
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PostSubject: Re: Okina Mono [Chiton - Blood Release] (Complete)

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