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Manigance of Google Translate Game

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PostSubject: Manigance of Google Translate Game Mon 07 Oct 2013, 10:28 am

The Name of the Game: Manigance of Google Translate
(lit. Google Translate Shenanigans)


Show off google translate's accuracy to make people laugh, and give them instant six-packs as a result.


1. You must translate the writing at least twice before going back to English.
2. Don't take out or edit any parts of the writing.

1. Copy the roleplay sample from your app.
2. Paste it into google translate.
3. Translate it into French.
4. Translate the French into Japanese.
5. Translate it all back into English.
6. Post it here.

I'll start things off!

I come from the ground - but was drowned out by informal conversation immediately - ham soft . Small, it was readily detectable by someone trained to listen to it . Such training , was not an easy task . Several steps contains , each step , which was harder than the first . Unfortunately , it was not in mathematics - to pull the hunting law , Foundation the last part of the target understanding less pain , each of the training was not only used together .

It's so - hunting . However, it was not a fighter ordinary to perform it , it can not be the usual hunter . This was assigned to the sole task of the best of the best .

"And is the best of the best I " laughing and showing teeth wide , painted on the face of the hunter in question . Regardless of the hunt to go Sure enough , she did not have the finesse of his boss , " equal to " . Trust his harpy eagle , that appropriate Talon - Fortunately , she had experienced a hunting companion to keep him from doing anything too rash . Bird shook his head misguided zeal of his partner .

" It's a great fighter for your age , of Kira , but you can , know and hopes both our bad " cried in a hurry to normal Talon - . Or non - Hunter - witness , nasty creatures , that sounds just like it . Crying Kira , on the other hand , you can include message given by a friend of his feathers . Like most children born from skilled hunter , in order to become the best fighter received a bird guide to help , it might be her . 's This is something that you could not foreigners to fully understand always , bonds formed between the partners hunters and animal What was that they understand each other is allowed word of when the word was both could not be it - not on whether you - to use.

" Oh , BAH! So I can hear them already , you know that I can catch them ! I If you not be able to if there is the hard " hunting and his tightened his gloves Check that is set correctly bow , young girl sank quietly to the industry was his perch . And series of wings and singing flag , Talon expressed concern again reluctantly , I landed next to her . It was the day Kira would chase the filthy devil of these for the first time today . Today , it was a day would she can pay for all damages that ultimately , they have caused .

Press it to sunburn on his face , disaster breeze , sifted the jet-black hair of his . I looked cold blue eyes bright as he a temperature decrease . The smiling Kira smile refocused to glare as soon as a silhouette , and fled deep into the wood . She found a one finally - was time to get serious it .

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PostSubject: Re: Manigance of Google Translate Game Mon 07 Oct 2013, 10:31 am

It was the day of the meeting that since the soul return , failed under Hokage Ridori honey between the thunder Mezamashii Hikaru once . Soul was a fellow Jounin Senju kanji . Sadao vision , professional fuinjutsu: soul is one of the fellow of Hokage , I knew the name of the other survivors of genocide . Soul had returned home on the new leaves of the shinobi village hidden for the end of the four Hokage Ridori honey in particular . In addition, it considered to be her companion for the end of the four Hokage Mezamashii Hikaru Kanji and Senju especially once , many of them , point less comes with her. Is his confidence , they were betrayed , as well as confidence of his country . They also , the honor of the village dead for almost rain and disgrace the two countries and fighting . They were insulted in the memory of all the people who knew people , including a lot of people she was very close , died she . Without having to fraud and deception village cruel undamaged and almighty and villages his country people , soul , killed in order to ensure that the named while its purpose . Before this is country Unubra expanding empire area are equal , not established a country village Daichu: strength , Persephone is a shambled economy through rapid expansion while before the original Raikage inherited a country that was broken somehow he takes , we are transformed into a center of prosperity and prosperity commercial . All you can Hikaru argues , is that it caused the hatred that doubt had existed before . However , the soul , it will not besmirch his name in public , to insult the dead or is not good , she believes it would be good for the morale of the village it . It seems to be hand or at least document on truth related to full when I felt was ready village she .

Mitsu was Hikaru and only partially opening the public appearance of the first , the real purpose of the address , has been given the soul of today as lightning fifth generation and Seoul today . If you do not know how the soul to approach this subject , she did not know at all if that what you wear or say or even made ​​. I wondered if the soul is something formal or something , wear more practical , both of them have their own shortcomings . Some people from rich region less with the rich flavor of dress for such an occasion , or seem to have thought it too if formal , it is more important than others you may want to keep away . She does wear a more practical , it may seem when there is a popular they , as with the intent to collect the bellicose tone of the village in the past , but in the things they as , the current generation , when they were children actually , who that might vigilance of such thoughts did not want to experience the sons and daughters of their fought in the war . Perhaps the best bet of his , A By in order to find the point at which it is preferable to wear something practical , to wear the cloak of lightning that might look like a lot more is down to earth wax , the hope of him , it is in appearance and speech is that you can do with both , it is going to be a national identity itself . Regardless of the country of thunder , of belonging and lifestyle , rather than as a nation of warmongers aggressive , it is not not known as a country of fine people showing courtesy and respect to all . Economic goal is important, but we will continue to strengthen ties with other countries to be able to start small it first , to forge a partnership in trade agreements in the future perhaps .

Chose soul to wear winter clothes in his cape , Raikage , his address is , was approaching in terms of high-speed real-time , but nerve in part on the part of the spirit rush 5 minutes rain for the next she would be time due to correctly deal so that you may occur in time when I was in hyper drive through or to emphasize a little worried , could his heart , the loop of the victim go wrong it will go through to collect words necessary for her to . Drinking he took a large bite from the gourd of his to try to calm his nerves as a grudge much that it is possible to bring the type conservative village , soul , it really is soul the work you do not mind that but to make changes for . The hope that we accept it would come to the village to understand in time , given the service of his condition , it would be front of him like her , she knew the generation shinobi respect his at least was . The problem is in the younger generation , most of the service as was overseas , it is possible to see the soul as a person , and Nao of fate , even then , there was no contact with the young people across much she you will not interact with Nao she knew as the son of his teacher just really her. The soul , however , she was young enough that the young shinobi has a reliability of at least some . Soul , went to accept the fact that the looks and personality laurels , his departure regardless everyone . It can be used to change the way they perceive the bottom of the road of the benefits of action . If you have decided to delete the ones that would not be called a kind of checklist spiritual rather than in Seoul , she did not know what to say in his speech . There is no shame Hikaru , I regardless of whether you are saying in order to divert the doubt : should not know them. Please do not promise to do that is outside the complete control of you . I do not lie .

When I was in Seoul , she was not able to think about the possible words and will need to find an alternative , stick to the ban list address . Expectations as a soul , did not want to silence looks and no shouting . They had wanted to know what happened , in front of them , this girl belongs ninja the strongest , the Raikage in his village why wearing a coat . Some of you so that you know " , the fourth generation thunder shadow Mezamashii Hikaru may have been killed during a meeting with Konoha , my name is , many of you , the fourth generation the storage of soul Hokage know honey , Ridori also is , and he died . might have heard the lords of us killed by Chinese characters Senju traitor you too , but you only know not only because it has been proved themselves without , I was appointed to the Raikage . as faithful to the council of our village , history of my making a dangerous mission outside the village , I I the big plans for our village , . Hikaru share his desire to enhance the success and prosperity of the village who had me because I have killed people who betrayed the trust of our village and our and then , but I can not control completely , so I promise that the village will be utopia , but it does not fail and does not promise that you will be able to do that it just can not . long I live , dying Kumogakure. not my will never betray my family and my house . because under the guidance and protection of me all you , you are, family as you respect our country like , I do not want to be considered the power of the figurehead more than a mere or approach me everyone , I to me if you have any questions that can help myself I protect you I for those that do not want to be afraid to talk , you can be . Well , I am all you have for you guys , I is help you as best I guess it I rain ! "Please see it had received less people around you ... Xiang , but she was not lying . Council because the idea because she knew a lot about the deceit and corruption of them , it would remain calm her , the reason for one of the contribution , or thunder like it to Seoul is not a , that is. Order than it would suit , and cause a lot of problems , the soul , nothing revealed at this time . I knew that there may be a relationship between the turbulent and the leaf village in time the soul come , and it should fall into the war , it is necessary to make sure that is outside of town to it , but is not his enemy there . At least she will be able to maintain a unified village .
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PostSubject: Re: Manigance of Google Translate Game Mon 07 Oct 2013, 1:46 pm

Seems like a spam thread.

*mouse cursor hovers over delete*
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PostSubject: Re: Manigance of Google Translate Game Mon 07 Oct 2013, 2:08 pm

Adam wrote:
Seems like a spam thread.

*mouse cursor hovers over delete*
You say that about every thread.
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PostSubject: Re: Manigance of Google Translate Game Mon 07 Oct 2013, 3:12 pm

BK-201 wrote:
Adam wrote:
Seems like a spam thread.

*mouse cursor hovers over delete*
You say that about every thread.
Yet always do it yourself TEEHEE
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PostSubject: Re: Manigance of Google Translate Game Tue 08 Oct 2013, 7:52 am

Oh my gosh...:
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PostSubject: Re: Manigance of Google Translate Game Tue 08 Oct 2013, 9:36 am

German - Latin - English

n depth campus misty cave entrance . It is surrounded by the rough and Ninja , for he was concerned for the EU not be published cliff walk. Five or six feet high at a cave, he and the great man indeed. But there is a fountain flowing with fresh, in water , were forty or with the fingers so deep. Wide, half of the entire cavity . A place perfect for meditation and relaxation. When the noise of the constant running of water, bamboo, and the smell of new . One of the great river fed by many small streams , which is at the bottom . As he came forth out of the cave , the water of the waterfall in the small things, shall fall by little and little . The heart of this very thing, that respect the animal was by no means part of the waters of the mountain.

The two swords of the confines of the river , it would be later used. Now it's time to physically workout . Tenshi and publicly read Chakra to increase late in the race, two faces . Extensive physical training and meditation . There is need , however, that that which is, being interpreted more. When he saw this , then it must be done in the mouth of meditation, Having thus spoken, fatigued, and perfect. That is what he would do . Moreover, the consequence will come in the mouth of this resolution . So he called them to find . And his mouth as the mouth of the west, so he took the form of the surname . Often this work is meditation . But today something else, the work is the use of it is at the present day .

Had then begun several static stretching training. Space with no mouth , the place should all use . It was not until orci lucky burning and his arms and his breath gave out , and sat down in the water. Grabbing the purity of the water and put it on her knees, to the very ground he said. Steadying his breathing when he is absent nIn a closed his eyes. Let him go and wash the crystal clear sound of bubbling water itself . From it as the Spirit of the ebb and flow of the waves. He felt he would never let in this very nature exists. Suffers all his chakra flow Tenshi euaginatum purity of the body. But he caused to flow through the right foot and the left index finger stationed in the gun. Through every kind of speech , and breath, and calmed his chest soon.

Immediately after that felt like a lifetime of this kind of ecstasy as Tenshi awoke from the state . Animated , full of life . Chakra pulsed through his body like electricity through a wire . First of all, he shall not open his eyes, and let him be unjust unless it is a rainbow . Sentiment also light when the water hit rock purity others put the sword to the opposite side of his ten Hoshi no . Extending his foot in the water, the same has submitted itself falls back into the water. After five seconds , or whence was created . Open thine eyes, and I took hold of the spirit , he went up out of the water . After two of his swords , they went by the way of the child's other issues. He summoned a Chakra in plants, and to the nearest themselves took the rock to be drawn up. Thence he proceeded to the cliff only, and , when he slew the servants with high regard to the cave.
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PostSubject: Re: Manigance of Google Translate Game Fri 13 Dec 2013, 2:10 am

So I took a part of Kirima's appearance and here it is:

The Kirima, in a carefree way , teenagers are very prominent in the town red hair and fiery blue eyes and filled with strong emotions large is a mess around . I think if you are familiar with the family , most people , and was one of the famous people spiral it . But , instead , I do not have roots must comply with this family . The rest of it , while framed lock awkward her face , leaving a strand shoulder blades until he became a little , beautiful ruby red Her hair is cut short Kirima himself always . The teenager , she that every time push from his eyes trying to focus on one task at hand , to deny that you either grow longer , to change the usually at least . According to his grandfather , this is one of the action in protest . Her hair , is not as beautiful without the least bit , and this hairstyle , seems to fit the teenager fine as tomboy little anyway in a way , it is the hairstyle undeniable but absolutely beautiful red in color , as well as there is no real intent of doing so in the first place , it brings more attention to her eyes and cheekbones that highlights the features of the beautiful face of her further , was clearly defined . It is unpredictable wild too it or put a hair band , " girly " so to speak in order to be able to do anything , Messy strands she allows it to be in the form of what exactly it morning , he took when I wake up . That she is not to took care much anyway . Kirima to sit in front of a mirror really , no one can say that you are over time from his busy schedule to worry about her appearance .

As mentioned earlier , it is captivating dark red thin eyebrows , blue , eyes large and round , long eyelashes , Kirima has been surrounded by dark . That her eyes , crazy hair is not only one of the characteristics of the most beautiful , it seems to follow the comb . Depending on emotion and light , blue color is constantly changing , it seems to have given the mystery . Her mouth is medium-sized and straight white teeth pearly and full lips slightly . Small chin , his countless days of lazy days I was able to be pushed stubbornly often , his ears are very small , to describe as a further skin tanned a little bit of " cute . " He , in intense training random roof results , it is silky smooth with no significant defects every day . So even overall , at a young age her , she became a beautiful young woman . We , she can not grow a little older , as a finish to take to maturity , it will estimate more beautiful .

If you can control the attitude and temper of her a little better , you will notice its natural beauty , and she 's only looking at the good to dwell in the depths of the better eyes of his people and now , . However , for those who do not meet once or twice , all you really see is a redhead cursed like a sailor , they do not necessarily like all women . Over the years , more experience , it seems to have started to calm down a little and Kirima , however . You can catch views of the horizon with a serene look in deep blue eyes and his face together with his new feelings sometimes , and trust peace is mirrored .

Young woman is back not because of his age , to reach about 5'7 . "And strong enough , even if you did not build a thin muscle and superior durability , the course that . Despite the bust pretty big then , she out as cute at first glance girl , long thin legs , it is a slim eyes arms and slender waist ; like her .. , many dislike his bust of his since then it seemed to take a mature physical more with only '13 before it was C cup , and . tomboy has increased slightly , whimsical girl is not enjoyed watching exceptionally pretty , as it brings a lot of his classmates , to . Kirima generally accurate , it can at least who she met held in in order to to get hit by horny middle-aged , she is a really , than not uncommon , it has been kicked their butts to . return one year old .
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PostSubject: Re: Manigance of Google Translate Game Wed 25 Dec 2013, 10:20 pm

Protip: Using Irish at any step doubles the hilarity.
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PostSubject: Re: Manigance of Google Translate Game

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