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Werewolf-Vampire War [LB]

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PostSubject: Werewolf-Vampire War [LB] Sun 12 Jan 2014, 3:33 pm

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Only a few know exactly how the war began. Memories always grow shady after centuries of scattered stories. Some say it began with a wolf and vampire fighting over a girl. Well at least the hopeful romantics like this story most. Some say it was over territory while others say it was revenge over a long forgotten grudge. We don't know how it started but time proved the problem unable to be resolved. Many have tried to make peace between the races, to show them that the fighting wasn't the right path. This only led to more deaths and even more heartaches and a new spark within the two factions ruling the countryside.

There is a new trouble rising, though. With the discovery of the vampires and werewolves amongst them, the humans had awoken special powers to upset the balance between the races. Elementals have risen up within the human race. Some join the werewolves and serve the Queen to fight the vampires; others join the vampire race in their pursuit to wipe out the entire werewolf race. While others still join the ranks of the Hunters to fight against both of them. Yet with even the humans joining the fight, neither side has gained the upper hand as of yet.

Placed in the wilds of England, there are two prominent factions that live in their own castles. The werewolves live in the Werewolf Castle to the South ruled by their Alpha Carman Jones, the Werewolf Queen. The vampires live in their own castle in the North led by the Vampire Queen, Katherine Manning. Each group is separated by the mighty Saphram River, dividing their territory.

Shall you join the fight and risk your immortal and mortal soul? Only you can decide.
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