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Backwoods Incantation {LB}

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PostSubject: Backwoods Incantation {LB} Sun 12 Jan 2014, 5:00 pm

Humans have always known about the existence of magic and the supernatural, and it hasn't made one bit of difference.  Like weather and disease, vampires and fairies are an inevitable part of life, and knowing they exist doesn't mean you could see one on the street for what they are.  So be on your guard, and never trust a stranger.  You never know what kind of cards someone might have up their sleeve.

Welcome to Mossy Hollow, Georgia, where there are undead things lurking in the shadows and otherworldly beings who walk among us.  Any individual can try to keep their true identity a secret, but time will tell how long that secret can be kept.  The city seeks to eradicate the vampires in its jurisdiction, the lycanthropy problem is spreading out of control -- with few accommodations for those in need and a registry pending in the council -- and the nonhuman's envy of human protection spells just might stir up inter-species tensions past the breaking point.  This isn't a matter of picking sides -- this is a matter of picking what conflicts to get involved with in the first place.  Even keeping your head down, as they say, has its consequences.

Backwoods Incantation is a modern fantasy and supernatural creatures forum that boasts:

  • a small community of friendly, welcoming members and active staff -- both you and your characters will be accepted quickly!
  • no overall plot, but multiple subplots to get involved in depending on your character -- ambition, vices, bleeding hearts, and hero complexes welcome
  • sensibly-designed, interlocking system of strengths and weaknesses for each species that keeps them balanced relative to each other and clearly establishes the limitations
  • simple theme/skin -- not image-heavy or slow to load, with visible text fields and straightforward site organization
  • LGBT+ friendly -- literally all orientations welcome; pick your pronouns when you edit your profile; characters are counted as their actual gender (not assigned gender) in the character stats, with a column for non-binary genders
  • no image requirement -- playbys are optional

--> http://backwoodsincantation.proboards.com <--
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