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Star Wars: Revival

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Eryk Sar

PostSubject: Star Wars: Revival Mon 13 Jan 2014, 3:32 pm

Star Wars: Revival is a brand new Star Wars Role-Play during the Clone Wars era. With minimal Cannons and very OC based, we need your help in creating some awesome characters for this new and exciting site! Masters, Padawans and OC's alike are wanted and we look forward to seeing you there!

Plot Summary

War has been waged between the Separatists and the Republic; leaving Count Dooku turning his back on Lord Sidious. Taking captured Jedi and Force Sensitive children, Dooku has begun to create an army of Dark Jedi... Meanwhile,a small group of Jedi on a dark Journey seeking out the truth to their lost Brethren. With the rise of a dark army, the Galaxy must prepare for a new kind of war. The one between darkness and light.


- Sandbox Role-Play
- Interactive Jedi Training
- Independent Factions Wanted
- Customizable Ships, Armor, Planets, Species and Weapons
- Fun, Monthly Contests
- Earn Credits by posting, Galactic Store coming soon where you can buy things for your character(s)
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