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Orre United: A Pokemon Region RPG [link back]

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PostSubject: Orre United: A Pokemon Region RPG [link back] Tue 14 Jan 2014, 7:44 am


    A region torn by the harsh landscapes and criminal syndicates, Orre had always been considered a lesser Pokémon region. With few wild Pokémon for the region to call their own, Colosseums remained the only true attraction for traveling trainers and tourists. Colosseums had become the economical gem in an otherwise barren wasteland.After the fall of Teams Cipher and Snag'em, the region earned attention from the League. Eventually, a compromise was made, and the League created the Orre Pokémon Protection Agency, which not only allowed more wild Pokémon to flourish, but for the Orre natives to live peacefully amongst them. Word spread, and now a new surge of Keepers has come from all over, and not just from the Pokémon regions either. They flocked from all over, from places that the Pokémon nation had barely interacted with until recently. Americans, Russians, French... they all came, all with the same purpose.Ready to take the challenge? Will you choose the route of the battle-hardened trainer, fighting your way through the top to Orre's elite? Or will you be a breeder, raising your Pokémon and caring for the eggs they produce? You could also be a ranger, protecting the ecosystem and defending wild Pokémon from poachers in the area.So are you ready?
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