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With Silverpelt Above -- Original Warrior Cat RP (LB)

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PostSubject: With Silverpelt Above -- Original Warrior Cat RP (LB) Tue 14 Jan 2014, 11:10 pm

Her whiskers twitched with amusement as the young apprentice chased after the mouse, only to stumble over his own paws and managed to do a full flip before he stopped moving. When he was finally back to his paws, a small purr rang in the leaders throat, her paws kneading gently against the ground. She couldn't be more proud of the young cat, he was training well, and soon enough, he would be made a warrior of his own. Suddenly, her ear flicked at a rustle in the thick, yet abnormally quiet forest. The pale tabby stiffened, jaws opening gently as she scented the air.

There was danger alright, she could smell it, but she couldn't quite put her claw on it. Kinda like a dog, but a little different. Suddenly, it was too late, a sharp squeal came from the apprentice and before she could bounce in to help him, razor sharp fangs latched against her flank. She hissed in fury and pain, scrambling around, trying anything to weaken the attackers grip. But, as she turned her head, she wanted to recoil in fright. The creature that was trying to kill her had fiery red eyes, the face of a dog, but a much longer snout and very large ears. The creature was built with pure muscle, pure hatred. Finally, she managed a good swipe and the predator dropped her with a heavy thud on the ground.

Without a seconds pause, she saw the motionless body of the young apprentice, his pelt torn and shattered. A wail of horror locked in her throat. When she heard snapping jaws once more, she snatched up the tiny, limp body and raced for the clearing, but a larger dog-like creature blocked her path. This time, she didn't hold back the wail of distress and it sounded pitiful out of her throat. "Go back to your camp, Dovestar. Warn them, but you won't be safe forever." The voice rumbled, sounding like a rumble of thunder that wasn't even a mile away. "Run while you still can, because we'll be back, and when we are, no cat will walk away alive." Though she couldn't feel her paws, Dovestar ran, she had to warn the Clan. They couldn't be knocked out of the forest, what could happen if only 4 Clans remained?

Will you choose to protect and defend your Clan, or will you choose the soft and safe life of a kittypet? The choose is yours, but choose wisely...It's a matter of life and death, and this time StarClan might not be waiting.

Enter the Clans...
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PostSubject: Our Link Tue 14 Jan 2014, 11:11 pm

For some reason the link didn't go through..

Click here to enter the Clans: http://silverpeltabove.boards.net/
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