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Naruto: Eijiresu Sensou

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PostSubject: Naruto: Eijiresu Sensou Wed 05 Feb 2014, 8:35 am


A hundred years have passed since Naruto was named the Sixth Hokage. Under his watch, Konohagakure and its neighboring villages prospered. Then, Naruto passed away due to old age. The Seventh Hokage was unable to retain the peace and prosperity that Naruto had worked so hard to establish and the world has fallen back into chaos. Konohagakure, Kumogakure, and Sunagakure try to defend themselves as a new threat looms in the ominous Ketsuekigakure. Oni no Kuni has grown in power since its beginning and now has its own ninja village, which controls nearly the entirety of its continent. Amegakure is poised to help the three main villages, but has not gained much strength since Konan took control. Iwagakure and Kirigakure look poised to attack Konoha and its allies to grow their own strength in preperation of the threat that is Ketsuekigakure. Will Oni no Kuni be the end of the five main shinobi villages, or will the villages rise up and destroy this evil?

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PostSubject: Re: Naruto: Eijiresu Sensou Wed 05 Feb 2014, 8:36 am

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