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Senju, Hiroshi Dai [Kumo Genin]

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PostSubject: Senju, Hiroshi Dai [Kumo Genin] Fri 07 Feb 2014, 8:30 pm

Senju, Hiroshi Dai


Name:Hiroshi Dai Senju

Nickname: Wooden-Marrow

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Appearance: The soft delicate skin that Hiroshi has covers his body and around his petite head. His face resembles much like a babies and is softly curved around the edges. His face is a pale color like his father and mother. His face is more like an oval shape but with a sharp tip that forms as his chin. His teeth are shiny and pearly and could be used as a mirror and his lips are set right and always kept hydrated. His ears fit perfectly at the side of his head not seemingly to large but at the same time not too small either. His pupils are a nice shade of green with a sense of loss and confusion every time you stare into them. Since birth his hair has been aloof also keeping a moonlight silver color, though its aloof, its quite soft to the touch.

Hiroshi’s shoulders are always straight and his back is always in a nice posture and never slumped over. He has slightly broad shoulders for his age which are strong and firm. At the top of his shoulder comes crashing down with long arms. They aren't any bruises at all to indicate any sort of physical brutality that he has endured from fighting and the such. Mostly due to the gradual healing of most wounds hes had over time. His fingers stretch only so far that resembles like a little child which soft and numbly. The finger nails are finely cut and rounded at the end so that he doesn’t go and scratch around his chest and body is more slender and masculine than most 16 year old boys only due to the fact that his training has proven to give his bone structure an extra boost. Especially when it comes to physical contact. To put it straightforwardly he isn't fat nor skinny, just in between.

His lower body is as fit and muscular as his upper body. His legs are nice and tanned. His legs are not that long seeing as it only gives him a height of 4’9’”. His legs are bald like the rest of his body and shows no sign of hair on it whatsoever. His calf and hind muscles are firm and well developed , once again, thanks to the body enhanced genes in his blood. His legs give him a good vertical of 1’ allowing him to reach anything around the range of 6’2. His feet are fairly small for his age and his toenails, much like his finger nails, are kept short and rounded at the base.

Hiroshi wears a black suit unbuttoned, under that is a white shirt with a red and black stiped tie loosely hanging. He wears matching pants that are held up with a belt. Down on the lowest point of his body are his feet, which are covered by a pair of black leather shoes.

Forehead Protector: Hiroshi's forehead protector is around his right arm.

Personality:If there is one thing that is certain about Hiroshi, its that he does everything for himself. From friends to family, the thread of trust is always thin, and even the smallest acts could snap the thread. One may find the medical boy to be quite covetous about sharing his things, and mayhap(s) find him a bit territorial. It would be best for one to avoid reading his things, or stepping on his property for that matter - if they vale their lives in any way, shape, or form.

Being brought up a fighter, the boy has constantly been fed the concept of the weak are food for the strong, an analogy comparing defeat to victory. Because of this, Hiroshi has centered himself around being all things opposite weak and its synonyms. Strong, Elite, Powerful: those are probably the three words that Hiroshi centers himself around in terms of shinobi skill, which relates back to the analogy earlier. Brought up with the attitude of his father, the if the boy ever finds himself in a position where he could be deemed “weak”, or “unworthy” - per say , there is no doubt that he would do anything to increase in skill, which could range from all types of things, such as training to get stronger, or simply eliminating the competition - permanently.

Independence: it is something the boy like, yearns, craves for. The boy doesn’t mind following another being, as long as he has a decent amount of freedom and power. In all honesty, Hiroshi feels that he flourishes best when there are no boundaries, but even then the aid of leadership can often keep him in line for doing “stupid“ things, otherwise keeping his rather zig-zag line lifestyle erecter than usual. To put it simply, Hiroshi likes the idea of being a leader, having his own little minions to push around, but has come to savior the idea that being strong, with an ally the same strength ( or slightly lower/higher) is the best way to go about life. If it wasn’t apparent, Hiroshi is very confident in himself (like most of his kin), and can often be deemed a rather prideful being.

Hiroshi’s emotions are under control ninety-nine point nine percent of the time, and only rarely does that one percent ever present itself. Through him, the calm and relaxing ways of the ancient monks that once was the clan are portrayed. Despite being exposed to a bunch there is one poison that will never touch his body without being controlled and its amount limited: Adrenaline. This “poison” has been known to cloud one’s mind and judgment, and often make one do things that perhaps they shouldn’t. By keeping this contained, the boy has found his life rather joyful and without chaos for the most part.

Clan: Senju Clan

Nindō: "I'll show the world, what a Senju can do."


Origin: Land of Lightning

Affiliation: Kumogakure

Rank: Genin

Specialities: Primary: Ninjutsu | Secondary: Taijutsu

Elemental Affinities: Doton, Suiton and Mokuton

Combat Style:Hiroshi typically tails his target for some time before attacking, learning as much about his target as he can before confronting them. Once he does he will either strike with a combination of sneak attacks and ninjutsu or if more favorable he will engage inhand to hand combat supplemented by various ninjutsu in an attempt to disarm, immobilize and capture his target. His taijutsu is has the philosophy which emphasizes threat neutralization, simultaneous defensive and offensive maneuvers, and aggression. He aims to finish a fight as quickly as possible, aiming attacks at the most vulnerable points of the body, often causing serious injury. Once restrained he will either escort his prisoner back to the village, hand him over to an interrogator on the spot, or execute him swiftly with his kunai.

Hiroshi is a rather inscrutable figure. He possesses incredible control of his emotions and is constantly displaying an emotionless personality during battle. He only shows surprise when opponents prove to be more powerful or skilled than expected, and even during those moments he doesn't lose his composure. Hiroshi also has impressive intelligence, and can be seen as very wise, something even elders of Kumo acknowledge. He is exceedingly sharp, observant, and intuitive, as he is rarely caught off guard or deceived.

Combat Style Philosophy:

•Counter attacking as soon as possible (or attacking pre-emptively).
•Targeting attacks to the body's most vulnerable points, such as: the eyes, neck/throat, face, solar plexus, groin, ribs, knee, foot, fingers, etc.
•Maximum effectiveness and efficiency in order to neutralize the opponent as quickly as possible.
•Maintaining awareness of surroundings while dealing with the threat in order to look for escape routes, further attackers, objects that could be used to defend or help attack, and so on.

Special Characteristics:

Name: Increased Chakra Capacity
Rank: C
Type: Chakra Based
Prerequisites: -
Training: A 600 word training is required to gain this special characteristic
Restrictions: -
Description: Through extensive meditation and physical training the ninja's chakra capacity increases by 20CP

Name: Infinite Riches
Rank: C
Type: Social Based
Prerequisites: -
Training Requirements: A 600 word training post is required to gain this special characteristic.
Description: The ninja gains near infinite Ryo from either inheritance or a unknown circumstance which makes them filthy rich and now highly respected in their village. They can now live in large mansions in their villages and possess the latest technology and training equipment. They can purchase anything without fear of running out of money which makes them both popular and feared for their power.


History: Hiroshi Dai Senju, one of the last of the Senju Clan, born and raised in an outskirt village in the Land of lighting. His home isn’t very well known. Its a small village, shrouded in secrecy, that borders the edges of the Lightning Country. Located deep in the heart of Forest, the village is highly protected. It is the last safe haven for his people, a paradise away from the wiles of the Shinobi world. Created generations ago to house and support the legendary Senju clan, though its residents have long since began to dwindle. Some have left to join the ninja world, some have died of old age, and some have run away, tired of a life of seclusion. But its remaining residents, those not afraid of such a life, have remained adamant about the Villages nature. They have taken a lesson from the Uchiha, the Cursed, and have grown to fear and pity the world around them. This is the life Hiroshi was born into. This is the life Hiroshi was raised in. His mother, Moriko, is a beautiful woman, in her own right, who loves to grow flowers and sing to birds. She spent a majority of Hiroshi's childhood, when not raising him, questioning whether or not she was raising him right. His father often describes her as a "woman so full of love that it can only hinder her". His Father, Aoki, is a powerful Mokuton user and a Forest Guardian. He spends his days growing trees to fill in what the villagers use to create paper. He also watches over the forest, and ensures no one harms it precious bark-bearers. He is a man who believes life is sacred and violence, war, and hatred are the fabrications of a weak mind.

Hiroshi, from an early age, was raised to mold to these ideals. He was taught, by his mother, how to identify different types of plants; what flowers bloomed in what season, what berries were poisonous, which trees made the best rafts. He was given in-depth study on herbology, horticulture, and all other forms of plant "sciences". As a result he has developed a love for nature and gardening. His Father, on the other hand, taught him much more useful skills; ninjutsu and hunting were among the most dominant, and they filled his days with lecture and study. His father also taught him history, math, science, and other skills that every scholar, or even any educated person, would need. He was given extensive survival training by both his parents. And while they never expected him to leave home and become a ninja. Their teachings were critical in later stages of his life. After he was raised by his parents for a number of years, until he reached age five, he was sent to "learn abroad". For three long years the Senju child learned from the eldest, wisest, smartest, and most powerful ninja in the village - as most children were. It was a custom in the small village. The young were taught by all who had knowledge to share. For knowledge WAS so be shared. Knowledge was sacred. And, due to the nature of these teachings, he usually found himself in the company of other children his age.

It wasn't long before Hiroshi become a fine young man. But his mind always wandered to the world outside. What lied behind the walls of the village? What wonders could he set his eyes upon? What kind of people existed outside of this.....prison? And, indeed, thats how he felt. It was a pretty prison, but a prison nonetheless. He wanted to venture into the world, a dangerous world, and see the villages. And maybe even become a Shinobi. And although his parents shuddered at the thought, his mother denying the very thought, they weren't about to force him to stay against his will. Or at least his father wasn't, anyhow. He was given permission to leave his home and go to Kumogakure. There he could become his own man, or anything else he wanted. And he could return home whenever he wanted.

When he arrived in Kumo, he found himself in the possession of quite a bit of money. And in the company of a nice family, one asked to raise him. Or rather, a widowed husband with no children of his own. He gave Hiroshi a place to live and grow. He was also a Chuunin rank Instructor at the Academy, which proved to be troublesome for Hiroshi. He was happy to see Hiroshi's interest in Ninja training, and signed the young Senju up almost immediately. By the time his 9th birthday rolled around Hiroshi was an Academy student. He became, somewhat, and enigma for the teachers and students at the academy. His unknown background made him a mystery. And his calm disposition made him the target of many pink-haired, retarded, fan-girls. And he did his best to befriend social outcasts and "losers". His relation to their instructor became the topic of more than one conversation. And led to some of the students poking harmless fun at him about it. It also brought a great deal of annoyance to Hiroshi. For, unlike other students, he couldn’t miss his studies or training. Instead of heading to the Ramen shop with his friends after school, he had to stay in until he finished. He was given very little free reign in these categories. And by age 12 he had lost more than 1 "girlfriend" due to him "standing them up". But his guardians persistence was not misplaced, and turned out for the best.

Hiroshi graduated top of his class, good marks across the board, at age 14. He was given his forehead protector, and orders to await for team placement.

Roleplay Sample: An okay temperature, an okay sky, an okay mood for the day. Hiroshi yawned as his arms stretched out to get the tight muscles in his body to strain and let him get up and go. But that didn't really matter, he was just finding another place to sleep so he really didn't need to do much work. But still, he started up his daily stretching. On top of a flower shop, he got up. Hiroshi looked out at the village with boredom. He decided quickly that he needed a drink, his throat being dry as a desert. So after getting ready he jumped off the building and landed on the ground. Getting his eyes adjusted, he leaned on a man, who pushed him off. That pushed him into another woman who had a boutique of flowers. Quickly cursing to himself he got up and ran before the punishment would come. As some people called for him to get back there, that only motivated him to run even faster.

As he ran by he started to slow down. Checking around, he wanted to see where he arrived. A tavern. Looking up at the building he sighed. He needed a drink and this seemed to be the best place for it. So with one more yawn he walked inside. The place seemed nice enough, but there seemed to be one sour apple among the crowd. He walked around her. Going to the tavern, he was quickly turned away for being underage. As he walked away grumpy, he closed his eyes to rub them of some sleeping sand. But then he tripped over a table and fell face flat onto the floor.

Getting up, he rubbed his face. It was in much pain. Not looking where he was going, Hiroshi randomly sat down in a chair and recovered. Looking up, he seemed to be next to the sour one that he avoided before. Not having anything to say, he gave a wave and said, "Hi."


Academy Techniques:

Mokuton Techniques:

Doton Techniques:

Suiton Techniques:

Taijutsu Techniques:

Kumogakure Techniques:


Character Claim: Badou Nails
Source: DOGS: Bullets and Carnage
Image URL: http://cs5990.vk.me/u142758567/a_dc41d131.jpg
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