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Naruto The Path [New Naruto RP!]

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PostSubject: Naruto The Path [New Naruto RP!] Sun 09 Mar 2014, 6:16 pm

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   When no one is there to help you, you will the be the shadow to the light. You will follow that light and become a larger shadow, until you surpass the light and become stronger than ever.


   A New Beginning

   Years and years ago, the land of Shinobi had revived itself after a major war went down between the 5 Major Nations, after a cloaked man declared it. Peace had been given, and land had been separated after all the physical geography of the land had been broken. However, those years had passed, the hero had passed, it was the beginning of a new life, and everything was to be different. New villages rose up to be the new main lands, just like the Hidden Leaf, Sand, Cloud, Mist and Rock. However, there was always one village missing, and has yet to be constructed. The new leaders of the villages strive for high economy and development, requesting to have more alliances between missions and different situations occurring outside the walls of the village.


   Unusual Behaviour

   However, Missing Nin's have been causing trouble recently, and many of the civilians have been being very cautious of any suspicion. New Kage's have been appointed once again as the years continued to pass, but the development has been sloping down, being worth less and less each year. The clues and suspicion of weird economic issues, and mission completion has been becoming more and more of an issue. The path's that many shinobi had taken were not legitimate and right. Many had chosen to go down the path of the Missing Nin, disbanding their villages due to pass incidents, requiring the need of hatred and revenge on the village officials and government. Although, hope hasn't been given up on just yet, a change will be made soon. That's what everyone though, until problems suddenly started to boost up a high controversy that government had no thoughts above protecting the villages too much longer. There seemed to be no point. They made assumptions, assumptions that were wrong, they made wrong choices, the chose the wrong path, they had an option, but they chose the wrong option.


   History Repeats

   The world started to progress together as a united nation of shinobi once again. As the newest era had ended, new Kage's had stepped up and replaced the old. All of the old were sick and tired of the slow, unprocessed development of the nation, receiving hatred for the way they were running the land, the way the laws were laid down. The new shinobi have replaced the old shinobi. Security around the village lands have been getting tighter, and tighter. Everything may be changing, however everything is changing for the better good, at least hopefully it is. The legends of old villages continue to live on, and the new history is developing day by day, slowly and slowly. No man or woman has yet to be highly known, or thought of. Everyone seems to be thinking more on a pessimistic side, believing that the life they live will not longer be driven towards the right path of success and victory. They believe the fate of the villages will not last for much longer, just like the old. "History shouldn't repeat itself." They said, but is it repeating itself this very day?


   All The Questions

   Lately, many shinobi had gone missing, or returning back highly injured from battles. Kage's have seemingly decided to be more responsible for the village, taking over and doing their job better than what history had written down about the past. Will peace continue to prosper in the universe of Naruto: The Path? Will the new born choose the path that the lights are showing them? Or will they detour, and continue a path as many ancestors have? Are the missing ninja and low rate of mission completion continue on? Will the minor nations continue to be neutral and peaceful? Will everything continue in it's current state? All questions have been asked, but none has been answered.



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