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Marvel Unlimited[Super Powers!]

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PostSubject: Marvel Unlimited[Super Powers!] Mon 16 Jun 2014, 5:21 am

Great superpowers, cunning humans, nigh unstoppable forces of nature and science clashing on what we call Earth-616. This is a fairly free form Role Playing Site, based on the wonders of comic book superpowers. This forum is completely custom, meaning everything here, including the everyday situations, are created by the members. Every once in a while, the staff will throw an event to get members motivated and give fabulous prizes(some of them include nigh-almighty powers). Barring this, almost everything is based off of the members, and there are very few things that you can't do here.

Want to rob a bank? Go ahead and try, make a topic of you robbing the bank, taking hostages, and demanding a helicopter from the police. Other members can join you to try and stop you, or perhaps they're a local crime boss and want a cut to ensure your protection from the law. Juicy story writing and combat situations await for those who are active and observant.

Now that you're mouth is watering from thinking about how you're going to make a character and start blowing stuff up, kidnapping people, or protecting the innocent, there are two distinct systems on this site that we feel are a bit unique. The first are Tiers. The Tier system is a dynamic system for determining the power of your abilities, weapons, and other things. Each Tier allows a limited number of upgrades, allowing you to add damage, range, or even supplementary effects onto your abilities and weapons. You can opt to have one utility power, ranking it up very high, or be a jack of all trades and have many weaker powers, either way, you're character will still be useful.

The second one is Prestige. Prestige is the currency of the site, and is used to purchase weapons, items, abilities, and even entirely new powers for your characters to unlock. Getting prestige is very simple, you just need to do things in the world and RP, and you will get Prestige. There are also Missions, which are scenarios created by other members or yourself, and once completed, these can gain you a substantial amount of Prestige to work with. Unlock most other sites, once purchased with these Prestige points, you can immediately use whatever you bought, there are no tedious Word Counts to write up, so you can buy that grappling hook for that next thief mission you're planning, and get to it immediately.

The options are nearly endless here, as your character can have any power you can imagine, within reason of course, as some powers have been deemed restricted(meaning admin discretion), or outright banned(like Reality Manipulation). You can make a comic relief character, a cold brooding warrior, or a knucklehead who fights for what he believes in! So, come and join us, and help write a large story!

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