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Tablet Crowdfunding (Not Spam, Real Thread Brah)

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Uchiha Osore

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PostSubject: Tablet Crowdfunding (Not Spam, Real Thread Brah) Sun 13 Jul 2014, 4:46 am


Exactly as it reads, commissions for reward tiers and all that fun stuff. I'm sharing this here because its an advertising section on a roleplaying site and I know yall' love that commission shit (slightly less than you love claiming faceclaims for free...actually a lot less.) Potato salad guy made like a gorillion (is still making technically) dollars for a baffling cause so I figure why not try to raise some money from the internet for a much saner and reasonable cause? I'll try to hang around to check my PM box just in case anybody has questions, comments, or concerns but I guess you could also just post here (I won't lose sleep over it, unless the Staff gets mad...at which point I will gain sleep like some sort of crazy inverse sleep-pire.)

I'm also selling extenze and free russian mail order brides out of the back of a white va- no wait, sorry, not a spam bot. I will instead sell you pretty words and a handie for coffee and cocaine (no reciprocation.) Or ya know...nothing. Probably nothing. I'm just sharing a link because its no harm done to me and a potential benefit to all of you lovely (I didn't throw up that time) people. SUPPORT MY DREAM [INSERT MOTIVATIONAL SPEECH]
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