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End Wars New Beginnings (OC Marvel/DC Next Gen site) lb

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Leo Wayne

PostSubject: End Wars New Beginnings (OC Marvel/DC Next Gen site) lb Mon 14 Jul 2014, 7:29 pm

The superhuman registration act came into effect in 2001 by president Osborne and vice president Luthor, the world’s greatest heroes were faced with a choice, either sign up or be put down; something that might not have seemed an easy decision yet many heroes made it early, some such as Iron Man who had been public in his hero identity signed the act, however Batman was openly against it however he hung up the cowl and was never seen on the streets of Gotham or America again. The heroes fought the best that they could against the sentinels and the forces that where created by the government even SHIELD fell to the government. The Xavier school for gifted youngster was ransacked, many of the students signing the act others dying in the battle, yet the school never reopened it’s doors after the battle. Thor returned to Asgard allowing members of the avengers he deemed worthy to join him.

Over 30 years in the future, not much has changed; the heroes are still hunted under a different regime of Lex Luthor’s son as the president and the son of Wilson Fisk as the vice president. Yet now heroes and villains that have long since faded away have given birth to a second generation who are more than willing to stand up and fight against the government and other villainous factions, the avengers are returning as are the Justice League hoping to regain the peace that had existed on earth in the time of their parents.

Where will you stand? With the government or with the heroes that seek to change the world?


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