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Lothessia A Medieval Fantasy RPG

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PostSubject: Lothessia A Medieval Fantasy RPG Wed 30 Jul 2014, 3:58 am

Welcome to Lothessia!

Join us in this unique medieval fantasy world that is filled with adventure and wonder. Welcome to a medieval world unlike any other that draws upon the lure of the medieval times in a way never done before. Rising and falling empires, dragon hunts, raids and so much more! Join up with a faction, become a noble Knight, or join the forces of darkness and battle against them! Travel the lands, learn the arts of magic and unlock your hidden power. Think you have what it takes to rule? Work your way up and become Earl of a town or village!

Meet Quarry Sharpstone: A Ballaka completely devoted to Acerbus. While most Ballaka (if not all) serve Acerbus in some capacity, Quarry has taken it a step further in her devotions. Because of this she has no desire to be one of the Jakgul's wives and becoming a sort of queen in her tribe. She is also loyal to tribe and family to an extent, but this loyalty will not extend to keep her in Colleridge should the need to leave arise. Quarry is just one of the awesome characters we have on Lothessia, come by and join in on the adventure where your character matters!

[*]Magic items

[*]Magic armor and weapons

[*]Unique Races

[*]Rare playable monsters

[*]New Lands to discover

[*]Upgradable skills and magics

It all happens here so come join in on the fun!

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