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Dead Space Awakening

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PostSubject: Dead Space Awakening Mon 04 Aug 2014, 7:07 am

When the USG Titan Prime went on it's mission to Europa Colony under the orders of Earth Gov they knew instantly something was wrong. Now their only option is to survive as long as they can and pray someone is coming for them.

"from the moment they arrived the crew knew something was wrong with this mission. med bay was flooded with colonists complaining of headaches and horrid nightmares. it seemed a sort of mass dementia was taking over many of the colonists causing some to become violent or suicidal. speaking of hearing voices or seeing impossible things. still excavation continued digging deep into the crust of Europa until even members of the ships crew fell to the same symptoms. they thought they were looking for the answer to save humanity, they had no idea they were uncovering the tool that could destroy it."

Fight, survive, or die trying.


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