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Wild Dogs [Mission/Training]

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Konoha Nin

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PostSubject: Wild Dogs [Mission/Training] Tue 18 Nov 2014, 1:15 am


Inzei had been assigned to guard the volcano while the previous guard left for a vacation. Mongrels. Who dares tell the king to play watch dog? He should be strung up in the center of town for thinking he has a right to leave his post. Inzei wasn't in the mood to deal with such trivial things. He came early to see what it would be like, observing the guards before they left. Each one handled things peacefully, a simple redirection of travelers. Inzei could do that easily however he noticed a few would get rowdy only to be sent down. I will not tolerate such disrespect if they are to approach me as that. Inzei was walking along the fence that kept the volcano blocked off. His red eyes scanned his surroundings quickly and efficiently. He was wearing his golden gear this time. His chest exposed to the warmth of the volcano. His shoulder plates shifted as he rolled his neck. He wasn't too worried but he wasn't going to risk being caught unprepared. That happened too much last time. Inzei thought to himself, remembering his encounter with his team. He scowled at the thought as he watched the people come up the mountain side. The guards knew of his presence and decided not to bother him. They assumed he was getting a feel for patrolling before they left. Inzei could feel their gaze wander to him occasionally. He watched them carefully, along with anyone else that came near him. People would stare and he would stare back.

"Things are changing."

Inzei muttered to himself as he felt more perceptive of the world around him. He could tell how people felt by their stance, he could see the leaves falling near the base of the mountain. He could tell what people were thinking and he saw the slightest movements of the guards. He felt as if the world was coming into view for the first time. He was naturally good at observing things but now it was becoming enhanced. I can see the slightest twitch in muscle as the guard prepares to block them from going further. I can see his defensive posture from across the volcano. Is this the sight of a king?" Inzei thought to himself as he felt the volcano's temperature increase. It wasn't active, however it did like to sputter occasionally. The worst it would do is release a wave of heat, worrying those around it. A breeze rolled by as Inzei started to use his new found vision to observe the guards. There were only two of them, one  at the north and the other at the south. The one at the south had messy brown hair and a fair complexion. His skin was a tone darker than Inzei's but still too bright to be a native of Kumogakure. Five foot eight. One hundred and thirty pounds. Passive stance, possibly docile. He isn't one to solve using violence but rather words. Interesting.

"Hey kid, you ready to take over early?"

The other man called out to him. Inzei was too busy observing the other guard realize he tunnel visioned himself. He was now face to face with the other one. His dark skin seemed to reflect the sunlight off it. Five foot ten. One hundred sixty pounds. Aggressive stance. He's the one they call for muscle. He wants to leave early."

"No. I'm busy."

Inzei responded harshly as he walked past the man. He wasn't too pleased with how he was handled and decided to take it out on the Haretsu.

"Hey you listen here, I'm a chuunin. That means I'm your senpai. You better take over for me before I make you."

He reached out for Inzei only to find a handful of air. The genin was not able to captured easily. Inzei glared at him as he took notice of his posture. The chuunin was ready to swing at him. He obviously didn't like how the king treated him.

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Konoha Nin

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PostSubject: Re: Wild Dogs [Mission/Training] Tue 18 Nov 2014, 1:41 am


Inzei scoffed at the large man. Even though he towered over the king, the king showed no fear. Inzei's hands found themselves inside his clay pockets instinctively.

"Know your place mongrel."

Inzei growled as he pulled both hands out of his clay pouch. Each one was chewing away at a design. The large man recognized this and took a step back, almost out of fear instead of caution.

"Calm down kid. We don't want to cause a scene. I was just trying to get out of here."

Inzei's eyes glimmered at the word kid. Now the left hand spat out a small wolf. His right spat out two clay birds.

"I am not called kid, you dog. You call me your king. I believe you know who I am. So don't tempt me."

Inzei threatened him with his clay creations. His hands were prepared to throw them out at a moment's notice. Inzei felt as if his creations were done quicker than he expected. He normally had calculated the time it took to make them into his combat style. But now that they came out soon he felt as if he wasn't able to properly fight. It sped up his plans significantly. The man was now slowly lowering his guard. He understand the situation and spoke softly.

"You... I know you."

The man sighed as he rubbed the back of his head. Inzei had a feeling he knew what was going to come next.

"I forgot my clan pledge allegiance to you. I apologize my liege. It's been a long day. Please come back when you are ready."

Inzei's hands now closed into fist while the mouths re-ate the clay. He thought this might happen. He didn't notice it before but the insignia on his upper torso seemed familiar. Inzei would not lie and say he knew the clan's names but he recognized the logo. It was a spiral with a strike going through it vertically. He had no idea what they did or what the logo stood for. It didn't matter, they came in handy for once.

"Good. I will be back later. You are forgiven. For now."

The young tyrant said as he walked off. The man sighed as he went back to his post. During the conversation, Inzei's hands had been crafting more creatures to test if this was true. He indeed was making them faster, it wasn't significantly but enough to make a difference. In a span of ten seconds he could create two different animals and be half way through a third. Before he could only do two. He smiled to himself, it was more of a smirk than a smile. Inzei never learned how to smile happily with out appearing to be a sadist. He placed his hands back in the pouch as they spat out the clay. He didn't want to tire himself out making clay figures. It would be pointless to make his mouths sore for something he didn't even use. Inzei was now on the east face of the volcano. He circled it roughly four times now. He sat down on the edge, his legs hanging off. It was quite dangerous but for a shinobi it was no problem.

He stretched his arms forward as a small yawn escaped him. he wasn't tired, but rather bored. He was not looking forward to this mission. It would at the least go by quickly if he did it right. Inzei didn't understand why people came to see the volcano, it wasn't a sight to see. It was a dormant piece of nature that was sputtering out its last bit of life. In roughly ten years it would stop all together. It would just become a pool full of lava. He glanced up at the sky and saw that the sun was just now nearing the center of the sky. He decided it was time to get up. Sadly, he had to do his mission.

"I'm taking over for you now. Feel free to go."

Inzei said as he approached the large man. He nodded and started down the mountain before looking back.

"My name is Dasota Saigo by the way. Thank you for taking over."

Inzei nodded and stored that in his mind. Saigo was one of the clans that owed him their loyalty.

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Konoha Nin

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PostSubject: Re: Wild Dogs [Mission/Training] Tue 18 Nov 2014, 2:02 am

The mission started off slowly. Not many people were coming by anymore. It was nearing the middle of the day and many were leaving to go eat. Inzei only had to stare at someone for them to get the message that he wasn't letting them pass. A few children tried to get pass him only to be stopped in their tracks by his glare. It was useful for him to be so scary at times. Their parents would thank him only for him to give a curt nod and keep walking the perimeter. His legs never seemed to tire despite how many times he paced.

"Hey! Let's get a closer look!"

Inzei's head turned sharply to see a group of teenagers trying to scale the fence. They had a handful of garbage, they probably just wanted to see how it would react with the lava. Too bad that Inzei was on duty for them.


His voiced boomed as he ran over there. Three. One climbing, two waiting to climb. I'll stop the climbing one first." In an instant Inzei was halfway up the fence. He had leaped and placed his feet on the fence only to use his academy jutsu to stay there.  Inzei ran up the kid and grabbed his free arm, effectively dangling him over his friends.

"Don't do that. You foolish pup."

Inzei let the kid go and he dropped a good three feet onto his feet. He lost balance but his friends caught him before he could fall. They were roughly 12 each one of them. The one who was trying to climb the fence spoke first at the golden king.

"Hey! I was just trying to see what would happen!"

"Totsu we shouldn't tempt him... He's a real shinobi..."

Totsu's meek friend spoke up for him. He was the tallest of the group and the skinniest. His brown hair was carefully cut and styled back. His parents probably groomed him. No child would have such a hairstyle on their own. The other friend, later identified at Calen, spoke up as well.

"He has a point Totsu. Sakotu is being reasonable. We should just go."

Calen was small and had long shaggy blonde hair. It wasn't well kept and just hung where ever it pleased. He was the shortest of the group and his voice the highest pitched of them all. Totsu looked at his two friends with a mixture of disgust and anger only to look back at Inzei.

"I don't care! He's just another bully that wants to stop us from having fun!"

Totsu exclaimed at Inzei. The boy had small tears in his eyes after working himself up so much. Inzei stepped down from the fence and now towered over the small children. They were all at least six inches shorter than Inzei. Totsu being four foot ten, Sakotu was five foot and Calen was meagerly four foot eight. Inzei placed a hand on Totsu's head as his friends panicked.

"Let me escort you off this mountain. Your parents would be upset is something were to happen to you."

Inzei spoke coldly as he started to drag the boy towards the bottom of the mountain by his head. His friends followed as Totsu flailed and tried to escape Inzei's grip.

"You're just a bully!"

"Calm down! He's just trying to keep us safe."

"Stop causing a scene. Gosh."

Inzei finally stopped at the path leading down the mountain. He pushed Totsu towards it as his friends followed after. They all stood at the start of the path looking at Inzei.


He demanded and they went. Totsu looked back at him with tear filled eyes. The boy had issues that Inzei didn't care to hear about. Perhaps another shinboi would've helped the boy. But Inzei merely wanted to finish his mission.
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Konoha Nin

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PostSubject: Re: Wild Dogs [Mission/Training] Tue 18 Nov 2014, 2:24 am

The rest of the mission went by quickly. Many behaved around Inzei. No one wanted the embarrassment of being escorted off the mountain. Inzei decided that is was good enough for him. He cared not for why they behaved but rather that they did. He didn't feel like getting physical with anyone, especially after his mission explicitly told him not to. He sighed as his red eyes scanned over the mountain. Few people remained as the sun started to set. It was going to be a quick end to his shift. The young king heard the fence move, it was shifting against the weight of something. He didn't know what he but he didn't like it. He spun on his heels and saw a large black beast on the other side of the gate. It snarled as it leaped over the gate and landed on the tyrant. His red eyes now wide with surprise, they narrowed into anger immediately. It was in the shape of a wolf but as large as a bear. He couldn't force it off but he could keep it at bay. It snapped at him but due to the positioning of his face it would barely miss. He couldn't get a good view of the creature's face.

He felt that it had fur, it was hard muscle under it. Almost as if it was harder than the ground he was laying on. He couldn't force it off as it snapped at him again. Inzei grunted in anger as he couldn't move any part of its body, it was too heavy. His body wouldn't respond to his commands, only his head would. The weight of the creature kept him pinned as he heard it speak.

You are nothing. A false king

He stopped struggling as he looked at the creature face to face, it was horrifying. Inzei didn't feel fear but its face couldn't be described. His anger and hubris too large to register the proper fear he needed to feel.

You will die here. Alone. No kingdom, as your parents did. You are the spawn of failures.

Inzei now was enraged.


He yelled out only to startle the few people on the other side of the volcano. A quick examination of the area told him it was merely a nightmare. He had dozed off while leaning against the fence. Inzei shook off what little feeling he had felt from the dream. It was certainly disturbing but it wouldn't bother him. He looked at the sky and saw the sun was now setting, he would close up the volcano.

"The volcano is now closed. I need you to leave."

Inzei said to the remaining people on the other side. As they started down the mountain. He did one sweep of the volcano's top to make sure no one stayed behind. It appeared no one did and he prepared to leave himself. The night watch came and gave him a curt nod as he did the same to them. They exchanged places as Inzei left to go turn in his mission report. The thoughts still lingered in the back of his mind.

You will die here. Alone. No kingdom, as your parents did. You are the spawn of failures.

Those are thoughts of failures. I am not one. They will be cast from my mind indefinitely. Inzei thought as he continued towards the village. He wouldn't let some nightmare shake his faith in himself.

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PostSubject: Re: Wild Dogs [Mission/Training]

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