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Uchiha, Yusuke vs. Haretsu, Inzei [Concluded]

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Konoha Nin

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PostSubject: Re: Uchiha, Yusuke vs. Haretsu, Inzei [Concluded] Sun 28 Dec 2014, 7:10 am

Inzei laid in the syrup on his back, his pride just as tarnished as his hair. He sighed heavily after noting his right wrist was free. He managed to keep it elevated and if he felt so, he could try to slice off Yusuke's leg. But he didn't. It was pointless, if he couldn't move then it was his loss. That free hand let go of the handle as it fell into the syrup quietly. It wasn't much of a drop honestly, Inzei had barely managed to keep any part of him safe from the syrup. It was just how the much was, the taijutsu brute would beat the long distance class cannon. With a single hand seal the two birds detonated, not wanting his clay to get into anyone else's hands. Inzei's red eyes relaxed along with the rest of his body, he looked up at Yusuke's matching pair.

"Shut up, idiot."

Inzei remarked harmlessly. He couldn't move and he lost his match, he felt something inside him snap. He had been wanting to travel and this only solidify more of a reason for him to. Trapped in Kumogakure made him weak. He needed to see the world. He is left shoulder plate held his head band. It was tucked away and he wanted it away from him.

"Could you do me a favor? Within my left shoulder plate there is my headband. Could you get it for me?"

Inzei couldn't do anything but talk. If Yusuke was still wary of him, then Inzei did a good job scaring the poor genin.

"I want you to keep it as a trophy. When we meet again I'll take it back along with yours. We'll make this a little prize between the two of us. Sound fun?"

Inzei offered a strange proposal, no one would ever offer up their hand band. It signified your loyalty to your village, but he was willing to give it up for some game? Surely Yusuke would be wary of the now harmless Haretsu. Something was off about Inzei mentally, that much was obvious. Yet he seemed so innocent laying there defeated.

"Can you get me up as well? I'd like to go home now."

Inzei said with a small smile, it wasn't forced for once in his life. He gave a total stranger a genuine smile.
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Konoha Nin

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PostSubject: Re: Uchiha, Yusuke vs. Haretsu, Inzei [Concluded] Sun 28 Dec 2014, 7:20 am

Yusuke laughed. Despite the whole wanting to blow him up/stab him to death, Inzei seemed like an alright guy. Yusuke would be honored to take his headband as a show of rivalry between the two Genin. Gripping his side, Yusuke looked over to the proctor; as much as he liked Inzei, he sure as shit didn’t trust him. Yusuke wasn’t making a move until the proctor officially called the match and announced that Yusuke was the winner.

Once he had, however, Yusuke was happy to help. Deactivating his Sharingan, Yusuke approached his fallen rival and grinned.

I’d be honored for the shared rivalry, but this better not mean you’re defecting. I expect to see you again, and I don’t want it to be in the Bingo Book.

Who knew, maybe someday down the line Inzei and Yusuke could participate in a joint mission together as a sign of inter-village cooperation. Stranger things had happened. Yusuke looked Inzei up and down and awkwardly glanced back to the proctor. Looking back, Yusuke kept a hand on his side and blushed slightly as he confessed.

So, uh . . . I actually have no idea how to help you. I’ve never had to get anyone out of this before,

Talk about egg on your face. Looking over the proctor as if to say ‘Help?’, Yusuke tried to dissuade the notion he was really this incompetent.

But, you uh, you don’t worry. We’ll have you out in a jiffy. I think.

Yusuke coughed.

[ End. ]
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PostSubject: Re: Uchiha, Yusuke vs. Haretsu, Inzei [Concluded] Mon 29 Dec 2014, 12:57 pm

Fight is concluded and Uchiha, Yusuke advances to the next stage.
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PostSubject: Re: Uchiha, Yusuke vs. Haretsu, Inzei [Concluded]

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