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Question from Champion

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Question from Champion Vide
PostSubject: Question from Champion Question from Champion EmptyTue 20 Jan 2015, 1:10 am

Hi girls and guys, I'm new the site and just wanted to say it will be a pleasure rping with you all. Not gonna lie, I'm fairly new to this kinda gig, however, I'm pretty sure there are a few seasoned rpers I can pick up tips from. My mission here is to learn from the best and have fun, so that I can actually become a champ at what I do "cough" rping

Oh yeah, I will be doing a lot of crazy things IC. Once again, it will be a pleasure to rp with you all.

Hey Admins, can I have permission to make an Uchiha? ill be in konoha as well. If not, no biggie.
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