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Not sure what to put here

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Kumo Nin

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PostSubject: Not sure what to put here Thu 12 Mar 2015, 4:04 am

There are members on here who I have introduced to a series by RoosterTeeth called RWBY, and some of you may have even found it on your own. There has been some bad news this year that pertained to this series. That being that Monty Oum the series creator had passed away due to an allergic reaction. Now those of you that were fans of the series and had heard that might have been wondering what was going to happen for the future of the series.

Apparently Monty had the future of the series planned out or atleast season 3, and it will be continuing in the same direction at least for the next two seasons. Now unfortunately we all know that things might end up changing for the worse because of the loss of Monty, but who knows it might change for the better, or even better yet, so subtly that we won't notice when Monty's work ends and the Ghost Writer's begins. Kind of like Brendan Lee in The Crow.
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