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From Snow Country, With Love

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PostSubject: From Snow Country, With Love Tue 31 Mar 2015, 7:46 pm

Galateia sighed as she looked over the night sky, observing the stars, both those that were firmly in place and those that fell to the ground making the white and cold sand that covered it. It was only very recently that the young warrior and her ghoulish friend Aoi fought for their lives against in a battle that satisfied the girl for months to come. Her opponent was an astonishingly powerful woman with the most strangest of weapons that she called „a Rapier“. Galateia had never seen such a weapon before in her life.

Snow, huh?

She recalled how Aoi called these falling stars covering the ground in this strange material that made a weird and funny sound reminding the girl of how vomiting sounded like. Normally sounds of regurgitation would have been considered rather weird and disgusting but in this context it never failed to make the girl giggle to herself. Galateia was recently so obsessed with the landscape and the weather of the Snow Country that she managed to lose Aoi. She literally lost track of a friend, that was something that has never happened to her before.

Maybe he decided to stay here, in the land of the Jiangshi where he belongs…” Galateia closed her eyes, still laying still on the ice-cold snow with her barely functioning and battle damaged clothing. The bleeding had stopped by now, somehow it ceased much easier in the colder weather. Still, the warrior would have appreciated if Aoi had told her just where he went, maybe he went somewhere where fights were to be had and Galateia would have loved to come with. Now she was stuck in a field of snow, close to a village that wants her and Aoi dead again.

It was just like in the Lightning Country, when she killed people seemed to hate it and want to kill her too. It was relatively strange that she got so much hate since she didn’t kill anyone recently, maybe it was because of that small chubby man, he did sound quite important… “People loved this Black Rose woman… They didn’t like when I hurt her… Why?” the warrior wondered to herself as she shook her head around a bit making the fallen stars on the ground make that strange noise again. She just couldn’t wrap her head around it – Black Rose was just like Teia and yet she was liked by people, she had a home.

It wasn’t that Galateia wanted a home or anything, she just wanted to know how life worked and she was impossibly interested in the way people saw Black Rose because she was very much like Galateia however instead wanting to see her head on a pike the people wanted her to rule over them instead of that Berruchini guy… What made Black Rose so different from Galateia, both women killed people, Galateia perhaps killed even less than Black Rose because the Goddess of Rapier killed everyone she fought while to Galateia it just sort of happened sometimes – the warrior did not strive to kill her enemies like the Black Rose.

Could that be the difference between us?” the girl wondered, that couldn’t have been the case, if it was, then Yoruma would be the most beloved of all for they killed people for a living. No one killed and loved blood more than Yoruma and yet people hated Galateia when they knew she was a Yoruma. Right now as she was pondering on these questions the girl wanted to have asked the Black Rose about it when the women parted ways. Their fight was amazing though!

Sure, there were things about it that Galateia was not proud of, namely how she fought Black Rose when she was tired and wounded after overpowering more than fifty men, all stronger than she was. Then the girl disliked how many times she’s been knocked out and had to “restart” the battle before the victory was claimed, somehow the decision of fate to choose her as the victor did not sound conclusive enough. Galateia sat up on her butt, feeling the cold sensation of snow piercing through the thin cloth covering her bottom.

The girl stood up and wiped the snow off her hair and face, “Water?” she wondered as she realized that her heated body had melted the snowflakes. Galateia previously thought that snow was stars fallen from the sky and making a big mass of the white dots on the ground. But… Water… It was… Wet… Wasn’t it? “WORLD IS SO AMAZING!!!” Galateia yelled out loud into the night’s sky from the hill, probably her soaring voice was heard in the snowy village ahead, just down the hill and through the lake made out of diamonds.

Galateia turned around showing her back to the village that idolized the most amazing woman that the warrior has ever met. She’s been thinking hard recently about all the thing going on in her life: Tsume, Hiruzen, now Black Rose. This world was filled with awesome people with so many of them so much stronger than Galateia. While fighting them was fun, it would be significantly more so if she actually came out on top, fighting those people was fun, being so absolutely overpowered was fun in a way. But in order to properly enjoy fighting them Galateia had to get stronger, a whole lot stronger to fight on par with these people. Only then true enjoyment could have been found.

The young lady kept walking forward into the blizzard that was picking up, she planned to train a little throughout the night. Aoi wasn’t here so she didn’t have to have stuff like food and sleep in her head. She didn’t have to normally but for some reason, when that boy was around Galateia had some wish to take care of him. She always brought food to the camp, always managed the fire, all were things she did not do alone. When she was alone hunger, cold and pain were all integral parts of her training.

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PostSubject: Re: From Snow Country, With Love Tue 31 Mar 2015, 8:12 pm

The young warrior collapsed to the ground as her muscles were twitching in pain from all the training she’s been doing. Sun peeked its nosy head from over the horizon, Teia’s sleepless eyes managed to catch a glimpse of its first moments. The warrior’s chest kept lifting up and going back down intensely as the girl was breathing in and out rapidly from the stress of the training. She lifted her head off the ground and examined the countless fallen trees around the area, cut down with a single strike.

Just how am I supposed to train? It’s all always the same, cut trees for hours and hours… Does it even make me stronger?

Galateia opened her mouth and let the snowflakes (that were evidently water!) fall into her mouth. She tried taste them but it didn’t seem to quench her thirst. It was really surprising how quickly she could become thirsty in a snowy field during a blizzard, the water was literally all over the ground and pelting her face nonstop wearing her out. Just standing still was tough in this weather with these winter winds. Galateia could feel her body stiffening, could she be dying? She was definitely tired but this cold felt like it could kill her.

Suddenly a strong thud hit the girl’s head, something large and strong smashed into her face making her body twitch up and then lay there lifeless. What was that? She had to be alive, she was still thinking, right? Then what was that thing slamming her head and driving it deep into the snow? The cold and pain made it hard for the girl to move, whatever hit her was going to hit her again but she literally couldn’t lift a finger. The same heavy object hit her in the chest, her stomach, her legs, her lifeless twitching arms.

Beeeeh… This woman is puny too! This way I’ll never find a wife!!” a powerful roar awakened the girl’s eyes, it became evident that whatever hit her was actually a foot. Some giant man was stomping her while she was down and tired from her training! Hitting a warrior when they are tired and down was unacceptable!!! Rage accumulated in Galateia’s body making her blood drive through her body more intensely, revitalizing her body and making her stand up and roar proudly, the blood running all over her clothes and body only helped, at this point it felt like boiling water was being spilled on her.

WHO IN THE HELL ARE YOU CALLING PUNY!” Galateia shouted out making crows hoping to feast take off into the morning sky leaving the girl and her surprise assailant alone. The man was an impressive mountain of muscle and hair, he must’ve been one of those “Yeti” things, just like Aoi’s puppet except it didn’t seem like he was magical in nature. “You’re the one who is attacking a warrior when they are down!” Galateia added pulling a sword out of her sheathe and pointing its tip at the man, the tip just barely touched his nose.

The man looked quite amused, he jumped up and down and clapped his hands like an infant. “BE MY WIFE, GIRL” he spoke with quite the powerful and low pitched voice, it only sounded more comical when he tried to make it soft and childish. The man reached for his hair and pulled strongly pulling what seemed like fur coat off and tossed him sideways. Apparently he was a fake Yeti, he just wore a pelt of some animal, his body was covered with blunt force trauma, burns and beating marks, scratches, some of them were still fresh.

I won’t, you stepped on my face, Yeti, I’ll kick your ass instead!” Galateia grunted and stood in her fighting stance. The man may have been twice the already impressive Galateia’s height and his muscles looked nearly comical in size but the girl could take him. Her speed and strength may have been downed by the snowstorm but… She had to win, no one who beats up a downed warrior will walk away with their teeth intact! “B-b-b-but… Please! You smell pretty good…” the man started pouting as if he was going to cry.

As if I’d let you eat me!” Galateia shouted as she charged forward slashing at the man. Blood splattered hitting her face and revitalizing it again, every time the warm liquid hit her it was like her death from cold was postponed for just several moments more. The man stepped back and fell on his back. The girl sheathed her blade and turned around, ready to walk away. It was then that she heard the strange vomiting sound – snow was signaling that he was getting up!

No way!” Galateia yelled out as she turned around in awe. The man took her cut head on but stood up with will alone. He wasn’t much different from Galateia with his will being his driving force. The man looked as if he was in pain for a moment but then his face changed into absolute joy, as if he found what he was looking for. The man giggled like a child with his incredibly masculine sounding voice and poked his cheek with his index finger, he then jumped about clapping his hands and got into his fighting stance.

I’ll fight you, girl, if you lose, you’ll be my wife, OK?!” the man said with a calmer tone. What was with this man and wives? Galateia barely even understood the concept, “a wife” was something her father called mother, that was her only knowledge of what the word meant and she knew nothing more about it. It could’ve meant “a friend” for all Teia knew. Still, he suggested a fight and while Teia felt like dying she wasn’t going to refuse! She took her fighting stance too but then she took off her sword and tossed it sideways.

I’ll fight you on your own battlefield, plus, I’m too freezing to swing it around as fast, it’ll keep me down…” she explained as she once again took a fighting stance.
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PostSubject: Re: From Snow Country, With Love Tue 31 Mar 2015, 9:08 pm

Galateia’s body leapt forward on its own, fueled by anger and instinct to claw and bash into whatever broke the rules of combat: fight one on one, never attack from the back or when the enemy is down unless the enemy has ways to predict it. What this oversized yeti did was unforgivable. Galateia’s blows connected with the man’s bulky body – he was big so he made a larger target. The girl stroke again and again, one punch followed another while the man struggled to hit the girl due to her natural speed and training in close range combat. The difference in this battle was skill.

Take this!

Galateia grunted as her combination culminating kick ended the impressive barrage of blows that bombarded the man. The warrior didn’t count on just this keeping him down but it should’ve at the very least fazed him, however she heard a chuckle, her eyes widened as she realized she’s hesitated for too long. Several blows knocked the warrior’s mind away while a backhand slap sent her tumbling backwards leaving an impressive track of snow behind her where her body was dragged through the snow by the force of impact.

Yay, you’ll be my wife now!” the man jumped up and down clapping his hands as Galateia managed to pick herself up spitting out some blood that the slap brought out. She stood up, wavering and shaking from the cold but she had to stand, she couldn’t let a man who attacks a fellow warrior when they are resting go away, he won’t smile, he won’t beat her! The force that Galateia was driven back with, dragged through the snow, caused her clothes to bust up even more and those blows bent her steel shoulder plates like they were nothing.

The girl shouted out loud and charged forward striking left and right, not giving up. She had to fight, she had to strike, she had to punch and kick, claw and bite with everything she had. She was tired but she had no right to lose against a man who cheat and attack people when they were down. Galateia kept attacking relentlessly without taking time to catch a breath, she knew that once she stops the man will respond, he’ll kick her butt and knock her down again, he’ll win! That could not happen, that could never happen!

Galateia punched and it looked like it was felt by the man, he took steps back, his head was cocked back and forth by the blunt force of the impact and every time she drove a knee into his face blood splattered over her legs reviving her for one more combination of blows. Her barrage of blows fueled by sheer anger was strong enough to overwhelm him, he couldn’t counter, he couldn’t block everything, he was too slow with all that muscle mass. At least once Galateia met a muscle giant that was actually slow compared to all the others that kept surprising her.

Then he got reckless. The man let Galateia’s fist drive straight into his face, bashing the skull and moving into his face as deep as it went without killing him while the man lifted his arms into the air and drove them down hitting the girl into the back, sending her down on her knees gasping for air. The warrior’s consciousness was still floating somewhere, she was far away and not in the battlefield where she was being beaten severely by a man who wanted something from her and she didn’t even know what exactly!

Power Bomb!

The man picked the downed girl’s body and drove it into the snow, slamming her mercilessly, he did so two or three times before picking her up by the waist and holding her in a bearhug lock. Galateia’s head was still cocked back and it didn’t look like she was even there or understood what was happening. She still felt it though, her bones cracking and her body wanting her to scream but having no air to do so. She felt every slam that  the man did to her, every effort he made in bringing her down and making her his “wife”, whatever it was.

Horizontal Clothesline!

The man shouted as he let go of Teia’s body and drove his powerful muscles into her tired and broken body using his powerful arms to drive her body into the ground. The snow exploded below the girl, it looked like a meteor hit it and not a human body. The moves were painful as all hells but they really did little damage, it didn’t look like they were made to kill. Galateia’s body was still downed and didn’t want to stand up but she could hear the man huffing, she then felt intense pressure on her stomach – he sat on her! Galateia’s voice screamed out of pain into the air.

No… No… You will NOT win! Not after cheating!” Galateia’s mind roared as it drove the girl for one last attack, she shouted out and bit the man in the buttcheek forcing him up and shouting wildly as he held his butt, that cheek was as tough as a rock but it looked like it still did some damage. Galateia stood up and jumped into the air driving her leg downwards slamming the man’s head with her feet and driving his head into the snow. Before falling down on her knees with her face falling right onto his chest.

One – Two – Three…” Galateia counted letting the man know that he lost. She could only barely keep her consciousness, had it not been for the fact that the man cheated driving her mad – she’d have lost! Her rage kept her going to overcoming the man. Galateia writhed in pain and crawled to the fire she had made previously before starting her training. She started heating herself up close but she couldn’t even feel any warmth. She felt something soft behind her – the Yeti man placed his pelt on her to warm her up.

I’ll train hard and make you my wife one day! I’ve decided…” the Yeti man’s voice thundered out throughout the small camp area. “What’s… A… Wife?” Galateia giggled out through pain, despite her victory she looked like she was in a worse condition than the man actually was. “Wife is a friend, friend for life! When a girl is your friend for life, she’s a wife!” the man shouted out. “Sorry… I’m not good… With friends… I’d be a bad wife…” Galateia giggled out again. Her ribs hurt a whole lot, she’s been thrown about like a twig pretty good.

I’ll get strong, you’ll be my wife!” the man smiled and showed Galateia a thumbs up. “I’ll get you food, future wife, I hurt you so I need to nurse you back!” he shouted out and ran out into the forest. The girl laughed out before covering her aching ribs. That guy was really weird… Still, he couldn’t have been the most weird person in the Snow Country, the country was quite weird all by itself.


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PostSubject: Re: From Snow Country, With Love

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