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Entering the land of snow[Arrival]

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PostSubject: Entering the land of snow[Arrival] Thu 02 Apr 2015, 6:21 pm

Finally arriving in Yuki no Kuni Yoru was surprised to find out how cold it was. When it first started snowing around him Yoru made a point to quickly put on the winter gear he had bought from the shop a while back. Even the thought of walking through this would have been horrible if he hadn't bought the clothes he was wearing now. Yet as he walked along Yoru felt comfortable knowing that he was now in Yuki no Kuni. Yet even as he walked along Yoru soon learned that no matter where you go you will be found by Konoha.

As Yoru walked along a hawk flew down landing on his shoulder, the fact that a bird would do this was odd as it is but upon the hawks leg was a tube with the Konoha crest upon it. Taking the tube Yoru mumbled a thanks to the bird as it flew away. Yoru didn't know if it understood him but it still felt like the right thing to do. Opening the tiny scroll Yoru read over the orders that had come to him. From what Yoru was to understand there was a village leader in Yuki no Kuni that had murdered the previous village leader. Yoru was to go to this village and murder him and put in a better person into the position.

The irony of murdering a murderer was not lost on Yoru but then again, with Yoru's past sins he too would be put to death for being a murderer. In reality it was all just a matter of time until they came after him for his past. however now was not the time for that, now was the time to start making his way to the village. However Yoru was facing a problem on the fact that he had no idea where this village was. His only choice was to continue on until he reached a village and got directions to where he was going.

It wasn't long until Yoru reached a small village in which he wasn't sure what purpose it held beyond hunting. Yet who was he to judge, everyone has their own idea of heaven why can't this be theirs. Walking up to a young man Yoru spoke plainly, "Pardon me sir I am trying to find Hokyaku Village. Could you possibly point me in the right direction?" Sizing Yoru up the young man finally spoke. "The village you want is just north of here it is about a days walk if you can run it, it will take half a day." Nodding Yoru took off in a flash of speed the young man probably had never seen before. It was just a quarter of a day before Yoru was standing outside of the village that he had to reach. With a smile on his face Yoru was ready mission done and over with, now walking Yoru began making his way into the village.
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