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From snow to waves[travel]

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PostSubject: From snow to waves[travel] Mon 06 Apr 2015, 6:47 pm

Yoru was never one for traveling on the water ever since he had that incident with the pirates back when he was Junjo. Yet today he had to make a trip on the water once again for the sake of a mission. Even as he was walking towards the docs Yoru was once again worried of what was going to happen. Even after his last trip on the water Yoru was trying to avoid dealing with pirates once again. Yet now he had to go on the water once again he was a little worried yet what were the chances that he would encounter another pirate ship on the way to Wave country. As he approached the only ship that was in the dock Yoru was surprised to see a familiar face.

Upon the ship in front of him was the fat captain that had lead them to the run in with the pirates. Wasting no time Yoru grabbed the fat man and brought his kunai to the man's throat. "Well there must be a god if I am seeing a dead man alive. If I remember correctly I saw the pirates tear open your stomach before moving on to your passengers." The man was white as snow and began to stammer some sort of response. "Sir I have no idea what you are talking about maybe you are thinking about my late twin brother. He was always a fool in that sort of thing and never hired enough muscle. I am sure we can make some sort of deal, how's about a trip to Wave Country half price. What do you says Junjo-sama?"

It was at that point Yoru knew full well that this man had been the man from before, as he began pressing his against the man's throat Yoru spoke. "I never did mention my name captain, how's about this you take me to wave country with no problem. This trip will be free of charge. I will then let you go out of the decency of my own heart when we reach wave country. However if you decide to screw me over or try to stab me in the back I will just have to use your guts for chum. Now captain how does that sound to you for a deal?"

The man was having trouble breathing with Yoru's kunai against his throat, yet in the end he nodded as he was not ready to surrender his life to Yoru. Releasing the man Yoru stepped back allowing the man room to breath and compose himself. "We will leave in half an hour." The captain said but was quickly spoken over by Yoru, "No we go now. All hands to your stations, we are making way now." Not wanting to piss Yoru off the men began to run to their stations to get the ship moving as fast as they could.

Turning to the captain Yoru spoke calmly and easily, "I don't know how you do it but you let that pirate ship know that this ship is to keep going on to wave country or you will be having a very bad day." With that Yoru made his way into the captain's cabin and sat behind his desk. While he was no proud of having to be so aggressive with the captain he knew that he both deserved it and it was basically required with that type of man. Yet they were on their way and Yoru was sure that the captain was not stupid enough to double cross Yoru.
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