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Kuma, Jinno [Kiri Genin]

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PostSubject: Kuma, Jinno [Kiri Genin] Sun 07 Nov 2010, 6:13 pm

Basic Information:

Jinno Kuma
Secondary Title:
Everything that reminds him of his short posture.
Physical Appearance:

The picture above shows Jinno in his usual attire. His usual light blue sleeveless shirt and his dark blue pants along whit the decorative bands around his arms is what he usually wears both on missions as when he is relaxing. He has a second version of this outfit whit more comfortable clothes are reserved for holidays or when he is free for a extended period of time. His normal outfit is a bit thicker then usual clothes so it won't be damaged easily while fighting but doesn't hinders his mobility. He keeps his hidden mist headband tied around his forehead.

Jinno has very long blue coloured hair that easily reached down his back and he keeps it tied up whit a red ribbon. It is pretty spiky where it is short. His eyes have a rather exotic red colour and on his face he has 2 rain drops tattooed. One right underneath each eye to give himself a unique look and accentuate his water affinity.

Jinno has a slim well toned figure thanks to his taijutsu training. But one thing that he sees as a defect to his figure is the fact that he is pretty small for his age. Everybody easily is taller then him and that made him to focus on his physical training causing him to be stronger then he looks at first glance.

Jinno is a calm and collected guy who rather solves problems diplomatically then whit brute force. He easily trusts and accepts people as his friends but he is also very competitive. If something challenging appears on his way he doesn't hesitates to tackle it and whit a good portion stubbornness he doesn't gives up until he overcame the challenge.

In fights or dangerous situations he tries to keep a keen mind and try to solve the situations whit the least amount of trouble and effort. Even tough he has a large tolerance towards taunting there is one thing that can set him of pretty easily. Remarque's about his height and referring to him as little easily ticks him of and often can result in rather comical or aggressive outbursts.

He finds himself very loyal to his village and wants to do his best to protect it and help it in any way as he can. Even tough he isn't a cruel person he does believes that it is justified to kill criminals and if the village orders him to do so. For the greater good he is willing to preform every task that his village requires him to do.
Catch Phrase:

Rank Information:

Village Affiliation:

Special Information:

Character Speciality:
Main: Taijutsu
Sub: Ninjutsu
Elemental Affinity:
Main: Water
Sub: Not discovered yet
Special Characteristics:
Athletics : Thanks too his small frame and the taijutsu training he started from a young age he has grown out pretty athletic. Using his own ability's to its fullest he can preform pretty impressive maneuvers and reducing damage from falling down or getting hit by something by adding last minute evasive maneuvers. It won't prevent him from getting hurt in extreme situations but it can help reducing the damage afterwards

Skill Information:


Water jutsu:


Taijutsu + ninjutsu combinations:


Background Information

Birth Arc: Jinno is born into the Kuma family who have a rather well going family business involving several hot springs and inn's. Even tough he is born in this hidden mist he did spend quite some time traveling as a kid whit his parents too several of their Inn's. But they decided to let him spend most of his childhood in one place and not on the road so when he grew older they often left him alone whit his grandparents in the mist village while his parents went of working in the other inn's. His grandparents did their very best to raise him in the hope that little Jinno would step into the family business too but he soon started to show interests into the shinobi life. Even tough it was greatly against the will of his grand parents they let the boy join the academy and let him chase after his dream.

Academy Arc: Even tough Jinno was a good student he had a pretty rough time at the academy. Jinno always was small for his age and apparently that was the favorite reason for others to pick on him. But instead of losing his spirit trough that he turned it into a motivation to get better. Between helping his grandparents in their inn and going to the academy he started training himself physically and practiced as much jutsu's as he could muster. He soon found out his affinity for water style techniques and even tough small he became physically strong to teach those guys who ridiculed him a lesson. Trough his hard work and dedication he managed to graduate the academy and at the age of 13 he became a genin for his village.

Genin Arc: By the time he had become a genin his grandparents where used to the idea and seeing how much he enjoyed working for his village they made peace whit it. To celebrate him becoming a genin they even gave him 2 special drinking bags that they have made for him and let another ninja who was a regular customer whit them place a seal on it to contain whit chakra enhanced water so he could use his techniques even in dryer areas. Armed whit his new equipment , his new forehead protector and his brand new title as a genin he will do his best to keep his hard earned work up and achieve much more then this. His life as a shinobi would begin now.

Role-Play Sample:
Jinno came rushing into his room and looked around. Ever since he got promoted to a genin and received those two drinking bags from his grandparents he had been practicing on a jutsu specially for them. After quite some practicing and a lot of failing which sadly enough almost always involved him getting soaked by the water he tried to manipulate he finally perfected it. But sadly by that time his grandmother had cleaned up his room and without his usual mess he had no clue where everything was.

When he went trough his room it had seem as if a blue whirlwind had tore trough the place and he reminded himself silently to best clean it back up before grandmother saw it. But that was something for later, now he had more important issues to settle. He looked down at the two bags that he found at the bottom of his closet and and quickly put the two around him. In his haste he didn't mind taking the stairs as he just left trough his window jumping down as his long blue hair waves behind him in the cool morning breeze.

It didn't took him long to reach the stream he was heading for. The cool clear water flowed calmly past as he approached the edge and knee led down putting the bags beside him. He took a deep breath as he slowly started to form the needed hand seals for what he was planning. Carefully he made sure he didn't made any mistakes as he wasn't too keen on a cold shower so early on the day. He smiled relieved as the water slowly rose up out of the stream and as it got filled whit his chakra it slowly filled up his open bag. As the contents made the bag swell up nicely he smirked pleased “Another perfect start for a perfect day...”
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PostSubject: Re: Kuma, Jinno [Kiri Genin] Sun 07 Nov 2010, 6:51 pm

I find this app acceptable.
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