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Hara, Tsukina [Suna Genin]

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PostSubject: Hara, Tsukina [Suna Genin] Wed 10 Nov 2010, 12:46 am

Basic Information:

Name: Tsukina Hara
Secondary Title: "Greenie", "Rapunzel"
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Physical Appearance:

Standing at 5'4; Tsukina Hara's body is in healthy shape. One wouldn't say she's pale, but they probably wouldn't say she's tan, either; just light-skinned. While her arms may not appear as strong or muscular, the kunoichi's legs are quite toned and can make one mean kick. In fact, she considers her legs one of her proudest features. This is most likely due to the amount of time she spends on taijutsu as well as outside. While it is true her legs are ideal, it would not be the first thing to grab your attention. No, no-- The first thing that would grab your attention is her astonishing hair. The reason being? It is colored lime green.

The kunoichi's lime green hair ends just at her shoulders, in a slight choppy and uneven mass. Her eyelashes share the same shade of color while her eyebrows appear more of a darker shade of green; perhaps a darker green including some brown in it. Despite even being bullied for her hair, Tsukina still enjoys it's uniqueness and takes good care of it. Her hair is always tangle free and shines silky smooth. Red lensed goggles can be seen acting as a hairband until she is travelling or in battle which then, and only then, do they cover her eyes and serve their true purpose. Speaking of eyes; Tsukina's irises are a very dull and dark green color and sometimes almost appear brown. She also bares a four inch scar across her lower back.

Tsukina is fond of almost every shade of green, as well as white, orange, yellow, and red. So, as you can imagine, majority of the kunoichi's clothing are of just those colors. She rather detests the color purple, however, so don't expect her to be wearing it. Occasionally, her nails are painted, usually being-- Yep. You guessed it. Green. The most common outfit that can be seen on her would be the following-

• Short-sleeved white belly-shirt.
• Orange cargo flak-jacket.
• Orange cargo mini-skort (shorts with a flab of fabric in front to make it appear as a skirt).
• Brown flip-flops.
• Red & black goggles.
• White hip pouch.


Tsukina Hara is what some might consider 'tom-boy'. However, this statement would be false. While it is true that she is rather athletic and dresses in a more practical outfit than some; the kunoichi doesn't mind a few girly things. In fact, she loves flowers and taking the time to groom her hair as well as paint her nails. On the other hand, she also takes a great joy in spending time outside; walking, observing the landscape, jogging, training, and even tossing a ball back and forth. Tsukina doesn't mind the company of either males or females, though she prefers that they at least be around her age. Albeit, she doesn't mind being alone, either. The young kunoichi is the type to show respect towards her superiors and peers, not being the one to usually start an argument or insult someone. Despite being overall friendly, she can actually be quiet or slightly shy at times, especially around new people.

If you were to sit down and eat with Tsukina, you would probably be rather astounded with the little girl's large appetite. She is one to eat all of her dinner, along with seconds, and perhaps even thirds; not counting the dessert. Miraculously, she's able to keep her good shape. It's actually not that hard when you take in account that she specializes in taijutsu. Tsukina isn't really the one to worry over small things and has a rather optimistic view on life. Her type of humor varies, though she doesn't really like when people are overly-sarcastic and finds it gets old quick. She is rather modest and rarely shows sign of an overly inflated ego. In fact, she tends to blush when complimented.

• Outside.
• Grooming.
• Lots of Food.
• Goggles.
• The color 'green', 'red', 'orange', yellow', and 'white'.

• The color 'purple'.
• Too much sarcasm.
• Having her hair made fun of.

Catch Phrase:
"Oo, spiffy!" - Used for when she observes something she rather likes.
"That's spiffy!" - Used for exclaiming something that she takes a liking to. Also used as another way to agree on something.
"Go! Go! Go!" - Randomly used, though usually to cheer someone on or even to cheer herself on.

Clan Information:

Clan Name: Hara
Clan Location: Anywhere, Everywhere.
Clan Traits:

Fuuinjutsu Specialty; It is not required, but most members of the clan specialize in Fuuinjutsu in either main or sub, so they may use the secret fuuinjutsu clan techniques.

Hair Care; Due to the excess use of their hair, members of the Hara make quite the effort to keep their hair in good health. From special soaps and creams, to expensive brushes and combs, the Hara do whatever is necessary to maintain good hair care. Men of the clan are usually reluctant into buying such things and often borrow from the women of the clan or talk them into getting the cosmetics for them.

Head Aches; Due to the excess use of directing so much concentration and chakra to their scalps, the Hara have been known to suffer from head aches or even migraines after battles and training. This can occasionally lead to irritable moods and/or strained activity.

Hair Manipulation; By directing their chakra to their scalp, the Hara have found the unique ability of controlling their own hair, along with creating various secret clan techniques centered around their luscious locks. Whether their hair is to suddenly become longer or shorter, thick or thin, or anything else, the Hara may do so. The ability can even go so far as to animate every strand of hair hanging from their head to preform a secret clan jutsu. While the secret clan jutsus aren't necessarily bloodline restricted, nor is the ability to manipulate hair, no member of the Hara would dare tell others the steps to manipulating one's hair or any of the jutsu that come along with it. The process of directing chakra and concentrating to the scalp can be long and complex. If trained incorrectly, members have been known to have such intense migraines that they have thrown up and even passed out for a few days. Some have been known to stop advancing in the manipulation all together in fear of the status of their health, especially with the younger members. However, with careful training and cautious chakra directing, members of the clan have been able to come out with only a few dull head aches.

Note: Chuunin Rank and higher can create their own clan jutsu using the hair manipulation. The hair manipulation is not limited to hair from the scalp, so feel free to exercise your creativity and think of interesting jutsus that can be added onto the clan jutsus. To add a new clan jutsu onto the clan, please PM Çγαηide Çαηdγ ♥. Remember, new clan jutsus must be approved!

Kekkei Genkai:


Secret Clan Jutsu:




The story behind the Hara clan is a peculiar one and unlike many other clans. It started with only a duo of geisha. Being what they called "Walking Art", appearance meant everything. One of the geisha, Naoko, was previously a kunoichi and some how got the idea to attempt to manipulate her hair. The first attempts were unsuccessful, but Naoko continued to pursue her goal. After two weeks she was able to lengthen her hair. It surprised her and her peers, for no one actually thought it would have worked. She continued to practice and found all sorts of interesting things she could do with her hair. Eventually, she taught her young sister, Emiru, who was also a geisha, the techniques.

After a few more years of serving as a geisha, Naoko retired and married a young man. When Naoko had children of her own, she taught them the techniques of the hair manipulation. When Emiru married and had children, she did the same as her sister and taught them of the hair manipulation. The cycle continued through out the generations, and while the Hara clan is not of the strongest, it is one of the clans that continue to move forward.

Clan Details: Open.

Rank Information:

Rank: Genin
Village Affiliation: Sunagakure no Sato

Special Information:

Character Speciality:
Main: Fuuinjutsu
Sub: Taijutsu
Elemental Affinity:
Main: Raiton - Lightning
Sub: Fuuton - Wind
Special Characteristics:
Tsukina Hara suffers from claustrophobia (the fear of having no escape or being closed in). To be in one of those situations can trigger a panic attack and cause various amounts of symptoms to occur. So far, the only symptoms Tsukina has experienced during a panic attack are the following; accelerated heart beat, dizziness, hot flash, sensations of shortness of breath or smothering, and fear of losing control or going insane.

Hand Seal Challenged
Tsukina Hara seems to lag in her abilities to quickly preform most hand seals. This causes her to preform certain techniques a little slower than most, though otherwise it's not too noticeable.

Skill Information:

Jutsu Template:




Weapon Template:

Quote :

• 10 Kunai.
• 8 Shuriken.
• 4 Exploding Tags.
• 2 Smoke Bombs.
• 1 Roll of Wire.

Item Template:

Quote :
Name: Goggles
Rank: D
Type: Supplementary
Natural Abilities: In Tsukina's opinion, her goggles are pretty spiffy. Not just because they look cool, but because they are quite capable of keeping things out of her eyes. She tends to put them on during battles and when she travels. Until they are worn, Tsukina wears it as a hairband. Lens are tinted red while the elastic band is colored black.

Name: Hip Pouch
Rank: E
Type: Supplementary
Natural Abilities: This hip pouch is capable of fitting all of Tsukina's weapons and other various goods listed below. Just as stated, this pouch is tied around at the hip. It's colored white.

Name: Ointment [1 Small Container]
Rank: D
Type: Medicine
Natural Abilities: This ointment isn't particularly strong, but can temporary relieve pain from injuries such as; minor cuts, small burns, and scrapes. It can also help prevent infection. The container holding the ointment is a transparent light blue color and is also squared shaped while the cream itself is an off-white color.

Name: Travel-sized Brush
Rank: N/A
Type: Other
Natural Abilities: This is just a simple brown travel-sized brush; capable of fitting in hip pouches. It is used to groom one's hair.

Background Information


Birth Arc
When Roji Hara and Mairu Neikawa fell in love; the two wed and Mairu left Kirigakure no Sato for her husband's home, also known as 'Sunagakure no Soto'. They lived quite comfortably and didn't seem to stumble into much trouble. It wasn't until Roji was promoted and received an increased in money that the two started to think of expanding their family. They tried many times to conceive of child but seemed to fail every time. Poor Mairu was even put on medication to help heighten the chance. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months and just as the two began to loose hope, Mairu became miraculously pregnant. She was then put on maternity leave and waited patiently for the day to see her child. Actually, no-- She was rather impatient; same went for Roji. What could they say? They had been waiting for what felt like centuries. It was like a fist full of money above their head they couldn't reach, but knew was there.

Spring time soon rolled by; that being the season Tsukina was born in. Despite being an awfully loud baby when she first popped out of her mother, louder than most; the new parents couldn't have been anymore happier. She was their beautiful baby girl and nothing could change that. As she grew, Tsukina showed to bare more a striking resemblance to her mother than her father. The most striking being her lime green hair. So, as you can imagine, she was quite the attention grabber even from when she was little. Tsukina showed interest in athletic activities from an early start. She wasn't necessarily a loud-mouth, but she was definitely the adventurous type; zipping around the house, always following her mother and father around in hopes of seeing something interesting with them, and play fighting with her inanimate stuffed animals. You could say it almost raised concern for the parents... Almost.

Academy Arc
One could say that Tsukina was a late birdie when she was finally enrolled into the Academy. Albeit, neither member of the Hara family really considered it as a negativity. If anything, each of them felt that since she was older than most in her enrollment, she had a more stable maturity and mental capacity which would in return help her learning abilities. It was decided from the start that Tsukina would be specializing in either Ninjutsu or Fuuinjutsu; Foji wanting her to be able to perform some of the Hara's secret clan techniques. During the start, it appeared that Tsukina was not one for preforming hand seals and seemed to show some trouble in preforming them accurately. She practiced and practiced, but otherwise didn't show much improvement. Both Tsukina and Foji concluded that left Fuuinjutsu, which the kunoichi actually showed some interest in. After continuing to study up and practice on her Fuuijutsu, it was quite clear it was almost second nature for Tsukina. That left her with one other specialty to choose for herself. It didn't take long for her to decide; the choice being Taijutsu.

Around this time, a certain incident occurred that still to this day causes problems for the kunoichi. It was when Academy lessons were completed for the day and Tsukina and a group of friends decided to play hide and seek. Wanting to be the last child seeked; the green haired kunoichi made it an effort to hide really well. In fact, she ended up hiding a little too well and ended up being stuck in a small crawl space she had found underneath the Academy. At first, she was fine and was merely anxious to be found. 3 minutes passed, 5 minutes passed, 10 minutes passed, and 15 minutes passed; still no sign of being found. Tsukina began to worry. 'What if they can't find me and are scared? What if they think I'm lost?' she had thought to herself during the time. The girl squirmed and wiggled, slunk and writhed, but to no avail. In fact, all the erratic squirming and wiggling only caused her to receive a cut along her lower back. She was trapped, in pain, and no one would find her. Her heart accelerated and the unsteady breathing settled in. Panic had taken it's toll. Light headed and feeling as if she were loosing her mind, tragic Tsukina broke down into sobs and screaming, desperate to escape. It wasn't until another solid 15 minutes that help finally arrived. Ever since then, the green haired kunoichi has suffered with claustrophobia.

After a year and a half or so, Tsukina graduated the Academy. Highest marks in Fuuinjutsu, Taijutsu, and Cooperation/Team work. Her parents were quite proud and often boosted of their daughter's abilities; sometimes in front of her, much to her embarrassment.

Genin Arc
Tsukina has been a genin for a good few months now and looks forward in advancing her abilities, going on missions, and meeting new people. To be continued, for the green haired kunoichi's story is still incomplete and holds much room to expand. ~

Role-Play Sample:

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