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[Mission] Card Tricks [Part Two - The Search]

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PostSubject: [Mission] Card Tricks [Part Two - The Search] Thu 23 Dec 2010, 7:50 pm

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Trees, and fog. That was all Ichi could see. It was a struggle to even see those! It was clear now how the Forest of Fog received its name. “She could be hiding in here, I have to keep an eye out.” He mumbled, looking left and right continuously. This was to be the first place he would search for her, as remaining hidden was beyond possible. How was he going to call out to her? For all the genin knew, she could not even be here. All he had to do was hope this was one of her ‘hiding’ places. In the distance, he saw a shadow - and a figure up ahead. Did I find her? He thought to himself, approaching the other person. He placed his hand on the ‘shoulder’, and it felt... like a leaf. Or leaves, for that matter. He got even closer, and it was clear that it was branches and leaves in the shape of a person. The fog was playing tricks on him. With a small sigh, he began to walk onwards, following the path the forest gave. A small chuckle echoed in the forest, and caused Ichi to pause. “Hello?” He called out, standing his ground. Preparing for the worst, maybe even an attack. “Hello!” Someone spoke, in a feminine voice. Could this be the person he was looking for. “Care to show yourself?” He replied. There was some rustling in the tree leaves above, and then there was a thud. Whoever - or whatever, was up there was now on ground level with him. “What is it?” When she stepped closer, he had a feeling that this was the girl he was looking for. She was his key to completing his mission, and that's all he cared about. Ichi put on an innocent smile and said, “I just want to ask you a few questions.” He spoke in a soft tone, to show to hostility to the girl. Sadly, she was already getting somewhat angered. “About what!?” She was getting tensed up, which was just assuring the genin more and more that this was who he was looking for.

“You know, the usual things people say in a conversation. Like... What's your name?” He smiled, but the girl didn't seem too happy. She remained silent. “Or... How about we get out of this fog?” The girl remained still for a moment, before going up and smacking him across the face. His cheek turned red with a hand print mark. “You wanted to ask me about my father, didn't you!?” He stared at her dumbfounded. He had to put on this ‘innocent’ act a little while longer to gain her trust and then get the information he needs to complete his mission. “I was not. I don't even know what you're talking about.” The two made eye contact, a there was a long silence. “You...” She gritted her teeth and clenched her fist. “Liar!” Her fist flew forward, punching Ichi's shoulder. With a sigh, he spoke, “I guess we have to fight if you're going to get like this. Oh well...” A sudden rush of pain pulsed in his shoulder, and he gripped it tightly with his other hand. It took awhile, but he felt the pain of the girls punch. This mysterious, no-named kunoichi that he had to somehow get information out of. While he stood there in pain, waiting for it to subside some, the girl had vanished. He was unable to tell whether she had fled or was planning an attack of some sort. He looked around and prepared himself for his first true battle as a shinobi. “Let's make a deal,” He started, his eyes looking around, as he listened to any type of movement. “I win and you tell me what I need to know. I lose, then...” What was he doing? The girl might not even be in the forest anymore. “You lose, you leave me alone. How's that?” He nodded, and took out a kunai and slid into a defensive stance. The moment he heard something was when he would turn into that direction and prepare himself for anything.

He knew that if he lost, he would report back to the village without the information, thus failing the mission. Losing this battle was not an option. He heard leaves rustling, but the wind was blowing at the same time. Ichi was unsure whether the wind was forcing the leaves to dance, or his opponent was getting ready to attack. Maybe she was doing this on purpose, to confuse him. Well, it was working. A shuriken flew out of a tree, and the blades skid across his arm. Dammit! I'm at a disadvantage here. I can't see in this fog... He thought to himself, pressing on his wound to stop the bleeding somewhat. “Give up?” She asked him, as she hopped down from the tree she was hiding in. “Yeah...” He started, and spun around, gripping the kunai tightly and stabbing her shoulder, leaving the kunai wedged into her shoulder. “You wish.” He ended. The girl screamed in pain, removing the kunai from her flesh. She carelessly tossed it out of the way once it was removed from her shoulder. “Now then...” Ichi spoke, stepping closer to her at a somewhat slow pace. Surprisingly, the girl remained calm and was starting to regain her balance to stand up again and probably attack once more. “Why don't you just tell me what I need to know, and I'll be on my way. Simple as that.” He said with a smile, like their short battle hadn't occurred. “Okay... Just don't tell anybody...” “Don't worry. It will be safe with me.” He assured her, even though he was fibbing. “Years ago, you're father was conned out by a civilian of Kirigakure - am I correct?” He asked, which was followed by her nod. “Do you know how he was conned?” He spoke, waiting for the details that was going to complete his mission. “That's it?” She asked. Ichi nodded, and then the girl began to speak again. “While they were playing a card game, the civilian had a few cards up his sleeve - literally. So... He cheated. That's how my father was conned.” As soon her sentence ended, she fled the scene. It didn't matter now, he got what he came for. He went down the road, that he later found out was the right way surprisingly. He was near done with his mission.

Word Count: 1'085
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