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Brutes and Blades [Mission, Training]

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PostSubject: Brutes and Blades [Mission, Training] Wed 29 Dec 2010, 6:10 am

The sunlight would break into the bedroom of Ginnai Shibata, the young man was already up early this morning. His room was fairly large as he kept nothing in it but his bed, his book shelves, and his desk where he currently stood over. Ginnai had been up for sometime as he had the time to not only clean his room, but also get fully dressed. He took the extra time he had to write down a few of the ideas he had for his future style he planned to perfect. He wrote these down so that one day some eager weapon specialist would be able to utilize the style. However, this wasn't the only reason he was up so early. Ginnai had received a mission yesterday that stated that he was to see about quelling an issue near a farmland. Apparently a few shady characters have been causing trouble nearby and it was decided that it was best this issue be solved before it grew out of hand. Ginnai wasn't aware if he would be accompanied on this mission or not, but he was sure if anyone was to be accompanying him they would likely be leaving out around this time. Putting down his pen, Ginnai rolled up his scroll that had they new jutsu he intended to learn in his bag. He did a final look around his room before he decided he had everything, he turned away and left his room. He would only reach back in the room to grab his katana that he left leaning against the wall near the door.

Ginnai made his way to the Village gates and when prompted to, he gave the guards the proper documents to show he was given leave to go outside the village. This was one thing Ginnai could appreciate about the village as they took no chances when it came to things like this. Some might claim paranoia, but Ginnai called it caution. It was never a bad thing to expect the unexpected as such things could likely save lives. Ginnai turned only once to see if anyone was coming or perhaps approaching the gates. When he saw no one, he assumed he was to handle this mission alone. Which wasn't necessarily a bad thing, he was comfortable with his own company and this meant he could handle situations without worry of others making mistakes. He turned back around and headed down the road that would lead him to the farmstead, he figured it would be easier to locate these criminals if he asked the farmer for more information about them. With his arms folded inside the, Ginnai walked on with only the noise of the nature filling air as his company.

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