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Kirigakure Housing District - Mission

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PostSubject: Kirigakure Housing District - Mission Fri 07 Jan 2011, 7:13 pm

Quote :
Mission Title: The Mysterious Prankster
Mission Type: Generic
Mission Location: Kirigakure Housing District
Shinobi Requirement: Genin, Chuunin, Genin Team (Jounin not necessary) or Chuunin Team
Mission Rank: C
Mission Objective: There have been rumors flying around the village of a young academy student with a habit of playing a variety of tricks on a neighbourhood. The local residents are fed-up with the constant tricks and pranks that have been played on them and their properties. Your mission is to find this young hooligan and bring him down a peg or two. But be careful, he is more illusive then you might think.
Mission Time Limit: 2 weeks
Min Post Count: 3 for solo missions, 2 per person for team missions.

After taking a few weeks off, going on a vacation, the young Kaguy was back in action. It took him some while, before he finally decided what to do. Indeed, he decided to go to a mission, one which will get him back into shape. This vacation was nice and all, but then again, Beez was a shinobi, he could not relax for too long. The blood of the Kaguya was boiling inside of him, it did not give him much rest, he had to do something. After putting some thought into it, he decided to make a return, and so the most obvious occurred. Without giving much thinking into it, he took a C-Ranked mission. At first, he was going to pick a D-Ranked one for starters, just to be sure. But, when he came to pick up a mission, he took a C-Ranked one instead. The reason for such a change of thought was quite simple, all of the current D-Ranked missions seemed quite boring to the young Kaguya.

And so, with a new mission at his hand, the young man proceeded towards the housing district where his mission was going to take place. It was quite a simple one and it included some battle action, since Beez had to comprehend a young mischief who did not want to get caught. No matter what this kid had stored for him, the young Kaguya was prepared for everything. Besides, chances of him actually beating a Genin were slim, since he was still an Academy student, no matter how strong he did not stand a chance in a actual battle. As he walked towards the scene of the latest crime, the young man noticed how a old lady was trying to remove the paintings from her house, probably one of the crimes of this youngster. Just in case, Beez decided to check it out.

Putting up his happy and friendly face, he slowly approached the old lady, which was too busy to even notice him at first. Seeing this, he continued, till the moment when he was two meters away. Then, he stopped, waiting for the old lady to notice her, since he did not want to start a conversation. Now that he was this close, the old lady finally noticed him, so she slowly turned around. With a grumpy and not so friendly attitude, she spoke, saying: "Can I help you?" Not wanting to spend a lot of time talking to this old lady, Beez decided to skip straight to the point, so he calmly spoke: "I am here on a mission, looking for a boy who is terrorizing old folks. Did he do this and do you know where could I find him?" Hearing those words, the old lady cheer up a bit, since someone finally came to solve her problems. She looked completely different now.

"He hangs out in a abandoned house in the center of his housing district, and yes, he did this. Please teach him a lesson so things like this stop happening." And so, Beez gained all the information which he needed, it was time to finish this mission and capture the boy. "Thank you for your cooperation, you made this a lot easier for me. Good Bye." After saying that, the young Kaguya left the area, in search for the abandoned house.
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PostSubject: Re: Kirigakure Housing District - Mission Wed 12 Jan 2011, 3:44 pm

OOC: Putting this on hold, till I come back.

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