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[Private] Mysterious Merchants [Mission|Part I]

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PostSubject: [Private] Mysterious Merchants [Mission|Part I] Mon 10 Jan 2011, 9:35 pm


The third letter of the alphabet: C. It was becoming his favourite letter. And C was the letter rank of his second mission. It didn't seem like that tough of a mission, and perhaps his last one was more of a challenge from what this sounded like. Two merchants in two different locations were selling a not-so-harmful poison. So as a shinobi it was his job to stop them from letting them sell anymore, by resorting to whatever in order to stop them. However, Ichi decided that murder was not needed it. If killing them was part of the task, it would of been higher than C. “Very well.” He spoke to himself in a soft tone, and began the 'hunt' for one of the merchants at the most popular selling area in Kirigakure - the market district.

It looked no different than how it looked every other day, people were buying and selling. But it wasn't going to be easy asking merchants if they sold this 'magical' medicine while looking like a ninja; they would clearly say no just to stay out of trouble. Or at least, if they were smart they would of. None the less, to be on the safe side he sharply turned into a dark alley to be unseen. Performing a single handseal, he whispered, “Henge.” Using this technique, he could take the form of an average civilian - and while he was looking for the 'medicine' why not give himself a few scars and bruises in the shape. That way it would look like he actually needed the 'medicine'. His hair had changed from a white-ish grey to a jet black, he had a t-shirt with ragged edges and ragged shorts. Not to mention he was walking around bare footed. Ichi's voice didn't have that much of a change, but that wasn't as important as his attire. The next step was to find out if the merchant was actually on this street, and so he went around asking all the merchants if they sold the medicine that could heal almost all wounds - and nobody gave the answer he was looking for. He was nearly loosing hope on this block and asked the final merchant who said ‘yes.’ “Yeah. What's it to ya?” The genin smirked, but was quite upset with his reaction to a child. “You see, I would like to buy it but I don't to retrieve it out in the open.” The older man gave him a dumbfounded stare, and then there was an awkward silence. “...Just give me the medicine.” He sighed, and the merchant pulled out the pouch that carried the pills an Ichi smirked. Before the man could hand over the pill, the genin had his hand in a tight grip. “...Can you let go of my hand, child?” He shook his head no, undoing his transformation.

“I'm afraid I can't do that. But to everyone you gave this poison that you call medicine, you are to give them the antidote. Or, you can give it to me so I may give it to either the Mizukage or special forces to distribute.” He said it like he was reading it from a script that he had practiced it over and over until it had reached perfection. Although, his reaction wasn't how he had planned in his head. The merchant withdrew a kunai from the bag he kept the supplies. He sold other goods as well, so they would never suspect him. From the way he was holding it, he obviously had no skill what so ever. Pathetic, he thought to himself, withdrawing a kunai of his own - slicing the wrist of the merchant. “Any more resistance you wish to show?” He asked, the man shaking his head. It was easy on Ichi's part, but now he had to get the one last merchant. Which could be done by quickly interrogating this man.

“Where's you friend?”
“Like I'd tell you.”
The genin slapped the man, “WHERE IS HE!?”
“Ow! He's at the harbor!”
“Good. Was that so hard?”

While holding the mans hand in his aggressively, he tied him up using the strings that tied the bags to the merchants back to tie him up. “Good. Now you can stay here for a little while longer until I get your friend. Be good.” He stated, before dashing off into the light mist. Next stop: the harbor. To finish up this mission.

Jutsu Used:

Word Count: 735
Total Mission Word Count: 735
Next Part: Here

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