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[Private] Mysterious Merchants [Mission|Part II]

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PostSubject: [Private] Mysterious Merchants [Mission|Part II] Wed 12 Jan 2011, 12:13 am

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He was able to get one of the merchants, which was actually quite easier than what he had saw in his head. Now, it was time for the last one, which he figured would be just as easy. However, he kept his guard up to be sure he wouldn't be caught at a disadvantage. He walked around the area in the harbor where it was most common for merchants to be. Using the same tactic he did before, minus using henge, he had no luck. “Are you lost, child?” He heard someone ask him, as Ichi turned and faced the speaker. It didn't look like someone he had seen before, it didn't look like a civilian and it didn't look like a shinobi. The mans attire wasn't fit for Kiri's climate, a short sleeved shirt, shorts, sandals, he looked like he was going to the beach rather than the Mist Villages harbor. “No, I am not.” He answered, and started to continue his search. It was kind of weird, that someone would come out of nowhere and ask him a needless question. It made the genin suspicious of the man. “Hey, wait up! I noticed your scars...” Scars? Ichi paused, looking at his arms to see such ‘scars.’ There were maybe a few cuts from his training, but nothing that was impossible to heal. “I have a good medicine that could cure those!” The kaguya smirked, so this was the other merchant. He had a clever disguise, although it probably wasn't intentional. It too was a pill, but this was a different approach than before. So what if it really was a medicine that would heal those wounds somewhat? “Is that this miracle medicine I have heard so much about? Able to cure almost any wound?” He asked in an excited tone. As a shinobi, he was able to fake excitement - or any other kind of emotion. “Yes it is!”

Ichi's smile faded, and when the man extended his hand to give him the pill the genin grabbed his hand. “Good to know, now you can just give the antidote and we'll be on our way.” This one didn't show much resistance. “But, what if I don't hand over the antidote?” The genin sighed. “Then I would have to take it by force. But, lets not go down that road.” The man pushed Ichi away and was able to break free of his grasp and make a run for it. His attempts were pathetic, but at least he was actually trying. Using a nifty technique that involved speed, he ‘appeared’ four feet in front of the man who still kept on running. “Reppuu.” Ichi whispered, before quickly dropping to a close-to-kneeling position and swirling around - knocking the merchant to the ground. The white haired shinobi neared the man again, who had his arms covering his face. The genin took that as a ‘please don't hurt me’. The genin held out his hand, and the man handed over the antidote and tried to run again, but was quickly stopped by the kaguya again. “Nice try, but I have a little something for you and you're friend at the market district...” He said, pocketing the antidote that he ‘forced’ to be handed over before using the shunshin one last time to get the mans friend.

Jutsu Used:

Word Count: 554
Total Mission Word Count: 1'289
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