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[Private] Mysterious Merchants [Mission|Part III]

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PostSubject: [Private] Mysterious Merchants [Mission|Part III] Wed 12 Jan 2011, 2:56 pm

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It was a job and a half getting the two tied up, retrieving the antidote, and now - kicking them out of the village. Although the mission scroll clearly stated that they should be put behind bars, but Ichi had a better idea. Instead of placing them in the ‘jail’, he decided to give them a break and just telling them to leave the village an never come back - in the nicest way possible though. After going to the market district to retrieve the first merchant he had ‘captured’, along with the second one his job was basically complete then if he had chose to hand them over to someone in charge of arresting them. But the kaguya was in a good mood, so he decided to let them off with a warning and telling them to never come back to this village. The genin had gotten both sets of antidotes from them, so now it was as simple as a kick. He pushed one of the merchants forward and kicked his rear so he passed through the gate, then did the same with the other one. Shooing them away, they quickly scattered off. His mission was complete, and that was all he cared about.

Mission Complete

Word Count: 206
Total Mission Word Count: 1'495
Note(s): Way below word count, but what can I say? =\
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