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Yamanaka, Yamato [Konoha Genin]

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PostSubject: Yamanaka, Yamato [Konoha Genin] Wed 15 Jun 2011, 4:00 am



Name: Yamanaka, Yamato
Nickname: -
Age: 11
Gender: Male
Appearance: As the young heir of the Yamanaka Clan of Konohagakure, Yamato sports the natural and generic traits of all Yamanaka members. These are, but not limited to the long, smooth, blonde hair that seperates the regular clansmen from the rest of the shinobi. The beautiful blonde hair that the members of the clan possess shines brightly on Yamato's own head, rebelliously long . Though not technically common but possible, due to Yamato's still young age, his hair takes on almost a white-blonde type of color, not yet reaching its full blonde color. Its unusual in that when the sun is shining brightly or other high level light and visibility, a passerbyer could easily spot a glow of blonde on Yamato's hair, but in darker areas it appears snow-white, thus giving it its unique appearance. A Yamanaka clan member male can only grow his hair out when in a respectable position or rank, and until then must keep it short to medium. Yamato prefers his parted down the middle, a style that fits him. Even at a young age, his facial features get him regularly noticed as handsome individual, and makes him popular and recognized around his community, giving him a positive demeanor. Another notable feature genetically passed down are his crystal clear blue eyes, that compliment his blonde hair as well, working in tandem on his appearance. Even with a tough background as his own, Yamato hasn't given up on life, and as such follows the strict shinobi codes of being physically fit and well fed. For a young ninja as himself, his body is unmatched in his age group and rank, being one of the most conditioned and powerful in terms of strength genin out there. His regular healthy eating habits also leave him with a glow of life surrounding him, something about his complexion giving everyone around him a warm feeling. He has a strong frame, with slim but built arms and chest as well as powerful legs often jokingly compared to a horse's when in flexed in action. He is often found with a goofy smile to match his 'cool' appearance and a smile of sorts to match - seen in the picture below. Though he likes to stay in shape, in all honesty to follow his traditions he spends more time honing his mind in preference over his body, though he likes to keep both even, he spends more time in meditation.

As for his attire and gear, Yamato likes to keep a clean and simple look and dress, for several reasons other than a very small wardrobe. He hates to have over elegant man-dresses worn all over the place where an attack could theoretically come from anywhere, and capes and robes provide a sense of honor but could easily have their disadvantages in their own specific ways, same for other clothing of the sort. In short, he wears a black shinobi-made brand t-shirt, made specifically resillient to normal issues such as wear and tear, that has a slighty raised collar near his neck. Along with these are an equally jet black pair of shinobi pants, made of the same tough but comfortable fiber used in his shirt to provide regular protection and make sure its there to last. He also has a pair of tactical shinobi gloves, fingerless for the thumb and forefinger, and on both hands, worn regularly along with his attire. He also dons the regular shinobi sandals used universally by all ninja alike, and also dons the Kirigakure Village headband proudly across his forehead, not liking to fret with the new 'fashion' of tying it around the arm or waist or other ridiculous uses. He likes to think somone other than himself found that a headband is meant to be tied across the forehead. His shuriken and kunai holster are strapped safely and securley on his right thigh, him being right handed, needing a quick reach for weapons. His equipment pouch would be found on his upper left waist on his backside, for casual reach for his left hand.

Personality: Yamato as far as the regular blood thirsty ninja goes, has an unusual and mixed personality due to his difficult eleven years of his life that shaped him. He had lost his mother and father as a result of a ninja's duty, and so never had the love a child should possess. From as far as he could remember, the only person he could count on was his brother, but even he wasn't meant to be, as he soon passed away due to sickness. With all of his original family members gone, the hardships he endured would soon shape the way he acted and looked on life forever. He prefers secluded places, alone, liking the idea of being a Lone-Wolf, which fits his title of a Yamanaka clan member, who's main advantage in battle was spying, espionage, and sabotage, missions that could only be done alone. This doesn't mean he doesn't like having friends, on the contrary he has many friends, but he prefers to keep them at a distance as to not stir his emotions and turn the knife within him, emotions as he puts, ultimatley leading to his life of quietness, seeing emotions as the ultimate downfall. As a result, he protrays himself as calm, cool, collected, and calculating, often weighing his odds in battle and difficult situations. This attitude allows him to calmy analize his opponent's battle tactics to find the most efficient and effective way to systematically take them down. Its this fierce cold attitude that allows him to rush into the midst and heat of battle without fear of death.

On the other hand, when not in battle and in a more sociable position, Yamato tends to put in a good word and goofy smile and atleast trys to get along with the people around him. He doesn't like having a bad reputation, despite his usual quiet staus. However is somone is purposely bothering him, he will not tolerate foolish behavior, and will outright call him out, shun the person, or just be outright rude or disrespectful. On personal opinions, Yamato likes to first know the topic or subject of matter before deciding to like or dislike it. If one person claims another is horrible, he's not the bandwagon person, and if interest calls he will learn about the topic before making his own opinion. He trys to keep an open mind on things, and this trait of him makes him appear to stand out from the rest of the crowd. His general personality involved a silent and aloof person who observes from a distance, and learns from example rather than practical terms. On the same note he is not afriad to suddenly jump into battle or get dirty, it just seems that if action isn't needed, than theres no point in being involved. He trys to stay out of trouble and is the least involved in his group, if it can be avoided. This also tends to make people think he is lazy, and they are half correct. This outlook on not prefering to make action if it can be avoided leads him to be lazy on a various array of subjects, which can be viewed as good or bad depending on the person. He will usually take on his Yamanaka heritage of solving things with logic and words, prefering the mind's approach on things. This wisdom leads to a positive outlook on Yamato himself.

Despite his suppression of emotions, he is very passionate about the things that interest him, and on these topics he is not afriad to voice his opinion. These interests usually lay in the strange and ever-changing shinobi world around him, and is fascinated by the many unique and powerful people, rivals, and oponents out there. If one's abilities peaks his interest, he will usually question his person in mind followed by compliments. If anything, a unique person should be praised for being unique, that is the way Yamato's thoughts take. His personality can also be described as 'raw' as there are so many factors that can shape and manipulate it, theres no telling how he will turn out in the future.

Clan: Yamanaka Clan
Nindō: -


Origin: Konohagakure no Sato - Village Hidden In The Leaves
Affiliation: Konohagakure no Sato - Village Hidden In The Leaves
Rank: Genin
Specialties: Ninjutsu - Fuuinjutsu
Elemental Affinities: Suiton - Water Release; Katon - Fire Release
Combat Style: (I wouldn't know since I haven't battled, logical) -
Special Characteristics:

Clan Mastery

One-Handed Seals

Chakra Capacity


History: The Roots of All Evil

Yamato, and luckily his brother, were both born orphans. They were found at the steps of the 'Root' Orphanage located in Konohagakure no Sato, the Village Hidden In The Leaves. The orphanage was known for introducing the young orphans early into the ninja arts, where they would soon intergrate with the village academy. And so, Yamato's story begins.

Only 1 year old, yet months since they were first brought into the orphanage, Yamato only had his brother to care for him, the only living proof that he was a somebody. His brother was the first to be introduced into the ninja arts. With surprsingly high marks, the #1 graduating academy student of his class, Yamato's brother's performance spurred the ninja teachers there to accelerate the dna tests on his brother, to find where his true orgins lay. It was soon discovered that they were both exceptionally talented, Yamanaka Clan members. While figuring out the details of how to fairly deal with them, Yamato and his brother were instructed to stay at the orphanage until Yamato was 5 and a proper place in the Yamanaka residence was found for both of them, with proper income as well. At the innocent age of 2, Yamato was introduced to the ninja arts as well. It wasn't anything extreme, basically they replaced regular toys with kunai and shuriken, and while learning how to read or write, they were lessons on Ninjutsu. At age 3, he had a basic uderstanding of the ninja arts, thanks to the rigorous methods of Root. He understood the basic concepts of Physical and Mental energies combine to make chakra, how chakra could be used to disrupt the senses for Genjutsu, and all physical combat could be categorized as Taijutsu. By age 4, he was learning to controll, concentrate, and form chakra. An unimaginable age to start the complicated process of chakra control. However, the unusual methods of Root were said to produce great and talented ninja later on in life, and so the village allowed for these methods, and Yamato was to be promised to be a splendid ninja for Konohagakure. Relations with his brother were better as well, often the 2 of them getting into trouble together, but these times were severley limited, as his brother constantly had to embark on missions to gather enough money to move them out of the orphanage, Yamato's brother not having kind opinions on Root. His love for his brother seemed to overwhelm the fact that Yamato never met his parrents, but even that didn't seem to be.

Academy Arc

At the simply young and tender age of 5, Yamato and his brilliant mind found themselves in the Konoha Ninja Academy, Yamato revealed to be a prodigy in the ninja arts said to surpass his father and brother in time, getting high marks on his entrance exam, all said to be thanks to his genetic Yamanaka traits, giving him a powerful and smart mind as well as a conditioned and endured body, even at the youngest age imaginable. Even as a remarkable talented kid as himself, he was often held back from many events due to the common sense age of himself, and was required to stay at the academy extra years as well. As a little treat, his brother decided to officially enter him into the Yamanaka clan by teaching him the 'Shintenshin no Jutsu' the feared Mind Body Switch Technique. After many attempts, Yamato managed to finally enter his brother's mind and take control of his body, and finally exit, the mastery of the technique the official start of his role as a Yamanaka clan member. But his sucess was short-lived, as his brother was soon reaped from Yamato as an unknown sickness grasped him in a grip of death, tearing Yamato's very emotional fibers to the limit. This shaped his personality very drastically, becoming mentally and emotionally silent, not letting his happy and outlived past surface any longer. He graduated from the academy at a record age of 10, and after becoming 11 was allowed to wear the Konohagakure Village Headband, with his mind set to prove himself to his deceased brother.

Roleplay Sample: The Village Hidden in the Mist. It truly lived up to it's name, as Yamato inhaled the aroma of earth mixed in with the mist in the air, creating a strangely calming aroma. His back was against a tree, as he layed sitting down on the cold morning grass and earth, the back of his head plastered against the bark as he looked into the sky. The sky was beginning to reveal its rays of warmth, as small patches of light pierced through the mist like daggers. He closed his eyes and inhaled the rich aroma once more, trying to drown out the screaming right next to him.

"HEEEEELLLPPP! ANYONE! THIS CRAZY BASTARD IS GOING TO KILL ME! PLEASE!" screamed a man. Or more precisely a thief. His name was Sakumo, a thief, thug, and low-life criminal who had murdered another man in a brutal barfight 2 nights ago. The victim was found dead with shards of glass inserted into his skull, found to be from a sake glass. Drunken murder. But even before that, he regularly mugged anyone with anything of interest, money, food, clothes, jewlery. This person was living off sin, greed shining through his eyes. But his first crime, oh yes, his first. The rape of an innocent woman. That had to be the start of his crimes, when he couldn't even control his own primal instincts after being denied multiple times by this lady. Also drunk at the time.

These thoughts whirled and twirled, circling around Yamato's head, drowing out the helpess screams of Sakumo. He had been thouroughly reasearched and his death was to be carried out as a C-rank mission, though the many crimes he had commited, the village commity had decided this guy was little more than a spec of dust on Kirigakure's established society, that even a rookie genin could take him out. And they were right! All it took was a bribe of sake, waiting for him to drunken himself, then 12 ft. of rope, and a large forest where screams could echo for miles and nothing but predators would hear, specifically the outskirts of Kirigakure. Well, atleast something else is going to be shining through his eyes instead of greed... thought Yamato, carefully in his head, drawing out a kunai slowly from the kunai holster in his right thigh.

He held the kunai up for him to see, but on a different note for Sakumo to see as well, a foreshadowing of his fate. He turned the kunai in such a way that it would reflect sunlight into his own eyes, and Yamato quickly closed his eyes as the rays of sun penetrated his eyes. He stood up.

"You, Sakumo. Listen up," Yamato said shortly and without emotion.

Yamato's patience was being tested, obviously. But then again looking back at things, he had never actually killed a man before, and looked down at the black kunai, the bringer of death, turning it in his hand. No, it wasn't in his heart. But a mission was a mission, what was he to do. However Yamanaka brains worked, they worked fast, and Yamato let out a rare smile that he usually doesn't let escape, but seeing as the man wouldn't live to tell, he didn't mind.

"I have an offer for you," said Yamato, crouching down and looking at the man straight in the eyes, the mutual hate present in both gazes. "I'll let you escape this world, but I won't kill you. Your going to kill yourself. I'm gonna cut your ropes, your going to take this kunai, and kill yourself, " said Yamato slowly, so the man could understand. He took a short moment to see how he would react. The man was sweating, desperatley trying to escape his minds, his eyes never leaving Yamato's, but a look of disbelief shadowed his whole face as he tryed and tryed again to free himself. The moment was too brief, and Yamato looked away before a proper response could be uttered. He walked ten paces away from Sakumo, looking down at the ground, counting his steps before a whisper could be heard. "Ten..." said Yamato, and he quickly spun on his heel and launched his kunai with considerable force from his hand, the metal projectile hitting it's mark: The ropes on Sakumo, releasing him from the tree. He looked disbelieving at his now free hands, and took the kunai in his own, placing it on his neck. "You... You... YOU BASTARD!!" he screamed in a fit of rage, Sakumo's grip on the kunai tightened, but not for suicide, on the contrary homicide spelled all over his face. A sad face spread across Yamato's for a second, before his emotions were supressed and his inner shinobi took over, ready to end the man.

Many thoughts ran through Yamato's head: Typical... Of Course... Expected... but only one word was uttered: "Idiot." Yamato's two hands joined together as Sakumo charged at him blindly, his arm swung back, only a few feet away from Yamato as he lunged at him for the death blow. The secret hand sign was made, the pinnacle of the Yamanaka clan, not to mention a classic. Oh, this man was in for a treat, and he would never know what hit him until the end. The triangle was formed, pointing right at the condemned man. "Shintenshin no Jutsu!" Yamato said with a powerful voice, his eyes closed for concentration. He wasn't afraid, and he felt the unusual sensation he always felt when he used the technique, as if he was floating or falling. All that could be seen in the forest was a man, about to swing a blade at a child, suddenly being knocked backwards by an invisible force, and the child's body falling limp to the ground, still alive but unconcious. Sakumo got up.... no ..... Yamato stood up, in Sakumo's body. He looked at the man's hands, all that were done with these, would be ended, as he closed them into fists. He began to hold his breath, and looked east. There he saw a lake, with tufts of mist rolling across the surface. Sakumo himself never knew of its presence because he was tied facing west, but it was there alright, in all its glory, its waters full of life, and as of now, full of death.

Yamato walked Sakumo's body there, continuing to hold his breath, feeling the tiny prickles inside his chest, in his very lungs, tiny pleas from his body to inhale oxygen. He refused, and continued to walk, straight into the lake, until he was walking ontop of it into the middle, using his little chakra left from the Shintenshin to walk ontop of the water, now in the middle of the large lake. He looked down and saw the man's reflections, his lungs burning for oxygen, his body pleading for life. He almost breathed, but instead let out a little carbon dioxide, biding the man's time a little longer. Goodbye... he thought. He had no other words at this point, no thoughts. "Release..."

Yamato woke up once more, in his own body, staring at the sky, as he heard a splash. Yamato was gasping for air as soon as he heard the splash, and he realized what had happened. As his body went under control again, he layed there, a job well done... A week later a body was found in the lake, said to be Sakumo's. Reports and investigation led authorities to believe the man commited suicide out of depression, holding his breath until the last minute, diving into the lake and gulping in large amounts of water. A young ninja was paid and congragulated a job well done, in secret....

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Academy Techniques




Suiton - Water Techniques




Yamanaka Clan Techniques



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A few notes, I know I have 3 Special Characteristics, but that is because Increased Chakra Capacity and One-Handed Seals have technically already been trained with all the info and the link to my topic in one of my replies, foundHERE.

Also I am one jutsu above my limit, the Summoning Technique, but my Summon and that Jutsu have also already been trained (My character is basically getting re-approved, its essentially the same character as before with 2 new fuuinjutsu) which can all be found HERE.

Other than that, I am finished. ;D
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Well, if the only thing your doing here is adding things that have already been approved elsewhere anyway, I don't see any problems here.

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