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Senju, Araragi [Konoha Genin]

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PostSubject: Senju, Araragi [Konoha Genin] Sat 09 Jul 2011, 2:54 am

Senju, Araragi


Name: Senju, Araragi
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Appearance: Araragi is a young boy of thirteen years of age, and he looks very youthful, in that he has a pretty slim build, along with a childish face. His face makes him appear to be eleven or less, despite him being around 5'3'', quite tall for those of his age. Unlike most Senju, he has black hair, like the ancients, and it is cut to medium length, although he doesn't have the other faithful appearances. His eyes are a brilliant purple color, and are slightly larger looking on his small face. As stated before, he is slim, meaning skinny, and this makes him appear long and lanky looking.

He wears a normal ruffled shirt which goes to his upper thighs in length, and to keep it nice and kept up, he ties it at his waist with a purple belt with gold trim. Over that, he wears a very light lavender cloak, that almost appears white, with gold flames as trim. The cloak has purple cuffs, also with gold flame trim, and a pink ruffle of clot hanging from his neck. The cloak also has the Senju symbol on the back of the cloak, and the Leaf symbol is directly below it. The same light lavender color is what makes his silk looking pants, and hey have no pockets. His headband it stitched into the back of his cloak, under his Senju symbol, and his shoes are a purple color, with gold colored laces.

Personality: Araragi is a very nice young gentleman. He is very chivalrous, letting women go before him, opening doors for them, etc. He is a nice person, likes to laugh and make friends when he isn't training or studying, but still doesn't mind a spar. He loves his clan ninjutsu, and even has the ability to manipulate wood, even though he is such a young age. He is a proud member of Konohagakure, and loves to spar everyone he can.

He wants to do something about all the warring and things in the world, and wishes that he was strong enough to do so, although he isn't. He has self confidence, but he just doesn't think he is strong enough. He knows he was born incredibly smart, but feels that he is out of place, even though his parents are very supportive.
Clan: Senju
Nindō: Something to Fight for is key to strength.


Origin: Konoha
Affiliation: Konoha
Rank: Genin
Main: Ninjutsu
Sub: Fuuinjutsu
Elemental Affinities:
Main: Doton
Sub: Suiton
Advanced: Mokuton
Combat Style: Araragi likes to use long range wood jutsu to force the opponent to come in close, where they will be bound and either declared defeated, or crushed.
Special Characteristics:

Name: Clan Prodigy
Rank: C
Type: Chakra Based
Physical Requirements: N/A
Description: A trait given to ninja who posses a innate talent for the manipulation of clan based techniques and has trained thoroughly to improve their skill. Their power over the the clans abilities has become so considerable that the ninja is now considered a young prodigy by the clan elders. Because of this, the user's clan based attacks are 20% more destructive with their increased power and size.

Name: Increased Chakra Capacity
Rank: C
Type: Chakra Based
Physical Requirements: N/A
Training Requirements: A 600 word training post is required to gain this special characteristic.
Description: Through extensive meditation and physical training the ninja's chakra capacity increases by 20CP.

Name: One-Handed Seals
Rank: C
Type: Physical
Physical Requirements: N/A
Training Requirements: A 600 word training post is required to gain this special characteristic.
Description: the ninja discovers a unique talent which allows them to mix chakra by performing seals with only one hand. With an ability such as this the ninja can fight while also performing jutsu, delivering surprise attacks to their enemies. Since those who can perform one-handed seals are naturally good at what their talents, they are even capable of performing hand seals behind themselves, leaving the enemy oblivious to the ninja's next attack.


Birth Arc: Araragi was born under favorable circumstances, there was no death of the mother, no born in blood, no evil demon residing in the father. It was a normal ninja birth, and it worked out well that the loving parents had a baby boy. They then made a small extension in their house for the baby's room, and all was well with the world. His father was a successful special jounin in the village, specializing in wood style jutsu and fuuinjutsu, while his mother wasn't a Senju clan member, but was a good fuuinjutsu user and raiton ninjutsu user.

Early Childhood Arc: When Araragi was growing up into a young person, he was constantly around Mokuton and fuuinjutsu, and his parents being ninjas meant that he learned a lot of the academy jutsus early. He was put to work on chores early too, but mostly he was just told to study. So, he studied the things of his clan, and studied fuuinjutsu with his mother, and decided that he wanted to use fuuinjutsu in battle. His parents taught him to be a nice person, so he grew up well.

Academy Arc: The academy wasn't very fun, because it seemed so cold the year that he went through it. No one really made friends with each other, and the teacher was a spare from the Intel division for most of the year, because the normal teacher died from a mysterious circumstance. So they were in and out of substitutes, and the constant changing of personal rules sort of ruined it. But, Araragi gritted his teeth and completed the academy with flying colors.

Roleplay Sample:After Sakit had sped off in jaguar form, Araragi was simply trying to keep up, and soon he had found Sakit, stopped on a tree branch. Araragi stopped near him, and he started to cough. He pointed towards the camp, and then made digging motions. It was pretty difficult to tell what he was trying to say, but coughing and digging, perhaps they were sick and dying. Well, it was the closest thing that he could think of, he wasn't good at charades. As they stopped, Araragi looked on, towards the fire, and he could vaguely see two figures standing relatively close to the tree line. He knew that they couldn't see him back, because the flickering light from the fire would cast a shadow towards the trees, making them darker than usual.

Araragi took a deep breath, then took out two kunai, one in each hand, and began getting ready to throw them. He looked as Sakit, and then to Ryuk, nodding to them. "Get ready in case I miss." Not likely, seeing as how there was very little wind, but still. He whispered that to Ryuk, knowing that Sakit's hearing could pick it up, and they would be ready for an ambush. There were only two people right now, and taking them out silently would hopefully allow them to patrol the grounds as animals while they searched for the missing ninja. With Araragi concentrating on the targets, he painted a virtual 'x' onto their necks with his mind, then let the two kunai fly as fast as he could.








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PostSubject: Re: Senju, Araragi [Konoha Genin] Sat 09 Jul 2011, 3:12 am

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PostSubject: Re: Senju, Araragi [Konoha Genin]

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