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Kugustu (Puppet) Rules

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PostSubject: Kugustu (Puppet) Rules Sun 17 Jan 2010, 7:02 am

Kugutsu (Puppet) Rules

1. No puppeteer may use a puppet that is above them in rank. This means that:

Genin - Up to C Rank
- 4 Total Puppets
- 1 C ranked
Konin - Up to C Rank
- 5 Total Puppets
- 2 C ranked
Chuunin - Up to B Rank
- 6 Total Puppets
- 1 B ranked
- 2 C ranked
Special Jounin - Up to B Rank
- 7 Total Puppets
- 2 B ranked
- 2 C ranked
Jounin - Up to A Rank
- 8 Total Puppets
- 1 A ranked
- 3 B ranked
- 3 C ranked
Experienced Jounin - Up to A Rank
- 9 Total Puppets
- 2 A ranked
- 3 B ranked
- 3 C ranked
Special Forces Shinobi - Up to S Rank
- 10 Total Puppets
- 1 S ranked
- 2 A ranked
- 3 B ranked
- 4 C ranked
Legendary Shinobi - Up to S Rank
- 11 Total Puppets
- 2 S ranked
- 3 A ranked
- 4 B ranked
- 5 C ranked
Kage - Up to S Rank
- 12 Total Puppets
- 2 S ranked
- 4 A ranked
- 5 B ranked
- 6 C ranked

2. All puppets require a constant stream of chakra to use. Chakra strings are required by default to manipulate puppets so DO NOT make a puppet that does not require them.

3. Using a puppet's weapons does not require chakra. Unless the weaponry is chakra based, the only cost associated with a puppet is the initial using of Kugutsu no Jutsu and the maintaining of chakra strings.

6. Human puppets require Staff approval and must be made from a real ninja, not an NPC or someone mentioned in your history. You must also either have the body in your possession (intact, rotting corpses do not make good puppets and you will not be able to use that body's abilities) or have a human puppet given to you in RP by someone who has a human puppet.

7. No puppeteer may use more than ten puppets at one time, one for each finger. Five puppets are allowed per hand.

Puppet Ranking System

Every puppet is equipped with a certain number of slots. These slots can be fitted with:
- Regular melee weapons such as swords and spears - 1 Slot required
- Basic projectile launchers e.g firing kunai, shuriken - 1 Slot required
- Small body modifications such as extendible arms, rotating heads etc. - 2 Slots required
- Large body modifications such as person-trapping compartments, tails etc. - 3 Slots required
- Elemental launchers e.g flamethrowers, high pressure water cannons - 4 Slots required
- Chakra-based weaponry e.g. chakra swords, axes etc. - 4 Slots required

- Any other attachments you wish to add to a puppet can be forwarded to a mod or admin and they'll decided upon how many slots it will require.
- No puppet may be fitted with both an elemental launcher and chakra-based weaponry; only one at a time

Puppet Rank Slot Allowances

D Rank - 4 Slots, no elemental launchers or chakra based weaponry allowed
C Rank - 5
B Rank - 6
A Rank - 8
S Rank - 12
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