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Uchiha-Nagasawa, Enma [Konoha Genin]

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PostSubject: Uchiha-Nagasawa, Enma [Konoha Genin] Sun 17 Jul 2011, 5:52 pm

Nagasawa, Enma.


Name: Nagasawa, Enma
Nickname: En-kun
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Enma is not a particularly interesting character from physical appearance alone, his body built being fairly ordinary, his height laying at around 5'5 and his weight being fairly meek that shows a perfectly balanced diet, giving him a slim look despite the slight hints, that point at a fairly muscular, shinobi body. In truth under the layers of clothes and armour, lays a well balanced athletic vessel, capable of high speed and fair strength that may not compare to regular Taijutsu users, and yet fairs well against thugs and your usual bandits. Lucky as he is, the young man is untouched by scars and none are to be found on his body, although this is not to say that he is a coward or anything of the sort.

Enma sports a slightly olive, well tanned and healthy skin, that matches his face perfectly. The young man has a fairly decent look about him, although girls will often refer to him as cute rather than handsome, due to how often he portrays a smile or laughs. Still there is a lot of good and strong features about him, right from the slightly gaunt jaw and slightly narrowed, careful looking eyes, to an appealing symmetrical look and the overall smooth demeanour that resides within his expression whenever he is not smiling. Still, it's those large grins and cheerful laughs that disrupt this cool look; the fact that his cheeks blush give him a less mature appearance too. Therefore whereas he could be considered charming and graceful at one moment, that impression is twisted into a childish and yet very careless and pleasant one.

From the treatment his hair receives, it's clear that Enma is a very lazy person. Consisting of various shades, whether dark or light or outright bizarre, his hair is a mess of light-brown spikes and folds and single hairs sticking out, and yet clumps of broown falling over his cheerful, bright face. His eyes are sometimes deep, but sometimes shallow - they are pools of emerald-green.

Enma wears a simple green attire, that somewhat matches his eyes. A black tank top is worn as the first layer, which often sees daylight when the summer sky burns the world below. Over it, is a purely green jacket with a zip that runs down its middle. Next follow his black trousers, that cover his green footwear, again that matches his jacket and eyes. With black gloves as the last touch to his appearance, Enma looks almost ordinary, save for the sachet wrapped around his waist which contains basic shinobi equipment, and his forehead protector that is to be found right where it should be - on his forehead, causing his hair to part.

Enma is a radiant, amiable young man who is on his way to conquering the world of ninja by storm, that is, if he actually ever starts taking things seriously and grows up. As a shinobi, Enma is a very carefree soul, preferring humour and dreaming, over fighting and acting mature and like an adult. Even when the situation is dire and in need of a serious attitude and concentration, the boy is as likely to do what a good shinobi should do and act the part, or instead, crack a joke or two, then jump in to the fray with a cheerful smile. It's extremely hard to tame his buoyant and light-hearted side, and ever so harder to bring out a more professional attitude from him. But it is possible...

And it's also possible to see his brilliant mind at work. Underneath that bright, somewhat lazy persona, is a hard working and loyal friend, and a prodigy of sorts, with an excellent mind and a great desire and ability to learn and become stronger. He is a warm, open young man, wanting a bit of attention. At the same time, he is a loyalist and an idealist, wishing for a better world and world peace, if and when possible.

The young man is a very warm and enthusiastic person; his over-dose of enthusiasm usually passes on to others and as such, he often brings out the best in his friends and thus is typically well-liked. He loves life and strives to make the most out of it, which is why he loves the company of others and as such, has often been seen as the heart of the class in the Academy and then later, as the life of the party as far as his friends are concerned. It's something that comes to him naturally, for he is genuinely warm and interested in others, and often places huge importance on his relationships.

Although Enma is often seen staying away from fighting, using words where fists are needed, he is a capable fighter that is not afraid of shedding blood, if that is the only possible solution and there are none other to be found. At the same time, he is not some naive boy who will smile and agree to everything every one else says like some head-nodding dog... no, Enma is as rational as one can be, and if a fight can't be avoided, he will put his soul into it. Unless it's a spar, in which case, he will tend to show off and do silly stuff, to attract as much attention as is possible. Taking advantage of his shinobi abilities, Enma is a bit of a helpless womaniser, although one must say, that he sure is more confident where other 14 year olds fail to utter even a simple 'hello'. Smiles and one liners tend to come to him naturally, although he never really means any harm and if anything, does so for his own, innocent amusement.

Clan: Uchiha
Nindō: 'I will bring peace to the shinobi world'


Origin: Hi no Kuni - The Fire Country
Affiliation: Konohagakure - Village Hidden in the Leaves
Rank: Genin
Specialties: Ninjutsu & Genjutsu
Elemental Affinities: Raiton & Suiton
Combat Style:
Enma primarily uses Ninjutsu to best damage his opponents and test their abilities, before he resorts to hand to hand combat. With the deadly mix of the Raiton & Suiton element, Enma will usually set up a situation where he can go in for a close, raiton attack or capture, and drown/suffocate his enemy through the use of Suiton, preferably at distance. As a genjutsu user, Enma can also destroy the opponent's will to fight through the use of powerful illusions or buy himself time to attack or run away, through the use of simple but clever genjutsu.
Special Characteristics:
Quote :
Name: High IQ
Rank: C
Type: Mental Based
Physical Requirements: N/A
Training Requirements: A 600 word training post is required to gain this special characteristic.
Description: The ninja innately possesses a high IQ which gives them great practical and analytical prowess. They have vast knowledge in nearly all forms of combat giving them a upper hand when faced with nearly any attack with being able to execute split second counters. With their high IQ the user can determine weak spots in attacks and defenses and can overcome nearly any obstacle. Like the obvious benefits of being very smart, the ninja is well regarded for their great mathematical and thinking abilities.


Enma's family, or rather the two different families that have joined together through marriage, had been apart of Konohagakure ever since the village was first established. Although small in size, both families had a few cases of remarkable individuals, who have contributed greatly to the village. As such when little Enma was born, the only way he knew was the shinobi way and the only stories he heard, were stories of his family's exploits. Unlike many of his peers, his past wasn't exactly tragic as everyone that had ever been close to him, was intact. There was no deaths in the family, no loss of loved ones, no need for revenge or lust for power. Enma was probably one of the most ordinary kids in class, going through school with a mixture of friends and rivals, low and high grades and boring or excellent days. As a way of standing out from the crowd, the young boy would often mess about and act like a clown just for a bit of attention, however this did not hurt his grades at all, and even soon became a source of annoyance for the teachers, who were angry once they found out that despite his lack of focus, Enma suddenly became top in class. It was his family, taking charge and rewriting his schedule, to create the best possible shinobi out of him. And no amount of messing about could change the fact, that he could hit a target from yards away, control water and easily manipulate simple illusions. He was a prodigy in some right.

Within three years after joining the Academy at ten, Enma graduated. He had spent more hours training at the Academy then he had spent at home and the effort showed. High marks in all subjects allowed him to advance earlier than most other kids his age. The thrill of being a shinobi is what drove him and Enma wanted to master everything from Ninjutsu to Genjutsu to Taijutsu, although he soon found out that his talent for Taijutsu was null. His parents were proud and due to being shinobi themselves, they encouraged further training and shared experience, knowledge and secrets. As such when Enma was finally assigned to a genin team at fourteen, he was more than ready for it.

At the same time although his parents were proud, they wanted Enma to spend more time at home. His father had been injured on a mission and was healing at home during the year after Enma's graduation from the Academy and with his father’s injuries almost healed, Enma’s father wanted to spend as much time with his son before he had another mission. Enma grudgingly agreed to spend more time with his family, whilst trying to find and learn things on his own, in this suddenly big scary world.

It was during this time that he came in contact with a local group of thugs. As a shinobi, the boy was certain that he could take them on and because he wanted to impress everyone including his parents, he decided to deal with them once and for all, by himself without any helf. However, this undertaking although brave and ambitious, wasn't as easy as he had imagined it to be. Instead of a nice and simple fight, in which he could dance around the opponents with grace and ease, it turned out that even with all this training that he had been through, Enma wasn't able to dodge or attack with the efficiency that he had anticipated, and instead, was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of fists and weapons, that were brought onto his body. Breathing heavily, as a thick red liquid spilled down the sides of his face and body, the boy's eyes bled as he opened them to see a much different, simpler world, everything being slower and more clear than before. As he cried out in pain, and slowly passed out, all he could see was a single figure beating off the attackers. Whilst in that state, he dreamt off a men with those mysterious eyes, their hands dragging him into their world. The next day he woke up to see his mum standing over him, looking more worried than ever. Did she know? He couldn't tell... but the fact that a mysterious stranger stood next to her, told him everything he wanted to know. With that infamous Uchiha crest featuring on his body, the man explained to him the situation and promised to his mum, that he would take good care of him... and on the next day, they were off the Uchiha compound.

Roleplay Sample:
"From a different forum":

  • Enma is an avid fan of anything foreign. His curiosity mainly lies in the clothing that far away countries offer as well as the delicious food that one can sometimes find. As his most favourite, the marshmallows of the far west have struck his liking almost instantly, from the first tasting. Although they are quite rare to find, a true fan of these delicacies should be more than devoted, to search for them far and wide.
  • Despite his family's affiliation with the Uchiha, Enma is a quite distant relative of the infamous clan, and he is the only case so far to display the abilities which the said clan is feared for, from his family tree. He is the 5th generation Nagasawa and the only one to unlock the eyes.
  • Enma's parents are both respected and highly skilled Jounin of Konohagakure no Sato. His father is famed for his ability to get injured on the majority of missions, and yet come back quickly to full health whilst his mother is known for her iron will and protective nature.
  • The youth carries a book on his person from time to time, titled the 'Art of War'. Apparently, the title is that of a famous piece of literature, although Enma doesn't understand why everyone believes it to be that very book. His 'Art of War' is a simple, well-written story by a writer whose name has long been forgotten. The main character of this story is also called Enma, and he is a shinobi much like the green eyed youth.

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PostSubject: Re: Uchiha-Nagasawa, Enma [Konoha Genin] Sun 17 Jul 2011, 9:06 pm



Academy Jutsu [8]

Gen Jutsu [4]

Suiton Jutsu [10]

Raiton Jutsu [1]

Uchiha Techniques [2]

Quote :
Name: Genin Kit
Rank: C
Type: Supplementary
Quantity: 1
Contents: 10 Kunai, 8 Shuriken, 5 Senbon, 2 Exploding Notes, 1 Exploding Pouch, Five Metres of wire/string, File, 10 Makibishi, 1 Windmill Shuriken, 2 blank small scrolls.

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PostSubject: Re: Uchiha-Nagasawa, Enma [Konoha Genin] Mon 18 Jul 2011, 2:59 am

There is already 4 users who have Uchiha characters (The Uchiha list hadn't be updated when you last saw it). The list are the following users:


Please edit your character accordingly

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PostSubject: Re: Uchiha-Nagasawa, Enma [Konoha Genin] Mon 18 Jul 2011, 7:21 am

The Uchiha clan limit is currently being discussed by the staff. Finish your character if you wish, a spot may open up soon.
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PostSubject: Re: Uchiha-Nagasawa, Enma [Konoha Genin] Thu 21 Jul 2011, 10:34 pm

I don't have to be an Uchiha right from the start, although I do have a condition if my character gets approved as a non-uchiha - I would like to become one as soon as a place opens up. If there is a waiting list, put me on it, kay? ^_^
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PostSubject: Re: Uchiha-Nagasawa, Enma [Konoha Genin] Fri 22 Jul 2011, 8:12 am

Spots are going to be expanded on, continue with your application as originally planned.
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PostSubject: Re: Uchiha-Nagasawa, Enma [Konoha Genin] Fri 22 Jul 2011, 2:35 pm

Hello Enma!
Just to clarify, you can actually have all of the Academy Ninjutsu listed and they don't count towards your final fifteen technique limit. So if you'd like to add in another five then feel free to.
If you wish to continue the life of the Uchiha then feel free to re - edit whatever you feel is necessary, such as history, personality, appearance or techniques. Don't forget to make it nice and sparkly as well, as you'll require an Administrative member to approve of you joining the Uchiha.

Edit: Adam has given his approval via the chatbox.


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PostSubject: Re: Uchiha-Nagasawa, Enma [Konoha Genin] Sat 23 Jul 2011, 5:14 am

You have my permission for a Uchiha position and 1/2.
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PostSubject: Re: Uchiha-Nagasawa, Enma [Konoha Genin] Sat 23 Jul 2011, 5:35 am


Approved unless said otherwise.
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PostSubject: Re: Uchiha-Nagasawa, Enma [Konoha Genin]

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