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The call of the Crumpets! On to the Moon country! [Travel]

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PostSubject: The call of the Crumpets! On to the Moon country! [Travel] Mon 18 Jul 2011, 12:46 am

The sea salt winds brushed against her face, gently filling her nostrils with it's scent. Quietly she stepped off the boat the she had rode upon. Two days it had been, two long hard days. Not really hard, just the trip was actually borin to her. Aisus had stood beside her the whole time, his face green with sickness. Just thinking about it make her laugh aloud, her voice ringing out over waters. Her feet carried her along the shore, it's salty waters gently lapping up at her.

The sun shone brilliantly over the waters, reflecting off it's surface, making it sparkle like a small diamond. Beautiful really, it took her breath away. In the far distance a sea gull squaked in the empty air. Just then her belly growled, interrupting this all. "Food..."She mumbled under her breath. She then turned on her heel , her eyes searching the area behind her that was flocked with buildings. Her nose twitched slighty sniffing the air. Her head tilted slightly, contemplating it. Then she nodded, as is making a silent choice. Then she picked up her feet and left the beach, heading to where food beckoned.
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