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Howl Of The Moon [Travel]

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PostSubject: Howl Of The Moon [Travel] Tue 19 Jul 2011, 1:56 pm

Yamanaka, Yamato. 11 year old midget ninja, child genius, with the powers, abilities, and combat prowess equal to all genin, yet with the personality and maturity of a 16 year old, putting all ninja between 11 and 16 year old to shame. It was a rather chilly to cold dark moonlit night, a full moon. Ironic as this was around the time the moon country tournament would start, as well as Yamato's travel to the moon country. It was a chance to both meet powerful people and observe their abilities, as he heard many leaf genin would be there. Gathering intel on people seemed to be a hobby of his, as Yamato found himself, with a backpack clung on his back and his black ninja clothing on, sprinting through the fire country with such ninja-like velocity that leaves falling slowly to the ground seemed to be cut in half as he passed by. Simply an expression as to how fast he was travelling, because he heard the tournament was starting very very soon, and it would be a couple days travel. He had passed through Konoha's gates awhile ago, and though not exactly on the road, he was parallel to it. The reason being though he was travelling under the cover of night and its brother darkness, he didn't want to get jumped by either ninja or thugs alike, wanting a quick trip to the moon followed by relaxation and a detailed analysis of everyone who was competing. If anyone could see Yamato's face, it was an expression of expressionless, despite his ambitious intentions. Infact, it was almost a scowl, as if he detested everything around him, though this was not the case. He was without emotions, abandoning them long ago.

He felt the wooden branch of the trees bend and moan underneath his foot, as he propelled himself from it and onto the next one, repeatedly, as he sprinted from branch to branch. Leaves ocassionally brushing against his skin or face roughly, and he found himself straining his eyes in a squint to both protect his eyes and gather what little moon light pierced the tree's of the fire country to see his path, though as a ninja trained in the geography of the fire country, he would still be able to travel. Using his tree climbing training, he quickly stopped at one branch, which bent downwards because of all the momentum he had gathered being pushed onto a single branch, and quickly shot himself up with the branch as his spring, flying some few meters into the air and attatching his feet to the trunk of the tree with chakra, sprinting upwards reaching the top. He breathed in and out, feeding his muscles much needed oxygen and taking away that burning feeling in return. As he reached the top, grabbing onto the tree with his hands for support, he could see the moon illuminating all beneath it, making mental notes of landmarks near him and in the distance. A light and steady wind blew from the height he was at, and he looked up at the moon, in all of its mystical glory. Being so high, the wind sounded like howling, to him, the moon was howling at him.
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