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Onward to the land of rice. {Traveling}

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PostSubject: Onward to the land of rice. {Traveling} Sun 24 Jul 2011, 7:38 pm

Madrox rose with the setting sun. He felt it was necessary to leave the lands of Fire Country and explore more of the world around him. He had no reason to stay here, the things he's seen in the past week or so of being here, were enough memories to last him until he came back. He dropped out of the tree and called out to the wilderness, "Sintayo!" The large bird flapped it's mighty wings across the sky and shrieked it's mighty call. It landed in the open area near Madrox and lowered itself. Madrox got onto it's massive feathery back and patted it. It took to the skies and flew around Fire Country. "Sintayo, head north. Let's see what's up there." Sintayo spun itself to head north and flew off with a mighty flap of it's wings. He was headed to the land of rice, hopefully to meet some new people.

{Topic End.}
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