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Custom Mission & NPC Template

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PostSubject: Custom Mission & NPC Template Wed 03 Aug 2011, 8:14 pm



Mission Title: Simply the title of your mission.

Mission Type: If you are filling out the Mission Creation Template, then your Mission Type should either be Custom, Profession or both. Custom missions are missions your character has created that can either be assigned to them by their superiors or requested to them. Profession Missions are mission that are tied to your profession.

Mission Location: Where you will be doing your mission. For Village-Nin, It is mandatory for all custom missions under C-rank to be within your village.

Shinobi Requirement: What rank you must be to perform this mission. It should be equal to your character's rank seeing as how they're creating it.

Mission Rank: The rank of the mission, scales from D-S. You are only allowed to do missions equal to your rank or below.

Mission Objective: Basically what your mission is about, try to be as clear as possible and describe it in full detail. Keep in mind the objective of a mission should fit its ranking in terms of difficulty.


Name: Last Name and First Name. Please try and stick to Japanese names. Avoid using names of Canon characters from the manga or series or any regular English names.

Letter Rank: C, B, A, or S Rank, depending on village post or criminal’s reputation.

Specialty: Normally two specialties  between the basic shinobi specialties: Ninjutsu (Ninja Art), Taijutsu (Body or Physical Art) and Weaponry (Art of the Weapons); and the advanced shinobi specialties: Genjutsu (Illusions Art), Fuuinjutsu (Sealing Art), Eijutsu (Medical Ninjutsu) and Puppetry (Art of the Puppets). A third one can also be acquired as a Sub-Specialty.

Clan: If your NPC is part of a clan, be sure to specify here with a link to the clan's page. Note that they cannot be from a limited/restricted clan such as the Uchiha or a member created clan without explicit permission from an admin or the creator of said clan.

Affiliation: The NPC's affiliation (Konohagakure, Kirigakure, etc. N/A if missing-nin)

Elemental Affinities: Normally two elements between the five basic elements of the shinobi world: Katon (Fire Release), Fuuton (Wind Release), Raiton (Lightning Release), Doton (Earth Release) and Suiton(Water Release), or between the clan specific advanced elemental affinities. A third one can be acquired through the Elementalist Special Characteristic.

Combat Style: The way your NPC prefers to act in battle situations. Describe their thoughts and tactics, strategies and priorities when finding themselves in the middle of a fight. Does your NPC prefer clear and obvious ways while respecting the opponent, or do they prefer to behave in a dirty and unfair way? Are they confident and can easily be part of a fight or are they mostly supportive trying to avoid getting in trouble? What are their aims and goals when they fight, what keeps them from running away? What are their combat strengths and weaknesses?

Special Characteristics: Special Characteristics that your character possesses. They are allowed - but not required to have - the maximum number of SCs for their rank. View Rules & SC list here.

Description: Long story short, describe your NPC. Provide at least two decent paragraphs elaborating on your NPC's appearance and personality. From physical features and clothes to his personality's aspects, values, fears, likes and general philosophy. History can also be included.

Jutsu: List all the Jutsu that your NPC has in his arsenal. They are allowed the same number of jutsu as the starting limit for a character of their rank. They can have less, but never earn any more. Additionally, arsenal edits to an NPC will only be allowed under rare circumstances (a jutsu is changed or removed). View Rules here.

Weapons & Equipment: Please list your NPC's weapons and equipment here, including kits and scrolls (if applicable). They are subject to all normal character rules regarding weaponry and equipment.

.Mission Template.

[b]Mission Title:[/b]
[b]Mission Type:[/b]
[b]Mission Location:[/b]
[b]Shinobi Requirement:[/b]
[b]Mission Rank: [/b]
[b]Mission Objective: [/b]

When posting your Custom Mission a moderator will moderate them for approval and simply lock the topic since Custom Missions do not have an approval section.

.NPC Template.

[b]Letter Rank:[/b]
[b]Elemental Affinities:[/b]
[b]Combat Style:[/b]
[b]Special Characteristics:[/b]
[b]Weapons & Equipment:[/b]

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