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Riyoshi Nihoma[konoha genin] complete

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PostSubject: Riyoshi Nihoma[konoha genin] complete Sun 09 Oct 2011, 2:15 am

Nihoma, Riyoshi


Name: Riyoshi Nihoma
Age: 13
Gender: male

Appearance: Riyoshi stands at 4‘5“ and weighs in at 90 lbs. His physique is slightly muscular for he trains day in and day out to achieve the little skill he has. He trains hard everyday to surpass those who were born with natural skill. Riyoshi’s physique has been molded over 10 some odd years for reaction speed and chakra power. Through his efforts, Riyoshi was able to increase his speed to match the rest of the konoha gennin, but it is nowhere near enough to compete with the rest.

Riyoshi’s hair is about chin length and is a light blue in color. It hangs down on his right side and covers his eye. Riyoshi’s skin color is that of a light olive color. His upper body is wrapped up in bandages from his waist to his shoulders, also his right arm is wrapped from his finger tips to his elbow. Riyoshi’s wears a half shirt, but not a traditional one. It has the front of the shirt, but is missing the lower part of the back, and is slate grey in color. Moving down his attire, we have the lower part of the traditional Nihoma robe. The robe piece is buttoned to the bottom of the shirt, and is brown in color. It covers his right leg and wraps around to fully cover his butt. Riyoshi wears a pair of black cotton shorts that reach just above his knees. For his shoes, Riyoshi wears a pair of blue, closed toe boots that are mid shinned high and have a pair of non chakra conductive metal shin guards that are not glossy.

Personality: Calm and collected some of the time but if he is easily worked up. He becomes hot headed and cant be talked down easily. Ever since the day his father yelled at him, his psyche has been a shattered glass. His temper is that of a raging sun and he hates himself for this. Trains his mind everyday as he trains his body. He tries to burry the hatred for elite shinobi by training his own skill. Is skilled in the paperwork of being a shinobi but when it comes down to field work, he lacks that skillful touch to keep up with his fellow classmates. Once Riyoshi enters combat, he could be looked upon as being like a different person. His speech patterns and movements all become different. He is noted as being very sluggish in movement speed and his thought speed is one to be measured like an iceberg. He reaction speed has improved slightly over the years, and even so since he has started missions, but to every other person, he is still a third rate shinobi. Once Riyoshi is angered though, he could be seen as dropping all guard and just trying to obliterate his target. He has no safety for himself or even his friends.

Hates anyone that did not have to train for their abilities. When Riyoshi is around other people, he tries to hide his natural born hate for talent. His hatred is born out of the fact that his father and the rest of his clansmen were born with natural talent and when Riyoshi was born, he had none. His father was ashamed to have a son like this, so he forcefully trained Riyoshi.

While off the battlefield, Riyoshi is a calm and collected kid. He is looked at as being very mature, but there is a down side to this. He tends to be a buzz kill around any kids just having fun. Around the ladies, Riyoshi is very gentlemanly and respective. HE has seen his mother on a tantrum and does not want to see any other girl like that.


Nindō: “If you did not train for it, then you do not deserve it.” “beating someone hands down.”


Origin: Iwagakure
Affiliation: Konoha
Rank: Gennin
Specialties: Ninjutsu, Fuuinjutsu
Elemental Affinities: Doton, Katon
Combat Style: Riyoshi is a shy combatant, he does not like to be in close combat. Almost every jutsu he has in his arsenal is to keep the opponent at a distance. He will use his proficiency in fire and earth to shield himself and allies while delivering heat down range at the opponent. Using his doton, he would put up a barrier between the incoming projectiles and any ninja that is not suited for offense, and with his katon jutsu, he will try to manage keeping the opponents at a distance. If he get the chance, Riyoshi will use some of his doton jutsu for an offensive purpose. On the off chance that Riyoshi’s psyche slips into the realm of negativity, he will lay everything on the line and go in for pure offense and stop thinking about others safety. He will blindly get rid of defense for his friends and use his full force to crush the enemy.
Special Characteristics: One-Handed Seals


History: Riyoshi grew up into a very strict household. He was never really allowed to act like a kid. When he would act his age, his father would be there to deliver harsh punishment. At the age of 5, Riyoshi was out in front of his house just playing in the yard when his father came home. When his father saw him, the punishment was a severe beating. To his father, children of the villages shinobi should act like shinobi. Throughout his ages, Riyoshi grew up to fear his fathers anger. Using this, Riyoshi started to train as hard as he could to win the affection of his father. He did not want to get beaten anymore. In the first two years of his training, the beatings from his father went from multiple times a day to a few times a week. As Riyoshi trained day in and day out, his father watched over him, but if he seen even the slightest sign of weakness, he would jump in and beat him unconscious. Waking up, his father would give him a long lecture of how his son will not be the weakness that breaks the name of his family. Seeing the hate that his father still had for him basically snapped Riyoshi’s psyche into two, not equal halves, but like 60 / 40. After that day Riyoshi had continued the training in secrecy in one day to make his father proud. After one of his secret training days on the outskirts of the hidden rock village, he returned to his house to find his mother crying. Running up to her, he soon found out that his father was killed on his latest mission. After hearing this, there was one thing that repeated in his mind. It echoed in his mind for the next 3 years. At the age of 10, Riyoshi’s training hit a brick wall when he finally came to terms with the man that pushed his training was no longer there giving him motive. Soon after, his family moved from iwagakure to konoha. Excelling through the academy, Riyoshi quickly advanced above the other ninja and gained the rank of gennin.

As Riyoshi gained the rank of gennin, he witnessed his skills were no match for the gifted Konoha ninja. After witnessing the sheer brilliance of these ninja, Riyoshi feud with natural talent was fueled with anger. He was so angry at all the other ninja that did not have to work for their skill while he had to pour every once of his being into his training. Every day that he trained, he witnessed other ninja barely giving any effort to their training and their results were at least double what his were. His last two years in the hidden leaf village had proved to be worthy of some accomplishments. His hard work had finally gave him some hope. He was finally showing some improvement in speed and his ninjutsu was soaring. Seeing his accomplishments, Riyoshi ran home to tell his mother. As he arrived home, Riyoshi’s mother greeted him at the door with cookies. As he told her of his accomplishments, she frowned and just walked in the house. Riyoshi looked worried as he followed her in. She was crying and then told Riyoshi to stop with all the nonsense of being a ninja. Riyoshi threw an tantrum and stormed out of the house and proceeded back to his training. Even his mother was not proud of him. What would he have to do before he can get the acceptance of his clan? Would he have to be the most powerful ninja in the world? Would he have to do something of heroic proportions? Even at this point, he did not know. All he knew, was he had to get stronger. And everyone that was stronger then him and did not have to train, had to be brought down a notch.

Roleplay Sample:
Standing there in the field, thoughts running through his head, Riyoshi clasped his chest in pain of that day just 5 weeks earlier. Reaching his free hand into the holster on his left leg, Riyoshi removed 2 shuriken. Removing and reaching his right hand from his chest, he grabbed one of the shuriken and dropped his hands to his side.

I can not let another thing like that happen! I refuse to be beaten by anyone else! Not anymore! Riyoshi thought furiously.

Charging the chakra in his right palm, the shuriken started to spin. Periodically getting faster, the shuriken started to hiss after a little from the speed. Throwing the one from his left hand at a normal rotation, Riyoshi took in a deep breath while trying to force more chakra from his body into his right hand. Whipping his hand up and throwing the shuriken as fast as he could, it soared through the air and quickly caught up to the other shuriken. As the blades connected in mid air, the faster spinning blade started cutting through the other like a knife through butter before sticking 3/4 deep into a tree. Smirking at his accomplishment, Riyoshi walked over to the tree to examine the damage from the shuriken.

"Wow." Escaped his mouth as he seen how far the shuriken entered into the tree.

Never going to get that back. Riyohsi thought as he looked behind to see that the other shuriken was neatly in half, a top and a bottom. Still able to be thrown, but would literally do no damage for it had no weight behind it anymore.

Reaching his left hand up to rub his shoulder, his chest started to ache again. Was it from the stress he was under now that he is a full fledged ninja, was it from that day 5 weeks prior, was it from that weird chakra? Only time will tell if it was anything in particular. Meanwhile, off in the distance, a figure lay hidden in a tree and observing Riyoshi. Leaping from the tree tops, easily hidden from view of Riyoshi, the man could not even be spotted if you were looking directly at him.

Looking around, Riyoshi pinpointed the village's kage building and headed directly towards it. Quickly picking up speed, Riyoshi was soon in a full sprint with the man hot on his tails. Still clinching his chest, Riyoshi grit his teeth in pain.

I need to get back to the village. I shouldn't of even left the hospital. I was no where near tip top shape. I should have listened to the nurses. Riyoshi thought as he cringed in pain.

As his right foot hit the ground inside the village's barrier, his father was waiting. Tilting his head, Gari looked upon his son. Removing his hands from across his chest, he soon place them at his sides.

"Look at you. Are you happy with yourself? I can clearly see that you were not even half as good as you should be and you are out and about just playing around. You need to start listening to your fellow shinobi. They told you not to leave. If you would have listened, you would be ready to graduate with your classmates. But now, you are going to be half as good as they are tonight. I can not have that. This is the reason we moved here in the first place!" Gari said in a very scornful voice.

Hanging his head in shame, Riyoshi was sad to hear his father yell at him. His head quickly rose to hear the last part of the lecture. Wiping the tears from his eyes, Riyoshi looked his father in the eyes.

"What do you mean, the reason we moved here? Are you saying that we are not from here, nor is our clan from here?" Riyoshi asked in an astonished and dumbfounded response.

Looking at his father like a ton of bricks just hit him in the face, Riyoshi soon found himself with a major puzzled expression.

"This is nothing that we should explain in the open. Follow me back to the hospital and i will explain everything to you then." Gari responded to Riyoshi in hopes to lighten the burden on himself.





Name: Ear-Piece Mic Radio
Rank: C
Type: Main -Primary/Accessory
Quantity: 3
Description: The short range radio is capable of keeping ninja in contact up to 10 miles. The radio can accept multiple frequencies and is activated to talk by pushing a button on the neck attachment, making it simple to use even in the most dire of situations. With a durable carapace, it is designed to withstand water damage and even the pressure of extreme altitudes.

Name: Genin Kit
Rank: C
Type: Supplementary
Quantity: 1
Contents: 10 Kunai, 8 Shuriken, 5 Senbon, 2 Exploding Notes, 1 Exploding Pouch, Five Metres of wire/string, File, 10 Makibishi, 1 Windmill Shuriken, 2 blank small scrolls.


Character Claim: my personally drawn character
Source: my DeviantArt account
Image URL:

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PostSubject: Re: Riyoshi Nihoma[konoha genin] complete Thu 13 Oct 2011, 10:46 pm

completion bump.

i hope i did all this right
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PostSubject: Re: Riyoshi Nihoma[konoha genin] complete Thu 13 Oct 2011, 11:03 pm

Please separate your jutsu according to the categories they would be grouped in (e.g Katon, Doton, Genjutsu etc.). This is for clarity and for further reference, when you get customs.

The rest of the app is looking quite nice, but I would like to expand the combat style and the history slightly, the latter more so than the prior.

Both your appearance and personality should be at least two paragraphs each. You can always find inspiration in other peoples' characters, although I have a feeling that you won't need it ^_^

Please edit accordingly.
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PostSubject: Re: Riyoshi Nihoma[konoha genin] complete Sun 16 Oct 2011, 8:02 pm

ok, i think that i got everything.

appearance might need to be longer, but i am just checking now.
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PostSubject: Re: Riyoshi Nihoma[konoha genin] complete Mon 17 Oct 2011, 12:07 am

Well, I don't see any problem. Approved 1/2
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PostSubject: Re: Riyoshi Nihoma[konoha genin] complete Mon 17 Oct 2011, 3:01 am

Good work.

Approved 2/2
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PostSubject: Re: Riyoshi Nihoma[konoha genin] complete

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