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The Unstable World [EVENT]

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PostSubject: The Unstable World [EVENT] Sun 08 Jan 2012, 3:22 pm

The Unstable World

.:the plot:.
Terrorism. A threat that has now entered the very world we live in. Groups, cults and even clans have been branded with the name of Terrorists and are growing into an unimaginably great threat - greater then the world has had ever anticipated. Many terrorist activities have been taking place across the developing world, targeting unsuspecting countries such as the River and Bear, who have fallen to these mysterious, but highly organized and dangerous terrorist attacks. Yet it seems that these so-called Terrorists are merely warming up - gathering and preparing - for the greater challenge that will be openly declaring war on the equally dangerous and yet superior, 5 Great Countries. They have yet to be touched by the terrors of the world around them, standing, free of threat. But the question remains - for how long will they remain untouched? How long will this fragile time of peace for the Main Nations last, until the world is thrown into instability and disarray? Eventually, one side will accomplish their goals - Chaos will face Order and only one can win. Once the Terrorists strike at one of these Great countries, the world will begin to fall apart, in face of the possibility of Anarchy.

Smaller nations are still being attacked by anonymous groups across the globe, with each attempt at stopping the terrorist activities having ended in failure. A new, unheard of terrorist group has risen to take up the challenge. They go by the name of Bakuhatsu Ryoku; very little is actually known about this new band of criminals - all that they have revealed to the Shinobi World, are the targets they are attacking next. A list of countries has been produced, one that this time includes Konohagakure no Sato - a brave threat, in face of a menacing enemy. However the timing couldn't be more perfect for those who hide behind the destruction and havoc. In light of the attacks on neighbouring villages, Konoha has sent out aid, in the form of highly trained and experienced Shinobi. This perhaps in hindsight was foolish, as the threat now lurks on the very doorstep of the Hidden Leaf. However nothing is yet lost - although the task of stopping the bombing has been left to the Genin, they will no doubt do all in their power to protect their home. Or perish alongside it.

The attacks themselves are rumoured to be explosives or Chakra Bombs as they are referred to. Complicated devices that are capable of destroying an area of fifty metres, as long as the count down process actually reaches zero. The specific locations of these devices though, remain unknown. That is why Konoha has sent out their every single man and woman available, to assist in this stressful time. But, will the Leaf Ninja be so lucky as to save the day and be rid of the bombs, or will they create even more enemies by allowing them to explode? Only time will tell...

.:the sign up:.

Genin have been called up and it's finally time to prove yourself. You have been a shinobi for months now, awaiting a real challenge. Everything that you have been taught comes down to this moment, and so, when the opportunity arises, surely you will take it... Or will you?

All it takes it to write your name down and yet the task seems far more difficult than ever before. As your hand trembles, whether with excitement, fear or both, mixed and entwined, you hold up the pen above the parchment. You wonder, silly you, how to write your full name. Well, you better hurry.

.:the criminals:.

You weren't expecting to be in any way involved, and yet here you are, looking out for rumors and gossip regarding the situation in Konoha. Someone mentions that the village is looking for mercenaries, outsiders, willing to do a job that the Leaf Shinobi are too precious to carry out. Figures.

You may be a Criminal, and yet a tinge of excitement at the prospect of being aligned, even if temporarily, to a village, an organisation, can be felt deep in your heart. You wonder, and chew your lip. Perhaps you should sign up. Perhaps the village would welcome you with open arms, once you have proved your worth... Yet, one thing is certain. You will fight. The thought is, as always, exhilarating.

- Created By - Darius
- Edited By - Celene & Chris
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PostSubject: Re: The Unstable World [EVENT] Mon 30 Jan 2012, 7:26 pm

The Plot has begun. These are the three locations to which everyone, who has signed up will be posting in. Your actions will be on display for the whole forum to see Smile Good luck, and do your best. Feel free to decide a posting order between yourselves.

Team I
- Naden Ayato
- Masamune Kagami
- Yamanaka, Fugaku

Team II
- Ryuzaki, Blaize
- Hinamori, Toshiro
- Masaki, Saitou

Team III
- Kinoshi Kana [Team Leader]
- Noroi, Keisuke
- Kaguya, Takumi

For those lazy billies who suddenly decide that they want a piece of the Glory Pie, please contact me via PM. I'll see what I can do in order to fit you in Wink
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PostSubject: Re: The Unstable World [EVENT] Wed 01 Feb 2012, 5:56 pm

Yamanaka Fugaku, ie. Aries, has been added to Team I.
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PostSubject: Re: The Unstable World [EVENT] Sat 28 Apr 2012, 8:13 am

This Event is Officially Complete.
Application -- Account -- Plot Page
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PostSubject: Re: The Unstable World [EVENT] Sun 27 May 2012, 4:34 pm



.:Senju, Morijin:.
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PostSubject: Re: The Unstable World [EVENT]

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