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Kitano, Ki [Kumo Chuunin - WiP]

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Kitano, Ki [Kumo Chuunin - WiP] Vide
PostSubject: Kitano, Ki [Kumo Chuunin - WiP] Kitano, Ki [Kumo Chuunin - WiP] EmptyMon 09 Apr 2012, 12:03 am

Kitano, Ki [Kumo Chuunin - WiP] KitanoKiappic2


Name: Kitano, Ki
Nickname: N/A
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Nindō: There are two rules for success.
1. Never reveal everything you know.


Origin: Gimanaiou Current Status: Destroyed
Affiliation: Kumogakure
Rank: Chuunin
Elemental Affinities: Lightning; Fire
Combat Style:
Special Characteristics:
Name: High IQ
Rank: C
Type: Mental Based
Physical Requirements: N/A
Training Requirements: A 600 word training post is required to gain this special characteristic.
Description: The ninja innately possesses a high IQ which gives them great practical and analytical prowess. They have vast knowledge in nearly all forms of combat giving them a upper hand when faced with nearly any attack with being able to execute split second counters. With their high IQ the user can determine weak spots in attacks and defenses and can overcome nearly any obstacle. Like the obvious benefits of being very smart, the ninja is well regarded for their great mathematical and thinking abilities.

Name: Increased Chakra Capacity
Rank: C
Type: Chakra Based
Physical Requirements: N/A
Training Requirements: A 600 word training post is required to gain this special characteristic.
Description: Through extensive meditation and physical training the ninja's chakra capacity increases by 20CP.




To understand why Ki is the way he is, there are a lot of factors to consider, but you must first hear of the life that he was born into, or better yet the family he was born into. It's a story of love, hate, greed, lust, betrayal and then of course.. blood. Ki's father, Ko Kitano was a legendary Samurai Lord of the relatively small village then known as Gimanaiou, whose entire army ruled by the Kitano clan supposedly followed the code of the Samurai and strictly used the art of Kenjutsu. They were infamous by all other surrounding lands for being powerful, cunning and ruthless. While claiming to care about honor, they often used trickery to accomplish their goals, for example using diplomatic treaty meetings as an opportunity for ambush. They also occasionally spared the lives of the women and children in the villages they conquered and enslaved them for sexual gratification and manual labor.

Even though Lord Kitano had a wife, and three young boys, he still laid with every single young woman that came through his village. This wasn't exactly a secret to his wife, but knowing who her husband was and what he might do if she were to object to him by even slightly mentioning his adultery, she decided to ignore it and go on with life as if nothing was wrong. In truth, she was suffering, she only ever made the decision to marry him out of greed for riches, and a push from her father, who wished so deeply to be a nobleman that he might have married Lord Kitano himself if that was an option. She realized now that love was the most important thing in a marriage and she could not love a man who slaughtered innocent men, women and children all under the justification of it being "the spoilers of war". She was stuck, the only way out being death which was her biggest fear in life.

The years went by as the Kitano clan expanded their dominance over the lands surrounding Gimanaiou. They had complete control over two villages, Gimanaiou and Akamecha, as well as having the forced allegiance of several others. They now had their sights on bigger game, Junseikirai, a village larger than their own controlled by their longtime rivals the Yukaikibou clan, who were also heavily trained in the way of the sword, and were for the most part equally as treacherous, but did not seek out war with the Kitano clan knowing the high risk of defeat and casualties. Unfortunately for them, the Yukaikibou clan were ignorant of the reach their enemy possessed, and Junseikirai was burned to the ground by Gimanaiou assassins disguised as mercenaries that supposedly had a plan to kill Lord Kitano. A foolish; careless mistake that cost them everything. Without delay, Junseikirai was repaired and was now but a possession of the Kitano Empire. The few that were not killed during the attack were again forced to slavery.

This is where Ki's mother enters the story. Yari Yukaikibou was the famously beautiful princess of Junseikirai and due to being the eldest of all girls and her father's infertility, was set to rule over the village once the time came, before it was destroyed of course. She was known for her kindhearted and optimistic nature, treating strangers as closest friends and showing mercy to those who most thought didn't deserve it. While her father believed her way of thinking to be weak, he loved her dearly and was ready to accept her as the one to succeed him. Ultimately however, she laid helpless as she watched her father being burned alive in front of her, her sisters being taken off presumably to be stabbed, beheaded or enslaved. She never forgot the sound of the man she loved more than any screaming in agony, the heat of the flames that emitted from his body, or the feel of the scoundral's boot that held her so tightly to the ground. She was spared and taken to Gimanaiou to be a prisoner along side the once peasants of her own village, where she was raped by practically the entire army, physically and emotionally abused, and forced to help build a shrine that resembled Lord Kitano until she collapsed each day from fatigue.

Despite the constant pain that she had been through, Yari did not show hate towards those who destroyed her life. Being a very religious person, she believed that Buddha had a plan for her and would not put her through something like this without reason. Lord Kitano was very intrigued by her unrelenting faith, and decided she would be a good fit for his eldest son, Hi Kitano, who was completely smitten with the woman immediately upon meeting her. While she did not hate the Kitano clan, she did not wish to enter into this marriage, but her options were limited to living like a princess or a prisoner, so naturally she had to agree. While she was treated well as Hi's wife, she was also not given any responsibilities other than making sure that there was food on her husband's table when he came home each night. Days began to fade into each other as she carried out her scheduled duties followed by hours and hours of sitting at home drinking the finest sake that the village had to offer and crying until she had to force herself to stop.

Now comes the beginning of the end for the great Kitano clan. One night, Lord Ko Kitano invited his daughter in-law Yari into his private chambers, where he forced her into sexual relations by holding his sword to her neck. She was hesitant at first, as she didn't really believe that he would murder the woman that his son loved. To clarify this, he told her the partially true story about her mother's passing. No one of Junseikirai was ever quite sure of what happened to their Lord's wife, she went out to pick fruit one day, and never returned. Lord Kitano explained how a few of his men found her roaming the forests one day and after several strikes to her face, she revealed her identity. She was then taken back to Gimanaiou, where she was tortured to death for any information she might have that could help them conquer their rivals. He went into detail about the brutality of her murder, how they stuck bamboo under her fingernails, broke her toes one by one, plucked her eyes out, and then began to skin the flesh from her bones. She was long dead before they finished their torment.

He then falsely claimed that it was information they got from Kaede that allowed them to attack Junseikirai. The truth was the only thing Kaede ever let slip out was her identity, much to her regret. Lord Kitano told Yari of these things to give her an accurate idea of the kind of person he was; nay he was not a person, but pure darkness with the sole intent of engulfing the light. A monster, if you will. Looking deep within his hazel colored eyes, she could see that this man felt neither mercy, fear or regret. She froze, and that's when he had his way with her. That feeling. The helplessness. It felt so familiar to her. It was the exact level of terror that made her freeze when her family was taken from her. Flashes of memories of that night went off in her head. Her young sister had her first ball coming up, and Yari was going to teach her how to dance. She had been putting it off the whole day, as she regrettably often did with her promises. She never did really appreciated her family until they were gone forever, and that was true about most things in her life. All of the villagers always complimented her on her lovely outgoing personality and strict morals and ideals but in truth, she was not the great person everyone thought her to be.

She would always think back to that one instance when she was a child, but five or six years young. She liked to play with her mothers' very expensive figurines no matter how many times they caught her and punished her physically in hopes she wouldn't do it again. She would carelessly play with them like they were her dolls, knowing how much her mother loved them and yet not being respectful enough to leave them be. She thought she was being careful, but it was only a matter of time until she would break one, and then it happened. One of the figurines, her mothers' favorite one in fact, slipped from her hands and went crashing down onto the tile floor. She wanted to try to pick it up before someone came into the room, but as she always did, she froze completely in shock, and simply stood glaring at the remnant glass shards spread out across the ground. That's when her father entered the room and demanded that she explain what happened even though he had a pretty good idea of it. Instead of telling him the truth, that she had finally dropped one after the countless times they told her not to play with them, she claimed that she had no idea how it got there and that it must have been one of the housekeepers. Her father informed her that if she was really making such an accusation, he would have to fire said housekeeper and that she was a widower and had several children to support. This did not persuade Yari to tell the truth however, and the housekeeper was let go. She later came to find out that the children had starved to death and the mother was missing; she presumably abandoned her children.

Roleplay Sample:


Jutsu, Weaponry, Items etc.


Character Claim: Zaizen Hikaru
Source: http://princeoftennis.wikia.com/wiki/Hikaru_Zaizen
Image URL: http://s3.zerochan.net/600/44/23/1048694.jpg
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Kitano, Ki [Kumo Chuunin - WiP] Vide
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