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Escort the Merchant [Mission]

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PostSubject: Escort the Merchant [Mission] Mon 11 Jun 2012, 12:21 am

大谷 卓巳
Every act is an act of self-definition
bsurdism is a philosophy stating that the efforts of humanity to find meaning in the universe will ultimately fail (and, hence, are absurd) because no such meaning exists, at least in relation to humanity. Absurdism pertains that, although such meaning may exist, the pursuit of it is not essential. It's easy to highlight the absurdity of the human quest for purpose. It's common to assume that everything must have a purpose, a higher reason for existence. However, if one thing has a higher purpose, what is the reason for that purpose? Each new height must then be validated by a higher one.

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Takumi soon realized that simply walking next to Yasahiro was a test of will. Ear picking, belching, a roar for a laugh, the man seemed intent on making himself the most conspicuous person on the road, which did nothing to help the Genin who was suppose to escort him to Shukuba Town. While the threat of danger was always present, Yasahiro wasn't a famous man by anyones standards. He'd lived a rather uninteresting life as a blacksmith's apprentice before deciding to travel as he perfected his craft. To keep up with living and travel expenses, the man decided to sell his craft in the villages he visited. It was a typical lifestyle and one that presented little danger.

"So, kid…" the merchant said whilst staring at the sky, fishing for the right words to say, "You're not sick are ya? I mean, I ain't gonna die just by standin' next to you, yeah?" Once again, Takumi resisted the urge to roll his eyes.

"Nishimura-san, I am not sick," the Genin replied, his neutral tone hiding his frustration with the man's character. Why would anyone want to talk to an escort, was the thought he was currently pondering, as Takumi was unwilling to continue with an explanation.

"Then what are ya, ugly?" Slapping his knee, the middle-aged merchant howled with laughter, his oddly muscular pot-belly contracting with each sharp intake of air. The stained, grey tunic he wore flapped violently as a breeze rushed along the path they were following, and his wooden sandals clacked nosily against the earth. Other travelers turned to catch a glimpse - at what Takumi believed to be obscene - before abruptly hastening their pace. The day wore on with the merchant trying to make conversation with the Genin, but to no avail. "Kinda stuck up aren't ya?" he would say with a grin, trying to provoke the teen into action. Much to his chagrin, Takumi remained quiet, leaving Yasahiro to talk to himself like a fool.

"You shinobi aren't ones for talking," the merchant said as a last attempt to create a conversation. Takumi however, only shook his head. Engaging with his client wasn't a part of his duty he recited in his mind as his sickly eyes darted between the forest which surrounded the road. They'd passed multiple inns, shops and even springs on the Roiyaru Road, but for the sake of progress the Genin had decided to press on, believing that camping amongst nature would be the best way to expedite the trip.

The sun was about to set, the sky now a dull pink, not unlike how it was that same morning. The cycle was repeating, and the merchant, along with his escort would begin to set up camp soon. Venturing off towards the side of the road, the pair entered a grassy field that had not yet overgrown. The short strands of grass danced whimsically in the late afternoon breeze, and Takumi began to unpack his supplies and rations. Not much of a cook, his dinner consisted mainly of dried beef and water, which he was forced to share with Yasahiro, who was apparently unprepared to spend the night anywhere other than a town or village. Needless to say, he made a point of expressing his feelings to the Genin.

"Not a great cook are ya?" The merchant teased.
"No. This is enough," Takumi replied stoically. He felt like mediating away all the frustration this man was causing him.

"Ya know, if you just talked maybe ya wouldn't be so wound up all the time." Reflecting upon what he just said, and finding himself agreeing with it, the merchant nodded his approval.

"Perhaps," was all the Genin could muster as a reply and it took a long pause before he continued, "Sleep, we rise early."

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