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PostSubject: Re: sup Sat 01 Sep 2012, 10:40 pm

Takeo Kousen wrote:
omg xxallyaxx?!!? you were a genin at the same time as me, i just came back to the topic and saw this. i had to redo the genin arc after failing the chuunin exams the first time around and i think you might even have possibly been on the same team as me or at least worked together on a mission. my first rp name was rouka hitsugaya you had an anime girl with long sleeves on with either blue or purple hair! (possibly with ice for hands). fox i remember you but we didnt really speak much, soulhunter i remember you but we never spoke. and cookie monster i suspect ive seen you somewhere. jesus... its all flooding back lmao. D:

Sorry it's taken me a bit to reply to this, but just to clarify I wasn't saying that I'm soulhunter, I was saying that I first joined ingoo when he and Okibi were in charge of it. Then after the forum was hacked, shut down and it looked like ingoo was done for good, I reopened it with Blitzboy, Arashi Inuzuka and Ookami Ukiku under the new name "Naruto Revolution" in early 2009. You'd most likely know me as Okashii, Akira or my current username which I've used the most, John.
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Takeo Kousen

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PostSubject: Re: sup Sun 02 Sep 2012, 1:06 am

oh, sorry for the cofusion, though i do seem to remember there being a john with whom i never spoke. nice to finally say hi. oh and okashii seems familiar but not as much. i also do remember b,b a,i and o,u from when i attempted to start the genin again but gave up.
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