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NEZUMI, Karma[Kumogakure]

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NEZUMI, Karma[Kumogakure] Vide
PostSubject: NEZUMI, Karma[Kumogakure] NEZUMI, Karma[Kumogakure] EmptySat 29 Sep 2012, 8:16 pm

NEZUMI, Karma[Kumogakure] No_6_f11

NEZUMI, Karma.


Name: Karma Nezumi
Nickname: Rat
Age: 14
Gender: Male

Karma Nezumi, a thin boy who stands at 5.24 feet and weights around 90 pounds. He is not noticable muscular, but he has the ability to blend in with the surrounding, his plain appearance is a lot of help with that.
Unlike most Shinobi in their first Genin year, he isn't going for the athletic body build. He is actually happy with his ordinary amount of muscles and the plain appearance, it just works better for him.

His face just starts to change into that of an teenager, but it is rather small and long. He got a pointy small nose and sharp eyes. They appear strangely grey, but are not extraordinary suspicious.
His mouth is pretty small, but since his faces lower half is covered by his scarf most of the time, people don't see it all that much anyways. Like this he is able to hide his facial expression and emotions, but even without the scarf, one would have a hard time getting a clue from his face. Karmas expression barely changes, he carries the same, uninterrested expression for hours.
It happens quite a lot though, that Karma does not act and appear like his usual self... then he often smiles and laughs and such, acting like a complete stranger. You can't trust him when he starts to act like that.

His shoulder long, black hair is always knotted into a ponytail. The hair covers his forehead, falling down in spikes, but not hanging in front of his eyes. He has long sidebangs, reaching past his ears, and are about as long as his face. His black hair easily blends in with dark places, but doesn't appear purely black in the sunlight, but more as a mix of black and grey.

Nezumis clothes are old fashioned. He still wears an traditional Ta-No-Kuni outfit, but is often seen with wide black pants and a tank top. He allways dresses in black and his choice of cloth allows him to move fast and without restrictions. The black scarf which is ALLWAYS worn by him, covers his face up to the nose and almost reaches the ground when tied around his neck.
From times to times Nezumi wears detachable sleeves, which are often very wide and allow him to hide things inside.

Forehead Protector: The metalic Forehead-Protector is placed on a black scarf, protecting the boys throat..
Karma is a silent, smart kid. He doesn't care much about other people and stays in the background. He spends most of his time with his little animal friends, playing in backstreets and other isolated areas.
To other Karma appears unfriendly and uncaring. It is hard to approach him and only few even try.

All in all Karma is not the last bit happy with his life. In his oppinion everything moves to slowl and to few is happening out there. He keeps getting stronger, having different goals in his life, he has plans and knows how to archive them. Nothing will get in his way...

Karma has goals and in order to archive them he will walk over dead bodies. Mountains off them, he doesn't really care about anything else but his own goals...

Karma never feels close to anyone, or has the desire to be with anybody. He feels best when he is on his own, so he acts accordingly, he doesn't let people close to him, other than for certain purposes and won't act friendly for no reason.

Karma doesn't fall victim to his fear. He will keep a clear head and think about his options, then decides on spot how to act. Unlike other courageous people, he won't charge at every horrific being in sight, but he would not mind doing so, if he had a proper chance to get out of the situation unharmed and still alive.

One shouldn't simply trust Karma, he lies and acts as he pleases. He does everything in order to give himself an advantage. He will force himself to do things he hates to do and uses people as mere pawns.

Karma isn't easily fooled or distracted. He knows what he wants and how he will gain it. Nothing makes him walk astray from his choosen path and distract his mind.

Karma dislikes doing troublesome stuff and if not for some of his goals, he stands back and lets other people do the work.

Karma is a very intelligent boy, to bad his intentions aren't allways good. He uses his intelligence and ability to make words his slave, to the best and manipulates people with it.

When being his usual self, Karma tends to speak harsh with people, making fun of them at the same time. He dislikes speaking anyways, so when being forced to speak or not getting around it, its hard for him not to stab the individuals brain with one of his sarcastic comments.

Karma is calm and serious, he doesn't act according to his age at all. He doesn't act out fo character and allways thinks about everything, he doesn't decide things on a whim. And he won't give in to plain needs..

Karma doesn't trust anyone. He is a Shinobi and knowledge is everything. Without knowledge you can't hope to win a fight, so he won't trust anyone until knowing every last bit about him.

Clan: Nezumi Clan [Rat Familiars Special Jutsu Clan]
Nindō: "If you want it done right, do it yourself."


Origin: Ta no Kuni
Affiliation: Kumogakure
Rank: Genin
Specialties: Puppetry, Genjutsu
Elemental Affinities: Fuuton, Raiton
Combat Style:
After blinding his enemies senses with Genjutsus, Nezumi will hide in the surrounding and attack the enemy with his rat-puppets, while his familiars sneak up on them in order to poison them.

Special Characteristics:
Advanced Stealth



Academy Jutsu

Clan Jutsu


Ninjutsu [No Element]











Karma was born in a quite century. The Nezumi-Clan he was born in, only consisted of a few people. The little vilage he lived in, had a population of around 30 people. All rice farmers, like usual in Ta-no-Kuni.
But Nazumi always wanted more. He wasn't happy with working on the field all day, he couldn't stand the tought of nothing happening in his life, and that was certainly going to happen if nothing were to change.

From then on he could be spotted skipping work and instead practicing in the forest. He took the first steps into Martial Arts, all self-thaught, but when a bunch of merchants came through the village, he used the chance and talked to every bodyguard and warrior which travelled along.
His negative behavior was noticed, and people started to worry. Parents feared their kids could be influenced by his strange behavior, everyone else was just worried about the boy becoming a troublemaker.

Karma turned six, the proper age for learning the clans secret. Normally kids in that age would start learning about rats, living and working with them. But not in Karmas case.
Due to his former behavior it was questened wether he should be teached at all, everyone was sure he wouldn't use his newly gained abilities with the proper.... responsiblity.

Hard times followed, Karmas parents wouldn't put up with the boys act anymore and started punishing him. He was barely seen around that time, he went out of his rooms window during the morning and sneak back in at dawn. No one knew what he was secretly doing during that time.
In fact he had watched his little brother practice, but not only him, he had spyed at EVERYONE.

When you lifed in the Nezumi-Clan, rats were unavoidable, they were as present as the sky and stars above your head. And it wasn't hard to look at the 'how' if you knew 'where'.
But, unlike the other kids, Karma didn't learn with the calm small rats, but the more aggresive wild rats, which normaly only could be tamed with ones familiars. But he managed to teach himself the handling of rats, although it costed him four years.

One night he was caught, everyone had decided that things couldn't run as they did up till then. Karmas pigheaded behaviour had gotten far beyond intolerable. That day Karma declared his drop out from the Nezumi-Clan.

He still lifed in the village for two further years, the people had been impressed by his determintation. Karma told them about his dream, to discover the world and do something big.
From then on he was supported and trained, everyones expectations rested on his shoulders now. And then, half a year after receiving his familiars, Karma departed towards Kumogakure... planning to become a Shinobi.

Roleplay Sample:
Sword Art Online Rpg Sample -OP-Post

Character Claim: Nezumi - No.6
Source: Deviantart
Image URL: https://i.servimg.com/u/f34/17/64/11/53/no_6_f11.jpg

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NEZUMI, Karma[Kumogakure] Vide
PostSubject: Re: NEZUMI, Karma[Kumogakure] NEZUMI, Karma[Kumogakure] EmptySat 06 Oct 2012, 7:46 pm

You need to belong to a village. Konoha or Kumogakure please.
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NEZUMI, Karma[Kumogakure] Vide
PostSubject: Re: NEZUMI, Karma[Kumogakure] NEZUMI, Karma[Kumogakure] EmptySun 07 Oct 2012, 1:11 am

edited and done the stuff about my familiars as well
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NEZUMI, Karma[Kumogakure] Vide
PostSubject: Re: NEZUMI, Karma[Kumogakure] NEZUMI, Karma[Kumogakure] EmptyMon 15 Oct 2012, 9:02 pm

Quote :
Name: Kyuuin | Absorption
Rank: D
Type: Genjutsu
Medium: Optical
Range: /
Element: Fuuton
Nezumi performs the needed handseals and captures the surrounding people in his Genjutsu. Kyuuin allows Nezumi to absorb one objection completely, at leas this is what the Jutsu seems to do. In reality Nezumi just manipulates peoples sight, so that it seems as if he is sucking something into the vortex, which is emitted from his hands palm. By creating circular air currents, directing towards him, this Jutsu seems very real. After something has been 'absorbed' it will stay invisivle until physical contact is made with it again, or no more chakra is paid.
Chakra Cost: 4 Cp

Needs an upkeep.

Quote :
Name: Shortsword
Rank: D
Type: Weapon
Quantity: 1
This short, straight slashing weapons blade is as big as Nezumis upper arm. It is double edged and very sturdy, this blade is very good for thrusting and parrying attacks, but its lack in range as well as sharpness is a problem.
Storage: Sheath on back

Can't have this.

I take it your Kokushibyou | Black Death can be smashed apart easily since they are hollow and each rat pretty much isn't on par with a C-rank puppet durability wise no?

Other than that I'll have to wait on your clan to review anymore of this.
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NEZUMI, Karma[Kumogakure] Vide
PostSubject: Re: NEZUMI, Karma[Kumogakure] NEZUMI, Karma[Kumogakure] EmptyMon 15 Oct 2012, 11:15 pm

all of these rats together are as strong as 1 c rank puppet, but one alone isn't... and oh well, i guess they can be easily destroyed with enough strenght, since they are just made of wood i guess, but i surely hope a single punch won't make them shatter into pieces ^^

oh well, edited and waiting for clan approval :3
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NEZUMI, Karma[Kumogakure] Vide
PostSubject: Re: NEZUMI, Karma[Kumogakure] NEZUMI, Karma[Kumogakure] EmptyWed 24 Oct 2012, 11:59 pm

Archived, due to user quitting.
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NEZUMI, Karma[Kumogakure] Vide
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