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Training on the volcano [Closed]

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Konoha Nin

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PostSubject: Training on the volcano [Closed] Sat 13 Oct 2012, 6:12 am


Kanji walked slowly up to the volcano with little to no intention in his mind. Each step was weighed heavily on the earth as Kanji's intentions were pure as the air was cold. The earth was crushed with each step as the large man made his way to the top. A little metal jingle could be heard as the ninjato and the shuriken strapped to his back under the red cloak clanged together. His red cloth with the endless Celtic knots holding it strapped to his broad chest was as clean as ever. He had walked with a stride similar to a man with a mission, each step had his upper body sway and lean into each step. Kanji's black chest plate gleamed in the sunlight as he had the finally reached the top. His white hair was spiked back and out of his face as he examined the area. He found it to his liking as he lifted up one of his steel toed boots and walked towards the edge of the volcano. This is where he met Jack Rakan and Temna had shared his bento with him. He smiled as he grabbed the chain link fence and leaned against it feeling it groan as the large man relaxed. He sat down as he rested his back against the fence feeling the cool breeze brush against his face for the second time today. He smiled as it slowly turned into a smirk as he felt his eyes close slowly. Each breath seemed to only let the senju relax no matter how little it was. He found himself trying to fight sleep but today was so peaceful and happy that if he went to sleep he'd miss nothing important. He was startled awake by himself as he looked around to make sure the area was safe for him to begin his little afternoon nap. It was a bad habit of his to always make sure the area was safe. It never really let him unwind without some form of experienced paranoia in the back of his mind. Finally submitting himself to his relaxation Kanji drifted off to sleep before having his body go limp.

Kanji found the sunlight beating down on his eyes and violently assaulting him, provoking him to cover his eyes. The monster known as the sun seemed to stop being so bright as Kanji noticed the clear blue sky was replaced with a beautiful lush forest that he hadn't really seen before. Kanji did enjoy nature but living in the mountains didn't really give him much of the chance to experience it. He sat up finding that his clothes weren't dirty and the grass was soft and damn near entirely clean. He smirked as he stood upright looking around trying to figure out where he landed. Of course it wasn't obvious from just looking around but Kanji saw that around him he had something urging him to follow the tree branches deeper into the forest. Kanji took a step forward and found it incredibly hard to move before forcing his body to stumble two steps forward. He leaned against a nearby tree trunk trying to catch his breath as he looked around carefully. There was a small beaten path leading towards the center of the forest that he was trying to force himself towards. He took another step and felt something tugging onto the back of his cloak, he disregarded it and simply unbuckled the cloak leaving it behind as he continued forward.

The forest seemed to only become more thick and the ability to move became more and more restricted until Kanji had to literally pick up his legs and move them manually. God the sound and the light now seemed to become more apparent to Kanji. He heard drops of water as if something was dripping into a puddle and the light the trees hid only seemed to get brighter with each forced step. Kanji finally in a bout of frustration threw his right leg forward forcing himself to go towards the light. In that instance a feeling of energy seemed to wash over him. Kanji could finally move, it wasn't perfect but he could keep going forward. He took another step and another before finally stopping and looking at the area in front of him. It was beautiful. The few trees that held the thing from sight were almost out of his way and he couldn't wait to get past them. He stumbled forward as his eyes lit up in excitement and the trees moved out of his way. He rested against one on his right as the light blinded him temporarily. He growled and covered his eyes as they finally adjusted to the light. He saw a magnificent tree sitting in the center with apple hanging off it. The sunlight made the area golden tinted and beautiful like the golden city of el dorado. He saw the apples on the branches were so beautiful and delectable it would almost be a waste to eat them. He took a step forward and saw the water dripping off the apple. He reached upwards feeling his muscles strain to touch the apple. He grabbed a hold of it as a new found energy flowed into his body.

He felt re-energized and wanted to quickly run a marathon before coming back to this place. He plucked the apple gently and all the energy disappeared. Kanji felt so heavy now, only thing keeping him up straight was the desire to taste this amazing apple. He took a bite out of it gently before his eyes widened. Power surged through him, he felt more powerful, he felt as if he was becoming a living energy supply of chakra. He swallowed the bite immediately and tried for another bite only to find himself now too full to even think of such a thing. He wanted to just drop the apple and fall over to sleep for the rest of eternity but something kept driving him. He looked towards the majestic tree before him and took a step forward. He felt his body literally convulse yet he stood up straight as if nothing happened. He took another step and felt a painful shock go through out his body as his only thought soon became to touch the tree. He want to feel the tree, he wanted to sleep under it and even live here. Everything now was forcing his body closer and closer to the tree. He was almost there, he could bear the pain a little longer if he could touch the tree.

Kanji reached outwards only to fall over, he felt his body give out and his rage merely increase with the new found pain. The pain of losing, the pain of quitting, the pain of failing. Each of these coursed through out his body as he fell to the ground in his silent rage. He gasped out trying to choke out some sort of cry but nothing came out. He felt the apple roll out of his left hand as his right hand was fully extended trying to touch the tree. He landed with a thud as the apple hit before him. He looked up at the tree and tried to crawl towards it with what energy he had but all he could do was stare at it. In his rage Kanji finally choked something out. "I will get back here... And I will... grab a hold of you..." He whispered before he felt himself enveloped in a blinding light. Kanji found himself still leaning against the fence as he looked up at the massive blinding figure standing before him. He covered his eyes with one hand as he growled to himself over the lost of the tree. "Mmm... Who are you...?" Kanji mumbled before standing up straight and looking at the man before him. His red eyes were in so much pain to look at him in his blinding golden colors but Kanji had to do this. It was the only way for him to accurately assess the man. "And why are you wearing golden armor in the sunlight?" Kanji asked as he finally managed to get his eyes to adjust. Kanji finally noticed what the man looked like despite the golden armor nearly blinding him. His had blond hair that seemed to be just as flashy as his armor yet his eyes caught the Senju's attention. Those red eyes seemed to match the Senju's almost perfectly. He had never run into anyone who's eyes were similar yet these seemed to be a bigger mystery than his own. Kanji shook off whatever trance he was in and finally managed to finish his minor inspection. The man had white skin which was a rare combination in this village to have blond hair and white skin.

"Hm. Your eyes..." Kanji was about to finish mumbling but realized he needed to address the man. "My name is Kanji Senju. I am the jounin of Kumogakure. You may or may not know of me but that isn't the point. My question is why are you on the volcano wearing golden armor? Are you trying to blind others? I mean I don't have the best outfit but I don't go around trying to blind others with it." Kanji said bluntly as he sighed. He felt like he was getting a headache from looking at the man. His bright armor only seemed to hurt his eyes and try to force a migraine upon the massive jounin. He finally managed to suppress any and all annoyances he may have with the man's style of clothing but it still was something that would be quite annoying to deal with. He listened carefully for how the man would respond since it would determine how the two would forever interact.

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PostSubject: Re: Training on the volcano [Closed] Thu 18 Oct 2012, 11:42 am


"What glorious weather this day for the heavens to accept its King during his passage!"

The bold voice commanded the respect of everything around him. Not only the ears of those who listened, but the very sky itself seemed to lean in a little further to hear him better. The charismatic call of a man suited to sit upon a throne in the heavens above rather than sitting upon the ground like a plebeian. One would consider themselves blessed to be on the receiving end of his majestic call. One would give their life if only for one compliment from the King. It's how the commoners lived their pitiful lives. If they weren't devoting their lives to his Kingship then they were living a hollow existence with no purpose. This matter was simply a law of the universe handed down from the heavens for man to abide by.

The compliment came from one of the few men capable of flight in this world. Though not by his own personal means, it was not unlike a king to ride a steed into battle. The vessel whose sole purpose was to ferry its master from one place to another was a large tan-brown bird. With only a single glance anyone could see that this creature was not organic. It's body was eerily smooth like an artist's sculpture. The only markings on its body were two holes in the area one would designate for a head to be on something reminiscent of a bird. The vessel made no noise as it effortless glided on the high winds and passed through the skies like any other avian creature.

The King stood on his steed like any man of enormous pride would. He had no fears of falling. No force in all of heaven and earth could take this man's life. Even gravity would delay its effects if the man who succumbed to it was this king. The man immune to gravity glistened like a golden idol in the bright sunlight. His body from shoulders down, excluding where one would commonly wear a breastplate, was covered in a suit of armor. The metal was tempered and ornate. It was golden in color and highly reflective. His body and armor were decorated with cloth and jewelry fit for royalty. Chains and idols hung around his neck and off of his ears. A red tabard formed a dress around his legs made of the finest silk. His body was equally blinding in this light. His skin was a milky white, but appeared to be made of gold while wrapped in the armor. Even though his complexion had some to be desired he did not fear the sun or worry of its burns. His hair whipped in the wind, but never changed shape. Only a single strip hung down in his face, but was forced in other directions while being tormented by the gales. His face featured the only two parts of his body remarkably not made of gold. His sharp toothed smile like ivory. His piercing gaze like rubies. His entire form was dedicated to make one thing clear. You were in the presence of royalty.

The King cast his regal gaze downward. A scrutinous expression on his face. A few natural monuments erected themselves as tall as they could be. They reached out trying to grasp the heavens, but the earth would never reach the heavens. The earth was land for animals and men. The heavens were for Gods and Kings. He decided the mountain would serve as an ideal spot for his personal quest. Only the highest points where only the greatest could stand would suit a king such as himself. It was no Mount Olympus, but he had to make due. As if reading his thoughts, as all good subjects would, his avian steed craned its neck downward and descended earthbound. When the King felt that he had tainted his steed enough by bringing it near the dirt of the world he leaped off of it. The steed would fly in the sky and await his call to return. It had one purpose and served it loyally.

The golden idol effortlessly landed on the ground. He had to curse his own misjudgement for not landing at the peak of the mountain and forcing himself the disservice of having to ascend the slope on his own. A king would never willingly walk the paths of the commoner unless he absolutely had to. It's a disservice to royalty to force them to walk the land of mongrels, but it was a larger displeasure to stand where another could stand above him. And so the king crossed his arms and trudged the remainder of the trip up the mountain. It took only moments for him to reach the rim of the volcanic mountain where only few areas served to allow others to stand above him. If more individuals were around he would advance toward the higher ground, but no one was around. He had no desire to make training more difficult for himself by removing ample surface for him to stand on.

Tatsuo looked about the land as the wheels turned within his head. He sought a challenge worthy of a man of his skill. He needed to sharpen his abilities, and thus needed to push himself to reach it. The question was only how. He glanced upward to see the far off shape of his steed making large elliptical laps around the mountain awaiting his call. He had no issues making the steed wait on him. Someone might first say that the avian figure had no mind or consciousness and thus would not care that it had to wait. They might say that it was just fine to make something like that wait on you. The king felt similarly, but this idea extended to everyone. No one could demand haste of a man who stands above them worthy of the heavens themselves. They would be content in waiting for him.

A grumbling voice drew Tatsuo's attention. He had overlooked anyone else who might be on the mountain. Despite looking around it seemed that he hadn't noticed the man. "Mmm... Who are you...?" The voice belonged to a man who was somewhat similar physically to himself yet stark opposite as well. The opposite was a little taller than Tatsuo. He was built bulkier as well. His hair was roughly the same length and style, yet it was a wintry white. His skin was a darker color like common bronze. His eyes were the same piercing red like his own. His clothing was elaborate and tasteful unlike a mongrel, but its purposes were suited differently that Tatsuo's own. The red cloak and black armor was not one of royalty. It did not go out of its way to catch eyes. The cloak covered parts of the body that may be exposed. The armor protected the bulk of his form. It was compact, reinforced. The armor of a warrior. The armor of a fighter. The armor of a mongrel all the same. His cloak and body was blurred by the spatter of dust from earth. His whole form an earthen brown. His manner of leaning on the fence suggested he was lay prone on the ground moments before. A fitting place for a mongrel. Wallowing in the dirt.

"And why are you wearing golden armor in the sunlight?" Tatsuo's brow furrowed at the question. Though no other muscle on his face twitched, his expression was one of cruel judgement. As if the opposite's appearance wasn't enough of an insult to the king he bothered to question the king's wares. He suggested that his own sense of regal appearance was greater than that of the majesty. Such a comment would easily get them killed in an instant. However, Tatsuo was a proud king who was not bothered by the ignorant masses. He had no problems educating them. He waited for the opposite to right himself. It was as if he found the strength to stand on his own when in the presence of the king. Not an unusual phenomenon. Who wouldn't find some inner fortitude when faced with a god. It was only natural.

After he found his strength he seemed to have found his cognitive ability as well. He rephrased his former questions in a more fitting manner, but still lacked sufficient respect to the king. "Hm. Your eyes..." Tatsuo found the comment odd, but thought that perhaps the mongrel had managed to notice the connection that they shared himself. "My name is Kanji Senju. I am the jounin of Kumogakure. You may or may not know of me but that isn't the point. My question is why are you on the volcano wearing golden armor? Are you trying to blind others? I mean I don't have the best outfit but I don't go around trying to blind others with it."

Tatsuo gave a small sigh as he closed his eyes. A smile spread on his face and his expression changed to that of one of amusement. As if he had just heard a child say something incredibly ridiculous. A deliberate hand found its way upward to push aside the lone strand as a sign of refreshing his image. Tatsuo gave a toothy smile as he looked confidently as the man who had just introduced himself as a jounin of his same village. "Ignorance is a plague of the common masses. Only those born without privilege would have a staggering ignorance. Why to question a king is something a fool or an usurper would do. Both of which die at the king's feet for their travesty."

Tatsuo lifted both of his hands above his head to grasp two firm handles that lay just around his shoulders. With a bit of effort he brought the two bladed weapons in front of him. The two weapons easily halved his own height individually. The weapons were a bright gold and ornate like his armor. The edges could easily rend flesh like any other blade. Their prestige would bring discomfort to those who would be forced to face them. However, Tatsuo's stance was anything but one of a sword fighter. He stood flat-footed with the blades held forward without any attempt to defend himself. The confident smirk on his face never vanished. He twisted his right hand pointing its blade downward. The two hands met together to press the hilts of the blades together. With a twisting motion and a snap, the two magnificent blades were combined into one elegant weapon of completely different purpose. As his left hand held the blades near the hilts, his right hand was pulled back as if expecting something to happen. Like clockwork, the weapon transformed itself into a ranged weapon as two strings came from small holes on the ends of each blade to meet in the center where his hand was. To those with an eye or sense skilled at noticing chakra the strings would be laced with the king's chakra as it held the two strings together with taunt. The two swords formed into one large long bow.

"A king is a being who stands above the realms of mortal man. A figure that is neither deity nor heathen. A force capable of shaking the heavens." As he said this he drew an arrow from a golden quiver that rested on his back. The colors were so similar that one might not even noticed that he carried any arrows on his person. The arrow was held in the king's fingers with a sense of skill like that of a professional but with the elegance of a socialite. The instrument was notched on the string. Pinched right where a small field of chakra connected the two strings. The king pulled back on the string. Force built on the arrow as the strings held and his grip was firm. With a smirk, Tatsuo released the arrow sending it flying across the mountain top. No one would be able to pinpoint his target other than himself until he hit. Unfortunately the arrow fell short of the tree that was roughly two-hundred meters away. It imbedded itself into the soil a sizable twenty meters from his target.

The king's smile never faded. The loss of an immediate victory did nothing to smother his enthusiasm. His hand found another arrow and notched it just the same. This time he raised his angle some to give the arrow a further flight. His aim was about as precise as he could make it without nearing his target. "The duty of a King is to be easily recognized by the public. If a King hides behind veils or followers he sullies his own prestige. A King must make it known to the world who he is." As he finished speaking he released the arrow. The projectile flew true, but fell a few marks short. It impacted near the base of the tree that he was aiming for. A much closer shot.

Tatsuo performed the same actions again. Plucked an arrow, nodged it, and pulled the string back. "What makes a King is his land, his subjects, and his wealth. A King who is only a King from his land will sit for eternity. A King who is only a King from his subjects finds himself overshadowed by his own men. A King must have all three, but a King's wealth is what he must use to define himself amongst the masses." This time the arrow reached a few feet higher than the previous. He readied another arrow. "There is no such thing as extravagance or overindulgence for a King. A King must stand above the plebeians. The higher the better. If the filthy masses can touch the King, even his feet, he dirties himself and might as well become one of them." A hum. A whistle. A thump. The arrow hit right on its mark. Roughly head level. "That is the way of a King." Two inches off center, left and up. "Not to be understood by man or beast." Four inches to the right. "The right of a King is for them alone to understand." Half an inch up. "Bestowed upon them by the Heavens." A little over two inches to the left. "And that is why you're a mongrel." Split the center arrow.
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Konoha Nin

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PostSubject: Re: Training on the volcano [Closed] Wed 05 Dec 2012, 6:22 am


It ain't about how hard you can hit.
Its about how hard you can get it and keep moving forward.
How much you can take and keep moving forward.
That is how winning is done!

Kanji felt something inside him respond to the golden man referring himself as a king. "A king..." The man would miss his mark yet his gaze would never falter. His speech continued unstopped even by his constant missing. Yet his eyes saw something Kanji didn't. Those damned eyes. The man thought he was about the senju. Kanji hated that feeling with a burning passion as he began to focus on every action the man made. The man seemed to think that he was better than the senju by referring to him as a mongrel. Kanji wouldn't lie, he was impressed with the man's accuracy but being insulted didn't make it any better. The large jounin began to recall just what the golden figure before him had said. "A force capable of shaking the heavens..." Kanji mumbled as his red eyes locked with the chuunin. Tatsuo. Tatsuo Haretsu. You're well known for being flash. I don't know why I never recognized you." Kanji rolled his shoulders as he stretched his upper body. "You may be strong. But it isn't about how hard you can hit. It isn't about being able to shake the heavens themselves." Kanji explained as he pointed to the mountain. "You could be as explosive as a volcano yet you will never destroy something as strong as the very earth. It is about hard you can get hit Tatsuo. How hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward." Kanji explained as his own chest seemed to only stick out with pride. Kanji thought back to his body and how he use to get beaten around only to stand back up. "That is how you fight. You take the hits and hit back! You get up off your knees and keep moving forward! That is how winning is done!" Kanji felt a surge of adrenaline. His body was getting ready to strike the golden figure just for the thrill of the fight. But that wouldn't prove his point. It would only serve to show his power over the chuunin not on how to properly fight. "You may be the king of your own world but it doesn't mean you are the strongest. I'll show you how to fight." In one swift motion Kanji leapt off the mountain side and slid down a good 50 feet before coming to stop at a foot hold. Before the senju was a cave. He was still within sight of Tatsuo as he looked up to see the blinding figure still standing up where Kanji left him. "Come down Tatsuo! Or don't! Either way you'll see what I meant." Kanji walked forward into the cave ignoring Tatsuo for whatever he might chose to do. In the cave a black bear lived. It was naturally very aggressive and battle hardened. Its years of living on the mountain made it into the beast it was today. Kanji poked the sleeping bear with his steel toed shoe only to quickly pull back. The bear roared to life as it quickly looked for the creature waking it from its sleep. Kanji slowly backed out of the cave as the beast charged forward. Kanji came into view once more just as the bear tackled him. Its massive size engulfed the senju and pushed him back. From on the cliff where Tatsuo was last seen it appeared as if the bear engulfed the senju. If Tatsuo was on the same footing as Kanji it became apparent what happened. Kanji ducked low and wrapped his arms around the bears waist as it stood up right and roared while clawing at his armor. It attempted to bite at the man only to be set free from his grasp and punched in the stomach. Kanji stood up right with a smile on his face. He charged forward into the bear as it continued its violent attack upon the large man. The bear wasn't a foe to play around with in a one on one conflict. Its massive claws scrapped against the jounin's chest and then over his right shoulder. Kanji gritted his teeth as he growled and pushed foward. He once more got the bear into a clinch with the only difference of the bear being on on all fours. He unleashed a roar as he tightened his grip on the bear's head and brought his right knee into the bears jaw. It made a noise similar to a gasp as it backed away violently trying to recover from the blow. Blood seeped down the senju's right shoulder as the cut wasn't deep just painful. Kanji breathed heavily. It wasn't a small feat to wrestle a living creature to the ground. If it was a boulder Kanji could easily pick him up with no trouble but it resisted his every movement. Kanji ran forward against once more having the bear scrap against his armor. It stood up right as the senju tackled it in its chest. The two fell to the ground only to have the bear try to take a bite out of the man. Kanji gritted his teeth as his left shoulder was bitten into deeply. He ignored the pain as he pulled his left fist back and began to hit the bear in the side. It didn't help the fact that it kept squirming and trying to dig its claws into the senju's back through his armor.

Kanji finally forced the bear to let go of him as he rolled off the beast. Now his outfit was getting ruined and tattered in blood. "This is what it means to win Tatsuo... To both end up like this..." The bear obviously wasn't too happy with Kanji's monstrous strength. It tried to keeps its distance but it still at the same time refused to retreat to its cave. "We both won't give up... And we both hit pretty hard... But I can last... LONGER!" Kanji said as he finally went all out on the poor beast. In one second Kanji would've been on one knee breathing heavily and the next he would've appeared in front of the bear as it circled back towards its cave. In a swift motion Kanji brought his knee into its jaw once more as the bear reeled back from the blow. Kanji disappeared once more as he appeared behind the bear and swept its hind legs from out underneath it in one kick. The senju would disappear once more to appear in front of the bear for the final time. The bear now stood leaning on its front legs trying to comprehend what was happening to it. "Time for you to rest strong one." Kanji pulled his right hand back and unleashed the finishing blow into the beast's chest. It made a faint noise similar to coughing before collapsing on the ground. It breathed heavily as the Senju turned to face Tatsuo. "That, My king. Is how one fights. An exchange of blows between two combatants to see who can out last who." Kanji turned back around as he picked the bear up and carried it back into the cave. It would recover fine after a long sleep. The senju set it down in the darkness as he stroked its large head gently. "I'm sorry but you helped me prove a point. I'll remember you." Kanji whispered as he left the cave quietly. Any normal person after fighting a bear would've passed out but Kanji walked out as fine as ever. He looked towards Tatsuo with a smile on his face. He was quite the scene. Blood dripping off his body and his wounds were very evident. His armor had scratches from the beast's claws and his clothing was torn up. Yet he smiled as if he just came out of a wedding. His eyes weren't angry they were more like he was looking at a child. "I hope you learned something from this. Oh great king. That even if your accuracy is impressive you can't simply rule this world with force alone. If you can't even handle a single blow-" Kanji disappeared and reappeared in front of the man with his right fist pulled back preparing for a right uppercut. "You might as well have lost before you even began. Talk to me again once you are confident in your abilities to shake heaven itself. Because as it is. Your heaven doesn't even compare to my hell." Kanji said with a smirk. Kanji walked away from the king giving him time to think over his own abilities. Kanji turned around as he looked over his shoulder and called out to the golden idol. "Remember the name Kanji Senju. I'm not a force you can easily shake Tatsuo." Kanji walked towards the closest thing he could consider a hospital to at least get his wounds sealed. If he didn't he'd get yelled at by Shinobu and even the medical team themselves. They have a habit to do that to him. He was a walking medical miracle so when he walked in nearly dead it usually resulted in yells of rage and scolding. Kanji chuckled to himself as he slowly made his way down the mountain. It was a funny thing. Kanji smiled as he looked at the bright blue sky. The future was looking brighter by the day. He brought himself back down to earth and glanced at his armor. It wasn't too badly damaged. Just a little repair wouldn't hurt though. With that little example, Kanji had achieved one of the best bodies in all of Kumogakure.

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