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Sato, Takuya [Konoha Genin - WiP]

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Sato, Takuya [Konoha Genin - WiP] Vide
PostSubject: Sato, Takuya [Konoha Genin - WiP] Sato, Takuya [Konoha Genin - WiP] EmptySat 08 Dec 2012, 7:44 am

Sato, Takuya [Konoha Genin - WiP] Anime_Boy_by_chibi_kiro_cb



Name: Sato, Takuya
Nickname: N/A
Age: 13
Gender: Male

Takuya has a very slender, oval shaped head. He is averagely handsome, not much of a looker but he also is not ugly. His most prominent features include his hair and his eyes. His eyes are his pride, they are a mixture of green and hazel with a hint of light brown to make it even more exotic. He is very vain when it comes to his hair. His hair is his prized possession, he does not allow anyone to touch it. His hair is a natural flair of orange, red, brunette and black. He has the typical Asian gravity defying hair. Spiky orange hair at the top, more or less spiky red hair at the sides and back of his head and a blend of brunette and black at the tips of his hair. His hair reaches a couple of inches below his ears, forehead and neck. He always has his forehead protector on his forehead which pushes his hair back away from his forehead and eyes for he can show the world his Konoha forehead protector.

Takuya has near perfect facial features except for his large ears which he feels a bit embarrassed about but he always tends to cover them with his hair. Takuya lacks the upper body muscle mass of most shinobi his age because he is very, very behind in puberty. He can pass as a ten year old because he is very short and petite. He gets teased often but his overbearing confidence leads him to not be bothered by it. He weighs about forty kilograms and he measures one and a half meters. Despite his scrawny body, he is actually pretty fast and surprisingly he has more muscle definition in his abdominal area than most of his peers. Takuya takes pride in how he dresses.

This is probably Takuya’s favorite, typical and most used outfit. His outfit consists of a short sleeve black and white striped shirt with an oversized grey zippered jacket on top with faux fur on the hood of the jacket. He always wears the jacket despite the weather because during cold weather the jacket is specially designed to keep body heat from escaping but during the summer the jacket allows fresh air to travel in and out. The jacket has a red Konoha emblem on the back of it. The jacket carries emotional significance to him as well because it used to be his dad’s jacket when he was his age. He wears regular black sweats and sandals.

Forehead Protector: He wears his Konoha forehead protector on his forehead.

Despite his "rocker" or "emo" appearance, he is actually a pretty optimistic boy. He is always seen grinning or laughing around the village. Takuya is extremely stubborn and hard-headed, he is probably more stubborn than a donkey. He can never take "no" as an answer, he must always have it his way which can lead to trouble or he actually gets his way. His extreme stubbornness can be seen as persistence or annoying, it usually is the latter. Takuya is very meticulous about everything, he is a perfectionist and he will take nothing less. He dislikes messy people, he likes to keep everything in order despite his rowdy personality. He is a very clean boy, unlike most his age, that is why he avoids messy battles unless he is needed. He is a bit disgusted by blood and other bodily fluids because of his meticulousness.

Takuya is an easy going guy, it is not hard for him to make friends. He is not loud but he is also not quiet. He socializes a lot with kids his age but he is not the type of boy who goes around being stupid. He will create bonds with the people he meets because he has always been told that having friends and having the will to protect them would make him stronger. He believes in the power of love and friendship because he has not seen the hardships of life. Takuya was raised to have manners and to be polite. He will address his superiors by their appropriate name. He does not raise his voice to his superiors unless it is actually needed. Takuya believes in teamwork, and he believes everyone should work together despite the differences. He is a leader, not a follower, so he will take charge if needed and give orders and commands. His big flaw, his persistence, can cause him to not see the big picture in front of him and charge towards an enemy despite the orders he gets. He is not disobedient but if his head tells him he can do it, he can do it.

Takuya is not the fighting kind of guy because he prefers to use his chakra for defending the ones he loves and only when it is needed but if he is provoked, he will fight and he will not give up until all his chakra is depleted or until his opponent is down on the ground begging for mercy. Luckily, Takuya is a merciful boy and he is also a good sport. He does not believe in cheap blows, because of his perfectionism, he likes finishing battles like an art form, beautiful and perfect. When he fights, he tries to paint a canvas, every single move is beauty and exhilaration to him. Reasons he loves water and lightning is because he sees it as nature's art. He thinks fire is too destructive, wind cannot be seen and earth is too dirty. He loves thunder storms because of the thunder, lighting and raindrops. He loves the outdoors and he usually takes a stroll or jog in the morning in the park and then reflects upon nature.

Clan: -
~ “Even it hurts, even if it burns, even if every single cell in your body tells you to stop… keep trying!”


Origin: Konohagakure no Sato
Affiliation: Konogakure no Sato
Rank: Genin
---[M] Ninjutsu
Elemental Affinities:
---[M] Raiton | Lighting Release
---[S] Suiton | Water Release
Combat Style:

Special Characteristics:


Roleplay Sample:

When I'm lazy or I just don't know what to say lulz.

When I'm not lazy.


Jutsu, Weaponry, Items etc.


Character Claim:
Image URL:
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Sato, Takuya [Konoha Genin - WiP] Vide
PostSubject: Re: Sato, Takuya [Konoha Genin - WiP] Sato, Takuya [Konoha Genin - WiP] EmptySun 03 Feb 2013, 6:05 pm

Due to lack of progression.

Sato, Takuya [Konoha Genin - WiP] WJbResq

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