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Guard Duty [Kaosu/MsMoney/MrMoney]

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PostSubject: Guard Duty [Kaosu/MsMoney/MrMoney] Mon 21 Jan 2013, 1:56 pm

Mission Specs


Kaosu awoke with a yawn. Another day, another dollar. Kaosu sat up from his bed yawned again. Today he felt a little better, something to look forward to any day. He spun around and stood up, walking towards the kitchen. "What to have for breakfast?" he asked himself with another yawn as he opened the fridge. Inside wasn't really much, just some milk, some vegetables, some meat & some sauces. He grabbed the milk and turned his attention over to a shelf that he kept his glasses. He grabbed one and filled it with milk. He took a slice of bread from a bag & put it into the toaster. He grabbed the milk container & placed it back into the fridge.

He walked over to the bathroom for his morning business, and to grab his medication. As he walked back towards the kitchen in his one room apartment, his toast had popped. He took his glass and raised it, put his medication in his mouth and took a sip of milk to wash it down. The medicine was horrible, but effective. He grabbed the toast and a knife to make his breakfast. Peanut butter on toast with a cool glass of milk. Just the thing he enjoys in the morning. He looked out the window that was over the kitchen sink to see the streets slowly filling with people. Just like every morning the same thing. People would go to work like always & do stuff.

But today Kaosu has a mission. He's to head out to a guard post at Kyousei Mountain. As Kaosu changed his clothes he looked at his clock. 6:42 am. He's late on his schedule. Punctuation is key for him. He wrote down everything he needed to do the night before. Wake up at 6 sharp. Have breakfast, get ready all by 6:25. He grabbed everything he needed, double checked everything and looked at the clock again. 6:59. He's late, he wanted to arrive at the guard post by 7 sharp. Kaosu slipped his shoes on and walked out the door. He locked it behind him and didn't even bother to walk down the flight of stairs. He just jumped over the railing. It was impressive for him to not stagger on the landing. "Today is a good day. But-" he stopped, looking at the cloudy sky, hiding the rising sun. "I'm late." he exclaimed, running off towards the village entrance.


It was a chilly day, the wind blowing. Made it colder then it actually was. Kaosu just made it to the guard post. He looked at his watch & his brow furrowed. "7:29. Damn." he said as he slowly walked up the path towards the steps. Nobody was here yet, of course not. Why would anyone be here early? Kaosu sat on the floor just inside the outpost. He could use some time to gather his breathe. The sun was well hidden behind the clouds now. Gave the atmosphere a dull colour. Bland even. But that was the way he liked it. Easier to see without the sun blaring into ones eyes. He yawned again and looked at his watch. 7:32. He still has plenty of time(at least he hopes.) before somebody else arrives. He closes his eyes & slowly drifts off to sleep, better to be well rested then not. Especially with his condition.

[OOC: sorry for the short post, trying to get back into the game of things.]
[PS; Due to some unforeseen circumstance. It's now MsMoney instead of Caranore.]

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